La Piloto 2 Monday 8/13/18 #12

Safe House

Yoli sends Tia Rosalba to pick up Monica at the airport and bring her back to the house. The USFLY peeps will continue on with their day as if nothing’s going on and check out the club tonight. John recommends that Wilmer check USFLY’s system, since it looks like Irina’s got a hacker. That basically leaves John and Gilberto to sit around and get into trouble.

Andrea catches Wilmer before he heads out to reassure him she’s still the same Andrea she was before he found out she worked as a stripper. Wilmer just…though he knew her better.

Yoli gets Dave caught up. He’s still in the parking garage waiting for Tapia.

John’s soaking up the rays outside while Yoli soaks in a bubble bath thinking about John.

John stops by Yoli’s room to complain about Dave’s terrible taste in clothes. And he also wants to know what’s going on with Monica. Even though Dave said that wasn’t Monica on the security video, John wants to take precautions. He offers to follow Rosalba and make sure nothing’s going on before he lets Monica see him.

He also wants Yoli to search Monica and make sure she’s not armed.


Tapia says it went just like Dave thought it would. Dave figures they should go to the fake safe house address and see what happens.


Regueros’ assistant reminds him he’s got a meeting with Bill later. He asks about Yoli’s schedule and when he finds out she’s on standby in LA, he tells her to cancel all his morning meetings.

Wilmer calls Dave to tell him he followed John’s suggestion and found a trojan installed on the root drive. Someone’s had access to flight itineraries, crew information, etc. Wilmer’s nerd pride is wounded and he assures Dave whoever did this, he’s gonna find them.

After a warning from Irina not to get on daddy’s bad side, Santamaría asks her to check and see if Yoli or any of her friends are supposed to be at the airport today. He’s picking up Monica.

Irina realizes she’s been locked out. Not that she thinks it could be Wilmer. Santamaría says Wilmer has a lot of skills. Now it’s Irina with the wounded nerd pride, muttering that Wilmer does not know who he’s messing with.

While Olivia and Andrea are standing by, they have way too private a conversation for the USFLY lounge. Andrea’s worried her confession this morning has affected the way everybody sees her, but Oli’s like “Girl, we were narcos and money launderers. You’ve got a long way to go to catch up with that.”

Regueros comes by looking for Yolanda.

Fake Safe House

Dave and Tapia have been waiting so long, Tapia’s starting to doubt Dave’s theory. And then a white van pulls up. Dave says those are Santamaría’s men. That’s their confirmation that Waters told them.

Santamaría’s waiting for Monica in the car when the van guys report nothing’s going on at the house. Santamaría tells them to take a better look. But the guy says there’s no surveillance. Santamaría tells him to stay there. He’ll drive by later with Monica.

The van guys take their guns and go over to Dave and Tapia in their SUV. Dave tells Tapia not to go for his gun. One of them brags that bringing Dave Mejia to Santamaría is going to get him a fat bonus. They pull Dave and Tapia out of the SUV and start searching them.

Araña (the guy with lines) calls Santamaría to brag. He asks if they should kill them now or what?


Monica has arrived, but Santamaría’s not answering his phone. She sets her suitcase down and takes her gun out of what looks like a mylar bag. Santamaría calls back and tells her he’s waiting outside.

But Yoli and Rosalba are waiting too. Yoli watches her on her phone and remembers what John said about making sure she wasn’t armed.

When Monica finally meanders over, Yoli gives her an awkward hug/pat down. And for what? Because when she asks if Monica has a gun, Monica innocently says if she had one she wouldn’t feel so vulnerable.

Rosalba’s all set to take Monica back to the house, but Yoli talks them both into having some coffee while they wait to see if she ends up having to sub on a flight or not. If not, then she can go back with them. Monica’s getting suspicious about what’s going on.

Oli tries to call Yolanda to tell her Regueros was asking about her, but she gets a busy signal. And then the receptionist comes over to tell her and Andrea they’re scheduled for a flight to Seattle and they need to go now.

Dave’s not answering his phone. Yoli starts interrogating Monica. And it sounds like it. But OK, Monica will play along–when she disappeared she was cleaning apartments, cleaning houses. No country took her in like they did Yoli, who’s looking so good now.

Yoli says she’s sorry and Monica swears there’s no hard feelings. She’s so ready to go, but Yoli wants to wait for Dave to see her missed call and call her back.

Monica heads for the bathroom and yeah, she has to take her suitcase, ’cause it was a long flight and she needs some stuff from inside.

Rosalba asks Yoli what’s going on. “She has a gun and she told me she didn’t have one.” Rosalba can’t figure out why Monica would lie.

Monica calls Santamaría and says it’s off. Yoli’s asking too many questions, she knows Monica has a gun. They’re waiting for Dave now.

Well, Dave’s not going to be a problem.

Monica still wants Santamaría to come get her.

Yoli’s decided to go into the bathroom after Monica, but Regueros finds her. Before she can go into the bathroom anyway, she sees two guys pull Monica out. Her “HEY!” is apparently the cue to start shooting.

John and whoever was in the SUV with him hear the shots and go running.

