La Mujer del Vendaval #115

Val tells her calculated version of the Marcela and Emiliano story and then pretends she never meant to upset Al or cause trouble.

Thanks to her spin on things Al is now completely convinced that Emiliano is taking advantage of his absence to steal his wife and Marcela is playing around on him.

Now Val switches sides, she’s sure its all innocent and there must be an explanation, but Al should tell her what’s really bothering him. Al starts talking about how humiliated and angry he is about what happened at the stockholder’s meeting. Val is very understanding. But more Al says he’s stuck between love and hate for Marcela because of The Lie.

Which lie? Val asks. All of them, Al says, Marcela is full of lies. Val urges him to tell her what Marcela did, before it eats him alive, but he can’t. That’s ok they’re still friends forever.

Val tries to calm Al down a little before she lets him leave with a very lingering embrace.


Marcela just can’t relax but its ok b/c their plane is ready


Ines tells Nisa off for voting against Al. Nisa maintains her righteousness and rightness, its all for his own good. Also she’s been thinking really hard about which bf she likes best and she’s made a choice……for……..uhhhhhh……….Cuchi! Inez rolls her eyes and reminds Nisa that Cuchi cheated on her and Cami loves her enough to be there cleaning bathrooms for her. Nisa waffles, but she really wants Cuchi. Ok, Inez asks, what’s so great about Cuchi? Prezzies! Nisa squeals, he gave me the cutest thing today, that’s why I ……. – off key singing and from the hall. Its Cami!

And some accordion player he picked up. Full on serenade for Nisa.

Nisa loves the song, Cami has such a poetic soul. Looks like Cami is ahead for now. Inez can’t take all the hearts and flowers mushy stuff and flees the room.

The accordion player wants to be paid and that gives Cami an opportunity to give a speech about how he’d spend his whole salary, nay his whole life on Nisa. Yep Cami is def ahead with Nisa now. Meanwhile he’s thinking bad thoughts bout her behind her back


Penelope turns away the crowd of girls outside the cyber-bakery. They’ll have to get their Amadeo Specials tomorrow.

Inside Alba is fuming that they’re not gonna get Amadeo’s attention any time soon so they might as well leave. Amadeo fights his way through the crowd over to them begging them to stay, but Alba has had it with the circus and she drags her mom out with her.


Apparently Eulogio and July just made the name up without realizing there was a real guy named Florentino Carnales in the immediate area. Ooopsie.

Well at least he and Timo didn’t kill each other, they’ll have to be more careful next time. On the one hand Timo is way jealous so that’s good, but if he catches them they’re toast so they better come up with something good.

In the ranch kitchen, Rosa’s flirting with one of the guards, she’s made him somethin to eat, and he asks her out the weekend. The other guard already asked and she said yes. Guard #1 says that guy’s already married and has kids. Ok then Rosa disinvites herself and she’ll go out with Guard #1. Its all very sweet till Al comes in and Rosa has to shoo the guy outside with a dishtowel. Al chides her about fraternizing with the enemy, remember those guys work for Timo and they’re probably spying on us for him.

Al starts asking Rosa where Marcela is and why and Rosa gets nervous and goes to iron.

Sagrario and Alba get home and Al asks them, and Sagrario lies and says Marcela and Emiliano went to San Jacinto to get vaccines.


Mauro and Lencho get back to the apartment from their various adventures, and Octavia is waiting there for them. She’s got a key, remember, from before, and no she’s not giving it back. Mauro says whatever, do whatever you want, you always do anyway. Well apparently Oct’s plan is she sleeps with Lencho there. Lencho is ok with it, Mauro is not, and leaves, slamming the door behind him. And Lencho and Oct go to, um, sleep? I assume.


Emiliano takes Marcela home to the ranch and offers to come in and explain to Al, but Marcela is afraid it would only make things worse, so she goes in alone and greets Al with a big hug. That he does not return.

When she asks what’s wrong, he asks where she was all day. Sagrario jumps in with her story to give Marce a heads up. Yeah, um, had to be done urgently and stuff.

Al leaves and Marcela asks why the story. Well, you’re the one who didn’t want him to know about the doctor’s appointment.

Ungh, now Marcela will have to find a way to make her aunt look like not a liar.


