La Piloto 2 Friday 8/17/18 #16


Regueros tells Dave the little he knows–Solano showed up to arrest Yoli, apparently because she found out Arley had been kidnapped.

Dave shows up at the station in time to stop Yoli from being fingerprinted. While someone’s making sure his badge is legit, he tells Yoli they should tell Solano the truth…er, the same version of the truth that they told Regueros.

So, um, yeah, Arley’s bio-dad stole him off the plane and they’re totally working on getting him back. It was Dave’s decision not to make his disappearance public and the DEA and LAPD are all looking for him.

Solano just gets even more pissed off that they’re expecting her to believe them.

She and Yoli have some quiet time alone. Solano’s going to get all the information she can to generate an Amber alert. She seriously doubts at this point that Yoli and Dave will be granted custody, but if they actually find Arley she’ll try to have them granted custody. But no more lies and no more keeping information from her.

Yoli asks how Solano found out, but the guy who called never gave his name.

Yoli apologizes to Regueros for all the drama. He’s just glad they kept her from getting arrested. He asks about the house and where they’re staying and if the name John Lucio means anything to them.

Dave says he arrested him a few years ago. Why?

No reason….

Safe House

So they’ve found Kilichenko’s pilot, but they can’t find a reason for his discharge from the Air Force. Oli and Andrea agree he looks like he’s around Bill’s age. Oli tries calling to ask him if he knows Garza, but Bill wants to talk in person. At his apartment. (Don’t do it!)

Wilmer and Oli argue about Oli going over to talk to Bill alone. She wants him to admit he’s been in love with Andrea “from the beginning” and tells him to go for it…just not in her room.

Wilmer and John have beers and talk chicks. John understands Wilmer’s pain. Andrea’s hot.

“I love my wife.”

Sure, but John doesn’t know how he puts up with her attitude.

Wilmer’s like “Um, no, she’s only like that with YOU because of all the things you did to her family.”

John whines that it wasn’t on purpose. He didn’t give anyone direct orders against any of them. It was circumstances. It was complicated. And he’s not trying to avoid responsibility–he told Olivia he was sorry, but she won’t give him a chance. (Dude, she doesn’t owe you that.)

Wilmer doesn’t think she ever will. Nothing personal, but it’s hard to believe John.

John heard about what happened with that pilot.

Wilmer just wants this lead to get them somewhere. He can’t take much more of this and he doesn’t think his marriage can either.

John’s sage advice is that Wilmer needs to make his presence felt and not just let that Morrison guy gain ground or Wilmer’s going to lose the most important thing he’s ever had in his life.

“Like what happened with you and Yolanda?”

John agrees. Hope dies last, though, right?

Club Diablo

Venancio strongly advises Vasily to get rid of Santamaría. Which Vasily has every intention of doing, as soon as the time is right. He doesn’t want to piss off his daughter by getting rid of her boyfriend.

Venancio introduces himself to the assembled victims. He gives them the same spiel Irina did about those who speak Spanish explaining to the ones who don’t. I wonder if the Kilichenkos have an SOP manual with this little speech in it. He’s here to make the club better than it already is.

He notices Felicidad in the lineup. She stares at him as he asks how she’s doing. Didn’t her mother teach her manners? When she says she’s fine, he drags her off.

Venancio tells Felicidad he saw her mom a few days a go. She’s in Los Angeles, locked up with some kid Santamaría kidnapped. They tossed him in there after they cut off his fingers (not his hand as previously stated) for stealing the club money, which he didn’t. He’ll get revenge, though.

Felicidad says she’s sorry that happened. It must have been horrible.

Oh, he knows she doesn’t really care. But her mom’s a good person. He didn’t get a chance to thank her, so he wants to help Felicidad. He can’t get her out, but he can keep her from having to sleep with other men if she agrees to be his “girlfriend.”


He answers his door in a towel. At least he says he’ll get dressed. He and Oli both get the Amber alert about Arley.

He comes back to the living room in actual clothes and confirms that he did get fired and he does think it was because of Yolanda. Because they’re making cutbacks at the company and she probably said negative things about him to Regueros and it wouldn’t take much to convince him to let Bill go and keep her because Regueros has the hots for Yolanda.

Oli doesn’t think Yolanda would have done that, but Bill’s convinced that Yoli’s not as nice as Olivia, or as pretty. He’ll get another job, he’s sure, he just hopes he doesn’t ever run into Yolanda again.

