La Bella Y Las Bestias Friday 8/17/18 #51

Yep, JP wants to arrest Bela, but he doesn’t have any evidence, he just thinks she’s lying about why she went to El Colombiano’s that day. She blames Andrea. To JP, letting the tiger out is the same as killing Toño.

Gloria-Patricia takes the historic dollar bill out of the frame and sees Armando’s initials (AQ) in one corner and EE in another…Emanuel?

Cristina’s still trying to get Jorge to sleep with her. Jorge’s still trying to avoid it. Emanuel calls her, waking up Carlos. He wants to borrow those guys she hired. Bela’s in jail. He doesn’t think she’ll follow through on her threat to release the video. If they find a way to link her to one of the previous murders, that would take her out of the game.

Pen calls JP because Bela’s not home. She thinks the sound of someone coming in the front door is Bela getting home, but it’s four guys breaking into the house to look for evidence linking Bela to the previous murders. Another handful of guys are breaking into the gym.

Pen wakes up in her room and starts calling for Bela and Mike. She goes down to the bunker room and checks the video cameras.

Emanuel still has to check out the stuff Cristina’s guys got out of the house to see if there’s anything useful.

Ricardo can’t believe JP’s on again about Bela. Andrea admits she was at the house before INTERPOL showed up. That’s why JP wants another examination of Toño’s body. Simón can’t believe JP arrested Bela himself. And he’s sure Andrea had something to do with it because she wants JP. Yes, they had that conversation in their office, because this bunch has been nothing if not professional.

JP left a message on Pen’s phone that she can come visit Bela tomorrow. She calls to tell him about the break-in.

Simón’s pissed that Pen didn’t call him instead of JP. After all, he’s her “boyfriend.” Yeah, nobody got that memo.

Emanuel asks, but Bela still insists she didn’t kill Toño. And no, she won’t stop this until she gets “justice.”

Don Carlos tells Pen…er, Ligia…about locking Cristina out of the bedroom last night. She gets a kick out of it. But wouldn’t he rather not have to put up with her? Nope, ’cause apparently at his age company is company.

Bela thinks Andrea told JP on purpose because it’s all part of her “game” to get to him.

Gloria-Patricia visits Emanuel’s office to tell him she’s convinced he and Armando were business partners and close friends. She wants him to deny it on-camera, which he does.

Cristina finally convinces Jorge to have sex with her.

Andrea makes contact with Cristina and convinces her she’s a fugitive. Cristina invites her to the joyeria, like JP and Simón planned.

The results of the forensic exam are back and apparently they said “Bela didn’t do it,” so JP lets her out of the holding cell. And they break up. Again. Or reaffirm their previous break or whatever.

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