La Jefa del Campeón Wednesday 8/15/18 #26


Despite Quique’s obvious nervousness and Tita’s hesitation, the police believe her when she says it wasn’t him.

When he gets home, his mom is waiting up for him. She can hear the nervousness in his voice. “I’m blind, but I’m not stupid!” She didn’t raise a liar. What’s he into?

Quique says he’s just tired and gets out of arm’s reach as fast as he can.

Beba tells Tita in the morning that someone broke into Chino Mendieta’s house. She heard it was some kids.

Well, not that Tita’s happy, but he kind of had it coming.

Quique’s mom is still angry in the morning, so he tries a new lie. He was driving his friend’s car and they nearly got into an accident. That’s why he was freaked out. No, no one got hurt.

Quique’s mom doesn’t care what it is, he has to tell her everything. She’ll never stop loving him. Quique says it won’t happen again.

Game time

Rey’s on his way to the field for the Búfalos-Chapulines game. Daniel comes over to give Rey a ride and tease him. Tita refuses to pick sides, but they both generously say she should support the other team…because Daniel doesn’t want Rey to cry…but the Chapulines need more help. Tita tells them to cut it out–she’ll cheer for both of them.

Before Daniel leaves he hisses at Beba to change her (Búfalos) shirt!

Sara, Quique’s mom, gets to the game. Tita helps her to the Búfalos section.

Daniel catches up to Arsenio and a scout for the under-17 team. They trash talk each other…what’s Daniel teaching his team–how to start drinking? Oh yeah, Arsenio’s got Rey on his team, but Daniel’s practically his father. Etc., etc.

Karina comes to the game with Inés. Unfortunately Sergio’s there too. *sigh*

The teams head out to the field. Gonzo’s going with a yellow shirt this time and a colorful print that looks like flames or antlers. Enrique’s surprised that his mom’s in the stands with Rey’s mom. Daniel’s blowing kisses to Tita.

Enrique’s sad his mom can’t see him play, but Rey’s sure Tita’s going to be narrating the whole thing for her.

Rey takes a look up at the stands and gets nervous when he sees Frida.

Quique’s got the ball and Tita and Sara are screaming at him to pass it, but Rey completely misses it. Then he shoves some guy and gets a yellow card.

Beba follows Frida out of the stands. Frida says it’s nothing, but Beba doesn’t look so sure.

It’s nothing personal, but even the pensión peeps think the coach needs to send in a sub for Rey.

In the dressing room, Rey begs for just five more minutes. Arsenio scolds the team, telling them they all need to wake up. They only have 45 minutes left to win this game.

In the Chapulines dressing room, Daniel gets to be the good guy, congratulating his team on a good first half. They just need to to concentrate and have fun…and watch out for number ten. He might be a little off his game, but Daniel trained him.

Frida’s waiting for Rey outside the tunnel to tell him to forget what she said and just get out there and play. If for no other reason than his mom’s up there and he needs to show her she’s the jefa of a campeón. (I’m surprised no one has come over to scold Rey about not being on the field yet.)

Rey gets tripped. Arsenio’s calling for a red card. Quique helps Rey up and Rey insists he’ll finish the game. Rey scores on the penalty kick.

A Chapulines player scores a goal, disappointing Sergio.

Rey makes a pass to Enrique, who kicks the ball right over the goal.

Tita and Sara get to talking. Sara feels bad that she can’t work more. She says she’s on a list for cornea transplants.

Gonzo blocks a shot. Daniel’s starting to get nervous.

The Búfalos take a corner kick and Rey passes the ball to Quique, who scores this time. Daniel’s trying not to smile. Sergio’s macking on Inés.

Apparently they won the game?

Karina’s waiting for Gonzo. Are they gonna kiss this time? HELL YEAH!

Doña Male’s

Oh, for the love of…Fabi’s wiping down the leaves on a plant one by one. Matías comes home with roses for her, but she’s not impressed. She says she’s not angry, just tired from all the chores his mom’s been giving her. She just wants to be alone with Matías already.