In the meantime, it seems like Santamaría’s two henches have taken out all the security guards in that part of the terminal. Monica reminds one that this is supposed to be a kidnapping. When they finally get to the parking garage, she jumps into the waiting SUV.

Other DEA guy and John start running towards the SUV and Santamaría shoots the DEA guy. John carjacks someone to follow the SUV.

Yoli gets to the parking garage and DEA guy fills her in.

Not dead yet

Araña gives Tapia instructions to take the 495 and exit at Sunshine Canyon. The garbage dump? Dave knows that’s where they like to dump bodies.

Yep, and no one goes looking.

Dave’s cell rings and when Araña sees it’s Yoli he starts taunting Dave about her being “the pilot” and filling in his buddy on her history with Santamaría.


The guy John carjacked isn’t scared enough to keep his mouth shut. He’s screaming at John to get out of his car already!

Yoli calls. John says he’s trying to follow them, but they’ve got a head start. It was Santamaría who grabbed Monica.

Yoli’s angry at herself for not doing something when she realized Monica had a gun. Does John have one? Nope. He’s just going to follow until he finds out where they’re taking her.

Carjack guy keeps screaming about John stealing his car.

Club Diablo

Vasily’s entertaining some clients. Garza calls him to tell him Santamaría cut off one of Venancio’s hands. Vasily’s furious.

Garza explains that Irina made a deal with Venancio–she’d have him taken to the hospital if he’d keep his mouth shut about what happened. Garza’s not willing to speculate about why Irina’s trying to protect Santamaría. He’s going by the strip club later–he’s heard Irina and Santamaría go occasionally.

Vasily wants Garza to pick him up so he can look into it himself.


An airport security guy snaps at people to stay behind the yellow tape while pointing out the location of security cameras to the police. Regueros is talking to the news.

Yoli whispers to Tia Rosalba that John’s following the guys who took Monica. Rosalba’s convinced this was all about grabbing Monica. Yoli’s sure it was Santamaría. But it’s all going to be OK. Yoli starts wondering about the suitcase…it must still be in the bathroom.

Regueros comes over to thank Yoli for saving his life when he froze. Yoli asks him to keep an eye on Rosalba for a minute while she goes to the bathroom. The suitcase isn’t there.

Disrupted plans

Santamaría’s got Monica’s suitcase somewhere safe. He’s taking Monica to COPTERS. He’s annoyed at how things went, but Monica says they’ve scored a point, making the good guys think Monica was kidnapped.

Yeah, but now Santamaría doesn’t know where the safe house is. Oh well, he’ll have to torture it out of Dave.

Araña’s still giving Tapia driving directions. When his phone rings, Dave gives Tapia a signal to slam on the brakes. Dave drags Araña out of the car, asking him where the Kilichenko’s guarida (hideout) is. Where do they have the kid? He dangles Araña off a bridge saying he can answer or fall.

Dave sees Araña’s phone ringing and tells him to tell Santamaría they’re at the garbage dump or he’ll kill him. Araña tells Santamaría it’s off…and then he jumps off the bridge so he won’t give Dave the satisfaction of shooting him.

Now Santamaría’s really pissed. And he’s snapping at Monica that she must be thrilled because she’s still in love with Dave. Monica doesn’t say she isn’t, she just says Dave can die for all she cares.

Nerd war

In her lair, Irina angrily stabs at her laptop keys, muttering that Wilmer’s just a fifth-rate tech who thinks he can hack.

At the USFLY office, Wilmer’s muttering that he’s in no mood for Irina’s worm. (You know, if the whole show came down to Wilmer and Irina attacking each other via computer, I’d still watch that.)

Wilmer sends Irina a tracker to take over her webcam. And it works. And he wrinkles his nose because it’s a woman. Irina slams the cover down on her tablet.

She calls Wilmer a little boy and shuts down the a/c in the server room. Then the lights in the computer area. And then she makes something explode. Wilmer comes running out to the lounge area to grab a fire extinguisher and douse the server.

Club Diablo

Vasily gets a call from Muñeco. Pilar died last night. She was poisoned. And Muñeco thinks it was an attack on him.

He’s investigating, but he needs some help from Vasily. Monica went to LA to help Santamaría with something…

Vasily says it’s probably his stupid vendetta against the pilot.

Well, Muñeco would like her back as soon as possible. He’s apparently having all his food and drink tasted.


Regueros keeps up a stream of seemingly innocent conversation as he walks with Yoli and Rosalba. And then he asks if there’s been any word on Arley. Have they found his father yet?

Yoli says the police are still working on it. Regueros wants to talk to Yoli, but his phone rings and he says he’s gotta get to the office. There’s some problem with the computer.

Yoli explains after he’s gone that they told Regueros Arley’s biological father kidnapped him and nobody knows about her past.

Yoli’s phone rings. John says he’s still following the SUV and they’re driving to someplace unfamiliar. Yoli blames him for what happened with Monica. While they’re arguing, Carjack guy puts his head out the window to call for help from a police car.

John tells Yoli he’s about to get arrested. She’d better tell Dave.

So she does.

Meanwhile, the arresting officer finds John’s ankle bracelet.

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