La Piloto 2 Wednesday 8/15/18 #14

White Velvet

Andrea gets inside and one of the guards tells her to hurry up, because she’s first up on the tarima (stage) today.

In the dressing room, Andrea finds out from one of the other women that Felicidad, Jazmin, and Viviana all got taken. Something about taking them to the devil? And Felicidad took her cell phone. The guy who took them left, but Irina’s still there, in the VIP room.

Wilmer gets frisked at the door, puts in his earpiece, and makes his way to a table.

Out in the SUV, Yoli asks why Wilmer seems so weird lately. Olivia says she told him what happened with Bill and he didn’t take it well. Plus, she just sent him into a strip club full of naked women–including Andrea, who couldn’t be prettier if she tried.

Yoli reminds Oli he’s doing it to help. And why would he fall for Andrea?

Andrea starts her show, paying extra attention to Wilmer.

Oli says they feel so disconnected.

Yoli says it’s the same with her and Dave. He’s jealous of John.

Oh, Oli gets that–everyone’s running around being super-supportive of John after all the things John did to them. She answers a call from Bill, who’s drunk and angry about being fired. And it’s all Yolanda’s fault.

Uh, what?

Before she can get an answer, Tony shows up and Oli hangs up so Yolanda can warn Dave.

Dancing done, Andrea comes over to Wilmer to pretend she’s flirting and ask what he thought of her dance. He must think she’s a horrible person.

Wilmer tells her not to worry…and isn’t that Irina talking to Dave’s boss?

Dave saw Waters go in. What about Santamaría?

Wilmer hasn’t seen him, but he could be in the VIP room.

John leans past Dave to tell Wilmer to get some video of Irina and Waters. He gets a few seconds of video before Andrea gets up to give him a lap dance so they don’t notice his phone. SMH.

Dave tells them to get out because the cops are coming in. Andrea’s not sure how she’s supposed to do that.

In the VIP area, when Tony’s done drooling, Irina tells him they want him to kill Dave tomorrow.

Tony says it’s not that easy. If Dave gets killed, there’s going to be an investigation.

Well, Dave and at least one other agent know Tony’s connected to the Kilichenkos, so….

Dave’s getting ready to go in. John keeps trying to get Dave to let him go too. Which is so not happening.

Right about the time Andrea’s ready to go, Venancio comes in, screaming and waving a gun around. Wilmer tries to rush Venancio, but he gets swiped aside.

Irina gets to Venancio just as one of the guards says they’ve been surrounded by the cops.

Irina screams at everyone to get to the dressing room and fires a shot in the air. She orders two guards to grab Wilmer.

The good news is Irina’s blaming it all on Venancio. The bad news is, they have plenty of hostages. Dave gets Irina extra-steamed by using her name. How very dare he. Waters convinces her not to shoot Dave right now.

But they’re basically stuck with Venancio telling the cops to go or they’ll start killing hostages and Dave trying to get Irina to give herself up.

Dave has Yoli call John to see if he can talk to Wilmer. But Wilmer’s completely out.

And Irina has recognized him and found the earpiece. And the wire. And his cellphone. (Bullshit there’s not a lock on it!)

She starts talking to John, thinking it’s Dave. John tells her to turn herself in, but she’d rather be dead than go to jail.

John calls Yolanda to tell her they know who Wilmer is.

Dave gets a message with the plans for the club. The hallway Irina, et al, are in is a dead end. Dave and Venancio sing another round of “Give us the hostages!” “Get the cops out of the club!”

Club del Diablo

Vasily gets Felicidad, Jazmin, and Viviana to their new “home” and tells them to rest up before work tomorrow. He tells them it’s a privilege to be here, the clients get whatever they want, etc. etc. (May he die horribly.)

So far, Felicidad, Jazmin, and Viviana are the only three in their 4-person cell. Jazmin’s pushing Felicidad to use the phone and call for help. There’s a guard out in the hallway, and the battery’s nearly dead. She thinks a text might have a better chance, but what are they supposed to say? All they saw was desert.

Jazmin remembers they called it Club del Diablo.

Felicidad remembers when Vasily asked how many would fit in the helicopter he called the guy Garza.