Matías says he wants nothing more than to make Fabi happy, which is why he worked the morning shift and then he picked up…

“A tablet?” A tablet with the pictures from their honeymoon. To remind her their love is true. And by next week they’ll have a move-in date for the new apartment.

Well, good, because if his mom tells her one more time that she’ll have to quit work….

Matías tells her not to worry about it. (Well, when Male’s saying it every five minutes how’s she supposed to do that!)

Matías and Fabi head for the bedroom and Doña Male turns the TV up.

It was a dark and stormy night

Rey gets home and Frida says she’s not pregnant. She knows because it’s her body and she doesn’t feel pregnant. She swears it’s all ok and he shouldn’t worry about it. (Seriously, somebody needs have The Talk with her, get her a home pregnancy test, whatever.)

Matías gets home and Fabi has made dinner. Male’s weeping and praying. Her friend Gina from church died. She’s gotta go lead the prayers for the vigil. And Fabi should come with her.

Ummm…no…Matías says he’ll drive her. While she’s getting her stuff he says Fabi should absolutely go over to the pensión and take advantage of his mom not being there to say anything about it.

Daniel, Rey, and Gonzo are moving the table and chairs around. Daniel’s talking about reviewing the tapes, but Rey knows where he went wrong. Tita brings Sara and Quique over.

Rey says they’re celebrating the Búfalos win, but Tita thinks they should also celebrate that the other team played such a good game. Oh no, Daniel thinks they need to celebrate Tita, #10’s mom, la jefa del campeón.

Everyone gets to work distributing food and drinks. Quique asks Fabi out for ice cream and she clearly didn’t think of it as a date, because she accepts.

Tita catches Quique alone in the kitchen. She scolds him–if anything happens to him, his mom will be all alone. And he’s not alone anymore–he has Rey, he has her, and they’re his family. Quique swears it won’t happen again. He can see why Rey always says he has a great mom.

El Coronel finds Martina in her room and says he gives up. He can’t stand her giving him the cold shoulder. He wants her to marry him…he wants her to be his wife….

Martina’s looking for the hidden camera.

He tells her if she won’t marry him, she’ll be the sciatica of his heart. (That’s so incredibly cheesy and it’s making me tear up.)

But what about all their stuff? El Coronel says he’ll leave that up to her.

She wants to go announce it to everyone right now, but he convinces her to, uh, get a head start on the honeymoon.

Fabi gets home. On the rug in Matías’ room, she finds an earring.

Oh no she didn’t!

Salomé opened a shop that’s identical to Tita and Beba’s. Only bigger. And she’s having a 50% off sale.

Frida apologizes for the things she said to Salomé. She’s not going to judge her and she loves her…she just thinks Salomé could do something better with her life. But, whatever Salomé wants.

Salomé says she shouldn’t have done it like that. And this store is her attempt to make money and be near Frida. She wants Frida to work with her…and sure, she’d like to live together again, but first she’s gotta deal with some things.

Beba’s not happy about Frida moving out. And she knows something’s going on.

Frida won’t tell her unless Beba swears she won’t tell anyone. She thinks she’s pregnant with Rey’s baby.


Arsenio hands letters to Quique, Rey, and Gonzo. They’ve been recruited to the under-17 team. (Um…these boys are under 17?)

Rey goes over to the store to give Tita and Beba the good news.

Gonzo brags to his dad. He’s the goalie for the national under-17 team and he’s going to Europe.

Dante brings paperwork over for Tita to sign. As Rey’s rep, he’ll be handling the trip to Europe, getting Rey’s passport, etc. He just needs her and her husband to sign. Or her boyfriend, or…well, Rey’s dad, basically.

Uh…they don’t know where Rey’s dad is.

Well, without his signature, he can’t take Rey out of the country and Rey can’t be on the team.

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