La Bella Y Las Bestias Thursday 8/16/18 #50

JP’s seeing Bela’s withholding the video and saying she’ll let him go after the remaining bestias his way as using him. But yeah, he will go after them his way–with Andrea.

Emi kicks Gloria-Patricia out of the office when she realizes GP’s making copies of documents to review at home. She calls Emanuel and tells him she thinks her mother’s looking for evidence that Em and her dad were more than just partners at the club.

Pen’s starting to think that what Simón needs is an inflatable doll and that’s not the kind of relationship she’s looking for.

Cristina fires all the new security guards she just hired. Bela’s waiting at the joyeria with a list of demands. 1. don’t try to attack her again and 2. tell her who the person with their back to the camera is in the video. All Bela’s offering in exchange is the chance to tell the truth. Cristina counters that she’ll tell Bela AND give her a bunch of money in exchange for destroying the video. Nope–if Cristina comes after Bela or any of her friends again, the video goes to the news.

Cristina meets Abelardo and Nacho at the club to show them the video. Cristina’s starting to think that Emilia’s right–that all the recent deaths are connected. Bela wants revenge. The three of them visit Emanuel to warn him that if one more of them dies, they’ll tell Bela he’s the unknown person in the video. He’s going to have to help them.

Mike warns Pen and Bela that Emanuel already knows about Bela’s plan.

Seriously, show, you expect me to believe Bela is this thrown off by JP working with Andrea? Mike’s giving her advice like this is about the relationship not working rather than Bela being suddenly insecure because some jerk in the writers room decided that would up the drama.

Gloria-Patricia has JP and Andrea come out with her to the ranch house. She’s looking for something that will help her convince Emi not to marry Emanuel. All she finds is the first dollar Armando earned.

JP remembers Andrea’s letter thanked Bela AND him for her freedom. He realized Andrea knew that Bela freed the tiger and they both lied to him. She can’t believe he’s re-investigating Toño’s death because he really thinks his girlfriend is a killer.

Tough guy Mike is finally tough enough to admit he likes Pen.

Jorge and Luci have been working towards having their own place for a while. When Jorge tells Cristina he’s moving out, she wants him to take her to his new house. After she gets a look at it, she takes him somewhere to show him what he could have instead–a furnished apartment and sexual harassment?

Emi wishes her mom would quit looking for proof that Emanuel and her dad were more than just acquaintances from the club. The best Gloria can do is say she’ll try.

Emanuel comes to Bela’s house to accuse her of going after the partners in the casino to get revenge for her father’s death. Bela laughs it off and tells him to come back when he has proof. He can talk all he wants about the law being on everybody’s side, but here she is with her godfather in charge of INTERPOL Mexico and her boyfriend a federal police officer and the people who killed her father have never been thrown in jail.

JP shows up and arrests Bela for Toño’s murder.

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