So Felicidad types “Club del Diablo pilot Garza” and hits send just as the phone turns off.

Felicidad hides the cell phone in an I-beam on the ceiling just before a guard throws a fourth woman into the room. The other three rush to give her whatever they can in the way of first aid for the wounds on her back.


Irina calls Santamaría and asks him to get them out. Santamaría’s like “Call daddy. I got demoted.” This is his payback for her siding with her dad earlier.

So she tries her dad, but he’s asleep with his two latest victims.

She calls Garza, who gets into Vasily’s room and shoves the phone in his face, which still doesn’t immediately wake him up.

Santamaría watches a news report and laughs when his phone starts ringing. He’s moved up to standing and walking short distances, though the wheelchair’s standing by. I hope laughing hurts him.

He answers his phone and Vasily wants to know why he’s not rescuing Irina.

Santamaría asks him the same question. And maybe the timing’s not right, but he’s been thinking of quitting…

Vasily gets Santamaría to agree to save Irina, but they’re going to have a talk about their relationship later. Santamaría says they’re on the same level. He tells the guard outside the door to get everybody ready to go with assault gear in five minutes.

Wilmer’s finally awake. Irina starts roughing him up for spying on her and recording her. She taunts him about his crappy phone. Not enough money to get the latest model? What’s the point of being a hacker if you’re broke?

Wilmer says she’s surrounded by police and going straight to jail.

Meh. If she goes to jail, everyone else is going to the morgue.


Bill shows up at the office, still drunk, giving the receptionist a hard time. He starts screaming at her about this place being trash. He’s just here to pick up his stuff. Why are all these losers staring at him?

He keeps on ranting while I wait for someone to escort him back out the door.

Instead he just saunters past the rest of the employees and into the locker room.

He’s so sloshed he can barely work the lock on his locker. And why is he doing this without security escorting him? Seriously, if a firing goes badly, just pack the person’s stuff up and let them pick it up outside–don’t let them back into the building!

He’s taking out his anger at Yolanda on her locker door. And then he calls Solano and tells her the kid was kidnapped from a plane in-flight. And Yolanda’s hidden other things from her. She should go visit Yolanda’s house.

Club Diablo

By the morning, Felicidad is fed up with the situation and starts shouting out into the hallway that they need medical help.

The woman with the wounds on her back says they won’t send any. The same guy has done this before. The Kilichenkos’ pilot.

They ask if she means Garza, but she’s unconscious and Felicidad says she’s not breathing.


Monica makes it back to the ranch. She finds Pilar’s body lying in bed. Monica pretends not to know what happened to Pilar while Muñeco tells her the sad, sad story.

And Monica’s at the top of the suspect list. She’s getting put into a cage until she tells Muñeco what happened.

White Velvet

In the morning, nothing has changed. Other than the news crews. Santamaría orders his guys to go blend in with the gawkers.

He calls Irina, who’s sure the cops are coming in after her any minute now. But he has a plan….

Dave’s getting impatient, but Yoli reminds him that hallway only has one way in and one way out and they’ll start shooting if he opens it.

Venancio calls out to Dave that they’re letting the hostages go, except for Waters. Yoli whispers to Dave to accept the deal.

Venancio wants everyone out of the club first. He’s letting the women out and nobody had better be in the club!

Out in the surveillance van, Dead!Oscar’s making another appearance. He’s eating a Drumstick while he taunts John about Yolanda. John admits he was feeling some things when he saw her again, but now he’s focused on finding Arley.

That’s cool. Dead!Oscar was just passing through. Oh, he noticed the keys are in the van.

Yeah, so did John.

OK, then. Dead!Oscar holds up a gun and the Drumstick and asks which one John wants him to leave behind. (I’m enjoying Dead!Oscar.)

All the women come out of the club and are handed blankets. I was convinced Irina would be one of them, but instead they’ve put Wilmer’s coat and hat on her and are sneaking her out in a group of men.

The only one who notices is Olivia. She screams to Yolanda that Irina’s in the ambulance and Yoli jumps onto the back.

The shooting starts, outside and inside.

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