La Jefa del Campeón Thursday 8/16/18 #27

Fabi’s suspicious of Matías since she found that earring on the floor. He takes a call from René and tells Fabi he needs to go out. He’ll explain later.

Celso visits Quique. He heard he’s on the sub-17 team. That means he can deliver international packages. And the pay is better than what Quique can imagine. He could pay for his mom’s surgery.

Quique’s not into that anymore. An angel appeared to him and told him not to risk leaving his mom alone.

Sergio wants to go with Gonzo to Europe. Inés and Gonzo can’t believe he’s thinking about this when they’re on the verge of losing the taqueria. Inés threatens to flatten him like a tortilla if he dares to buy plane tickets.

Tita tries calling Pedro to get him to find out where Waldo is. Rey’s already given up on finding him and therefore being on the team.

Fabi shows Joel the incriminating earring. And Matías was weird on the honeymoon–he wanted a lot of alone time. But she’s sure he cares about her. She thinks René is covering for him. Joel thinks she should try following him and catching him in the act so he can’t deny he’s cheating.

Beba bugs Frida to get a pregnancy test to find out for sure if she’s embarcelona. Just go down to the drugstore for a prueba de empanzonamiento. Beba gives her some cash.

Delfino offers to find Waldo.

Gonzo goes over to Karina’s with tacos. She tells him he can’t just come over like this. And that kiss shouldn’t have happened. She could be his older sister!

And then this guy comes up, hugs Karina, calls her mi amor, and she introduces Gonzo as her student.

The husband is more than happy to invite Gonzo in. He lets slip that Karina hates fútbol, never goes to games. He talks about the tacos being delicious and doesn’t Gonzo have a craving and Gonzo makes sure to look at Karina so when he answers she knows he’s talking about her.

Karina gets Gonzo out of her apartment. “This” is over, she’ll recommend a new tutor. He needs to get out there and travel and live and meet people.

Beba accidentally asks Tita if she took the test…uh, she thought it was Frida…she went to go take a test.

Tita puts up a 25% discount sign so they can try and get some sales back. (Lemme just say, I understand the pressure, but it’s the wrong thing to do.)

Frida comes back from the drugstore and Beba says she’s gotta go talk to her. Frida didn’t have the guts to take the test, so she and Beba head for the bathroom.

Frida’s waiting for the lines…one is no, two is yes, none is you didn’t pee on the stick.

OK, so there’s one…and two.

Delfino tracked down Waldo. He gives Tita the info. Daniel asks why she’s making that face.

Uh, she has to go to him because he’s not answering his phone. And apparently he’s living with someone. Daniel doesn’t see what the big deal is. Well, she pretty much figured, but it’s different to know for sure.

Daniel tells her to look on the bright side–without Waldo, there wouldn’t be a Tita and Daniel.

Frida does not want to tell Rey she’s pregnant after how badly he was playing when she thought she might be. She doesn’t want to mess up his trip. Beba says the trip’s already messed up on account of Waldo being missing. She needs to tell Rey so he can take responsibility.

Tita tells the kids she and Daniel are going to go find Waldo. El Coronel and Martina tell them all they’re getting married. But Martina’s a little thrown off to hear that Tita found Waldo.

Malena’s got everybody’s entrances to the church planned out, down to what they’re all wearing. Matías says he needs to tell her…that he and René…René can’t make it. So she should find someone else to walk in with his sister.

Martina’s all nervous about making the wedding an event and spending money and this place is full of ghosts who keep chasing her. When El Coronel turns around, she’s gone.

Daniel’s putting the bags in the car and Tita goes over to ask what Frida and Beba are whispering about. They claim they’re just surprised that Waldo’s not dead.

Fabi follows Matías and sees him meet René and a bunch of other guys. She rolls her eyes at herself and goes back home.

Frida tells Rey they need to talk…she’s pregnant.

Sergio has hired Maestro Osvaldo to get Gonzo ready for the sub-17 team. Gonzo was hoping for Karina, so he’s disappointed.

Froylán gets home late and Frida’s not home, so he figures it’s “homework” time. Uh, no. Beba’s not in the mood.

Rey’s glad Frida told him and he’s not going to leave her alone. They can deal with this together. Frida doesn’t want to ruin his life or make him change his plans. She thinks it’s better if they pretend she didn’t tell him anything.

Beba’s shirt has dangly earrings. And Salomé’s bumped her discount up to 75%.

Fabi finds René in the morning and says she was just picking up a proof for her wedding invitations. She asks if he thinks her mother in law will like it and he offers to give her the name of a graphic designer….

While he’s looking at his phone, Fabi notices the earring he’s wearing.

Salomé’s boyfriend vetoed Frida moving in. She thinks she can talk him into it, though. Frida tells her to forget it.

Fabi and Matías get home. He’s trying to come on to her, but she tells him to let her go.

Daniel and Tita hang out on the beach.

Froylán tries to talk to Salomé about the effect her store’s having on his and Beba’s ability to make rent, but she’s still blaming Beba and Tita and trying to get revenge on them.

At Waldo’s house, Tita’s so nervous she makes Daniel go up to the gate for her.

Fabi tells Joel she thinks Matías is gay. Joel takes this as his chance to tell Fabi he’s in love with her. And she should talk to Matías.

El Coronel didn’t think Martina was so serious about moving out of the pensión. She’s even talking about selling it.

Waldo Bravo comes to the gate and he’s…Rey’s age? He thinks maybe they’re looking for his dad.

Gonzo wants Karina to come to Europe with him. They can start over there.

Rey’s still trying to talk to Frida and she’s still treating him as if he’s the one who rejected her.

So…um…Mrs. Waldo Bravo the first? second? has two teenage kids. Waldo and Carmen. Carmen’s named after her. Waldo the elder just recently came back to live with them. Before that he’d been traveling around working all the time.

Daniel asks if he ever mentioned any…family.

Oh, sure he had aunts, uncles, cousins. Is Tita his cousin? She assumes Tita’s there because she heard the news. Waldo the elder is now Waldo the deceased.

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