La Bella Y Las Bestias Wednesday 8/15/18 #49

Bela’s comfortable enough with JP to have sex again…but she’s still insecure about how much time he’s spending with Andrea. Seriously, writers? She’s asking if things would have been different if he’d been forced to have sex with Andrea instead of Susi?

Emi decides to marry Emanuel. They have sex in his office.

Joyera tells Jorge to beef up security. Emanuel asks her not to say anything to the other partners about Bela. She reluctantly agrees.

Penelope intercepted a call Carlos made to a nursing agency and is now employed as Carlos’ nurse “Ligia.”

Emi insists she’s marrying Emanuel for love, so JP supports her decision–he just wants her to refuse the shares in the casino. JP said it himself–the more they push Emi, the more she wants to rebel. So why does he try to convince her to give back the shares?

Emanuel calls Bela to complain about Mike going to Joyera’s store this morning…right before Jorge and his twenty best friends show up to get revenge. Mike and Bela get to work taking them down one or two at a time. Three at a time, however, is too much. Pen shows up when they’re down to five standing. When Jorge’s the last one, he pulls a gun on Bela (dude, you do not get paid enough for this). She distracts him by talking about his daughter and knocks him out. In her living room, Joyera cuts her finger on a necklace, apparently as a warning that her entire security team just got taken out.

For confirmation, Jorge goes back to the house and tells her so. He also delivers Bela’s message: you’ll be sorry you tried to kill me. Joyera’s not the least bit worried.

Bela tells Emanuel that Cristina sent people after her. She’s fine, but Mike’s on his way to the hospital. She’s not going to press charges just to watch Cristina go free, but she’s not going to back off, either.

Mike’s not dead and he doesn’t want to stay in the hospital.

Gloria-Patricia’s tossing all her booze down the sink. It’s her first day of sobriety. (Uh…medically supervised detox wouldn’t be a bad idea.)

Emanuel gets a laugh out of Cristina sending him “Ligia’s” picture. Bela sure has made her paranoid! Nope, he doesn’t recognize that woman at all. (Really? Not even a Princess Elsa joke?)

JP and Bela break up. Again. Because she’s jealous of Andrea. And he wants the video so he can convince Emi not to take the shares in the casino. Bela won’t hand it over because she knows it’s going to be difficult for Emi to find out what her father was like and they can’t predict what Emi might do.

Gloria-Patricia shows up at the casino, sober, and asks to review some files.

JP asks Andrea to work for him–she knows how Toño operated, she probably has other useful information, and if she won’t he won’t tell her why they’re going after Cristina.

Carlos tries to bestow his wisdom on Pen–having someone around when you’re older is better than being alone. Pen feeds him a story about her dad’s wife who treated him badly, stole all his money, and either killed him or left him to die.

For no apparent reason Emanuel visits Mike in the hospital and expects Mike to tell him what Bela’s plans are.

Bela sends Joyera a copy of the video and a threat that she’ll make it public.

JP is angry that Bela let Joyera have a copy of the video when she won’t give JP one.

Joyera tells Emanuel that the video exists and Bela’s the one who sent it to her.

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