Oli’s sure he’ll get another job with an airline and they’ll see each other every day at the airport.

“Or here. Consider this your house.”

Oli thanks him, but I can’t hear it over my brain screaming “GET OUT NOW!”

She changes the subject and asks if he knows Frank Garza.

And Bill admits that he does.

All Oli will tell him is Garza had something to do with Arley’s kidnapping.

Bill can’t believe she’s asking him to help Yolanda.

She tells him to consider it a personal favor to her.

OK, then. Frank went into the Air Force a year before Bill did, but he was discharged for allegedly running drugs for the Russian mafia. Bill totally doesn’t believe he did it, though.

Does he maybe have a way to get in touch with him?

No, but he sees him at the airport a lot, waiting for arrivals from the international flights. (Really? They’re going to have him holding a sign that says “Muhammad”? Check yourselves, writers.)

Olivia says just the information he’s given is enough.

Bill *cough* graciously *cough* agrees not to ask Olivia why she’s asking these questions, but only if she stays for dinner. He doesn’t think she looks all that enthusiastic to get back to her husband.

And Olivia stays for dinner and complains to Bill about Wilmer. And ignores Wilmer’s calls.

Andrea comes to Oli/Wilmer’s room and apologizes for making things more complicated. Oli calls him from the bathroom to tell him everything Bill told her. She doesn’t know how much longer she’ll be gone, but she’s trying to get more information out of him.


Dave’s concerned that Regueros is investigating Yolanda. He’s sure Regueros doesn’t know about her past, or she would have been fired already. But she should be careful.

How much more careful can she be? She’s been lying to him, lying to Solano, lying to herself. This whole thing’s crumbling. What if the same person who called Solano calls again with more information about her. Not that she thinks it’s Santamaría, that’s not his style, but someone….

Club Diablo

Vasily’s a frickin’ racist. I mean, not that we didn’t know this already. A couple of Russians are flying in tomorrow. Garza’s picking them up. He wants Irina to meet Bartov ’cause he’s Russian and they’re superior to Latinos, blah blah blah. Oh sure, his organization is full of Latinos, but that’s because he doesn’t care what happens to them–turn over a rock and find 20 more.

And he’s saying this right in front of Garza. Does he have a death wish?

Oops, paused it too soon–it’s in their blood to be servants, take orders.

Oh yeah, and he brought Venancio to the club with him.

Venancio tells Felicidad he always wanted her, but Irina didn’t let him go near the girls. Vasily’s policies are different. Venancio sends Felicidad back to the dorm and tells her not to come out of her room so no one sees her. He demands a goodbye kiss.

She goes back to her room and sobs in Jazmin’s arms.


He’s got more “merchandise” for Vasily, but Monica’s being punished for not admitting to trying to kill him, so he can’t have her deal with transport.

In the cage, Monica’s imagining confronting Yolanda in her old living room. She was a great cop and she got years in prison…but Yoli was a narco and only got a few days. She’s rotting inside and nothing can take away the pain. She kills Yolanda.

In her fantasy, she sips on a glass of cool water and gets into bed with Dave.

Someone drops a piece of paper into her cage.


Olivia tells Bill she really has to be going now. He brings up Mexico again and tries to kiss her. He says he won’t try anything else if she says she didn’t like it. (Because wanting to leave your house isn’t clear enough?)


Tony doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Santamaría to be drinking so soon after a transplant.

Santamaría says Tony’s neither a doctor, nor his mom, so shut it. He thought the interview was good for covering things up, but did Tony really have to call them a bunch of criminals?

Tony says, “The important thing is that my bosses in Washington are thrilled with Tony Waters.” Yes, seriously, he just talked about himself in the third person.

They toast. Santamaría reminds Tony that he’s also supposed be making Santamaría happy.

Tony claims he has Dave’s murder all figured out, he just needs a little help.

Safe House

Family meeting time. Yoli says Solano found out Arley is missing and they had to give her the same story they gave Regueros.

Doesn’t she think Solano’s going to take Arley away from them after they find him?

She doesn’t think so, but they need to find him.

Wilmer tells Yoli about their lead with Garza. Oli’s still out there.

Dave says they’ll start keeping watch at the international arrivals terminal to try to find Garza.

Yoli agrees. She, Oli, and Andrea will have to go before their shift. John says he and Gilberto can take over from them. Dave gets a text from Tony, reminding him about their meeting.

Dave says he’s stuck having a meeting with Waters.

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