Luisito got home all excited to tell his mom all about his game. He understands she has to work a lot cause she’s supporting them and being a mom and a dad, but couldn’t they get a dad so she wouldn’t have to do so much? Dads don’t grow on trees kid.

On cue, Mauro rings the doorbell with a present for Luisito – a soccer ball, and another present for Ines – earrings, which she eventually accepts.

Since they won’t invite him to dinner again, Mauro invites them out to eat with him. Luisito accepts for both of them.


Marcela tells Al she tried to call him, but it went to vm and then her battery died.

She asks how it went with his folks and he tells her all about it.

She tries to tell him she’s on his side and they have the ranch to fall back on.

Al asks if she’s got some hidden treasure socked away here, but no silly.

Still, its not like he’s broke, dear, he’s still got something socked away in bonds or stocks or something, right? Al asks what if he lost it all by being a trusting idiot. Huh? She’s confused now. Nuthin, he says and goes to sulk alone. She follows and tells him that whatever happens they’ve got their home and the rest of their lives together to build up the ranch, and maybe raise some kids too. Al seems angry at the idea of kids and asks why she changed her mind, she useta not wantem. Marcela says well chances are pretty good they might not get this illness, plus the medicine has advanced….. Oh yeah? Emiliano convinced you to have kids now huh, he sneers. He starts challenging the vaccine story.


Meanwhile in the kitchen Sagrario notices that Alba is a little down. Alba’s just mad that Amadeo is surrounded by women who don’t respect the fact that he has a gf, not that Alba’s jealous or anything. Sagrario is very cheered up at the thought that Amadeo is the Tiger of San Bartolo, even if Alba isn’t


Emiliano gets home and tells Val how well the trip went. She’s glad for him and Marcela and Al but Al was here when you were gone and asking where you two were. He was pretty mad. Emiliano calls Marcela to warn her Al is on to them, but she’s busy being questioned by Al so Rosa has to answer the phone and tell Marcela who it is as Al listens and fumes. Emil wants to level with Al and just tell him where they were and what they were doing. Marce tells him its not a good time and Al grabs the phone and tells him the same. Emiliano goes ahead and tells him he was calling about the tests they had done today, he’d wanted to tell Al all about it earlier, but Marcela didn’t want to worry him. Oh, Al isn’t worried about Marcela at all, he hangs up on Emiliano and lays into Marcela for lying to him about the vaccines and then about letting Emiliano buy her plane ticket, and just basically turning into his dad.


Emiliano’s worried, and Val thinks he should go and explain in person.

Emiliano will go tomorrow, mostly he’s worried Al’s gonna stress Marce out and make her illness worse. It makes a difference you know.


Rosa and Sagrario talk bout how well Mateo’s doing in jail.


Sagrario and Rosa are prepping leftovers for supper and Marcela comes in all slumped and broken down. They kick Rosa out of the kitchen so they can talk about Al’s very bad day, that he’s sharing around to everyone around but especially Marcela. Sagrario is shocked his folks are so heartless.

ML comes into the house whistling and Sagrario lays into her for leaving Severo alone, nobody else wants to take care of him, remember. ML says she’s going to him and flounces out but once out of sight she sneaks into the office and puts the papers back in the desk using her new keys.


Mauro has picked a restaurant that has a game area for kids and Luisito runs off to play leaving Mauro to try to convince Inez that she can trust him now, he’s completely over Oct.


Al’s not having supper, he’d rather sulk in bed. Marcela tries again to convince him she’s not lying to him and cheer him up bout the other thing, everything hers is his. Great, he says, tomorrow we’ll go to the bank and you can have them add me to the authorized signatures.


(ya know, if I was Marcela, I’d be wonderin now if Al wasn’t only with me for $$ after all that is all he talks about ever since he married her. )

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2 years ago

Gracias, stealth! I agree, Marce needs to be a little more suspicious. Before I was wanting her to just show him the papers that say he owns half the ranch so he calms down and now I’m like “Nope! You calm down first and THEN she’ll put you on the checking account.” I can just see them both using the account without running things past each other and running out of money.

2 years ago

If he keeps acting like his dad it’s going to get even shorter.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
2 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Ha! yep 😀