La Bella Y Las Bestias Tuesday 8/21/18 #53

Bela reviews her three prophesies for Joyera:

1. Her personal life tanks–and Pen has confirmed that Carlos is indeed dumping her.
2. Legal problems–JP’s on that.
3. Suffocating in her own air. That one’s going to be tough, especially with “the ex” breathing down her neck.

Pen gets some photos and video of Joyera raping Jorge. What? Did you hear a yes in there? ‘Cause I sure didn’t. And “He did it, so therefore” is BS. You, as an adult, never do things you don’t want to do? Pay taxes? Go to the dentist? Doing it anyway is not the same as wanting to do it. Pen splits when Joyera starts in on the “Do what you do with Luci” stuff. Joyera wants Jorge to fire Ligia for her tomorrow. And kill Carlos.

Andrea comes over to Bela’s to tell her JP luuuuuurves her. The trip was a waste of time.

Gloria-Patricia’s bringing the wisdom tonight–maybe Emi’s getting her feelings about her dad all mixed up in her feelings about Emanuel. No, she didn’t know at first what Armando was up to and by the time she did find out for sure, she was crazy about him. He was perfect. He took care of her, protected her. And when she found out she was still happy with him for a while. And then she started drinking. She doesn’t know if Emi loves Emanuel or not, but she needs to take a good look at him so she doesn’t repeat history.

Emanuel reviews…the stuff Cristina’s guys pulled out of Bela’s house? (Frankly, a lot of it looks like RPG character sheets.) He starts drawing a little diagram…Bela gets Cristina, Bela gets Abelardo, Bela gets Ignacio and then…Bela goes after Emilia and Emilia gets Bela.

Pen gets back to the house and shows Mike and Bela the video and says Jorge’s only doing it ’cause Joyera makes him and she wants him to do what he does with his wife and stuff. Everyone’s squicked, but on with the day–Mike has a brujula (compass) for Bela so she won’t get lost in the mine. Bela and Pen do the secret revenge bestie handshake and Bela gets going. Pen’s job for the day is to make sure nothing happens to Don Carlos.

Joyera reminds Jorge that he’s supposed to take out Carlos today. What? He cheated on his wife for the first time and now he can kill for the first time.

The Quinteros visit Armando’s mausoleum thingie. Since they’re all there, Emi wants them to know she knows they care about her.

Each gold ingot weighs 400 ounces. Each ounce is worth $1200K. So Andrea figures she’s carrying around two and a half million dollars in gold. Simón tells her not to run off with them. (Um…they weight 25 pounds each. There will be no “running” going on with those suckers!)

Jorge tells Ligia she’s fired. She tries to go in and talk to Carlos, but he won’t let her. She basically tells him she knows what’s going on and he just denies there’s anything going on. She finally has to resort to kicking his ass, but Luci smacks her with a shovel.

Joyera parks her car in a parking garage and Bela locks the doors to keep her from getting out. Potentially important–Jorge left his cell in Joyera’s car. Bela does her creepy act. She asks for an apology and Joyera gives her a completely unconvincing “Sorry.” Yeah, that’s not really what she wanted anyway. Bela just wants to spend time with her…or would she rather be alone on the day she dies?

Emi gets to her office and finds Emanuel and a huge bouquet of roses. She says everything’s fine, but she’s basically ignoring him while she writes up to-do notes or affirmations or whatever on heart-shaped sticky notes. Yeah, she spent the night at her mom’s house last night and she’s going to keep living there. And it doesn’t matter what her mom thinks of him because Emi’s not going to be influenced by anything she says.

Jorge and Luci drag “Ligia” upstairs to their place and start tying her up. Meanwhile, Carlos can’t get anyone to answer him and he’s, like, five miles away from his walker. I feel your pain, dude. Ah, yes, and now Jorge realizes he’s missing his cell phone. He goes back to the main house to use the phone there, but Carlos won’t give him the phone until after he gets Luci to come in here and help him! He’s gotta get dressed to go the lawyer’s office!

At Jorge and Luci’s place, Luci doesn’t have her cell phone either, but she does find some random underwear in Jorge’s suit pocket. He follows her all the way back to the main house trying to claim he doesn’t know whose underwear it is. Carlos interrupts their fight, but Luci still drags Jorge outside to yell at him some more. Luci knows whose underwear it is–so either he’s wearing them or he’s cheating on her. Which is it?

Carlos has finally made it to the front porch and Jorge sits him down in a rocking chair and takes his walker away. Dude, that is so not right.

Back at their place (so many stairs…) Pen has regained consciousness, hears the argument, and says she put them there. She thought if Carlos thought Cristina was cheating on him, he’d divorce her. She’s horrible to Carlos and he doesn’t deserve to live like that. While Luci’s processing, Jorge tells her to go help Carlos.

Look, Carlos heard Luci’s accusations. Luci says sometimes she just says stuff for no reason. Right, but Jorge had blood on him. Nothing makes sense. He wants to talk to Jorge.

The feds are staking out joyeria. Joyera finally gets there without her security guy…but with Bela. Simón and JP start freaking out and they have no contact with Andrea. Bela completely blows Andrea’s cover because she’s a freakin’ child and this has apparently become the battle of whether she can kill all the bestias before JP sticks them in jail.

Bela walks Joyera out to the back of the store. On the phone, she tells Mike they’re surrounded by the feds.

They get into the shop and Andrea tells them her cover is blown.

Out back, Mike has to choke Joyera unconscious to get her into the back seat of the car with Bela.

Simón calls Pen and leaves her a voicemail. JP can’t get through to Bela’s phone. Andrea doesn’t understand what they think Bela’s going to do. “Everything but kill her.”

Mike can’t get Pen to pick up either.

Andrea calls Joyera’s house and finds out she’s not at home. But they did track Bela’s car heading for Pachuca. Ding, ding, ding! The mines!

Simón has an idea.

So, yeah, they’re at the mine, just Cristina and Bela.

Simón calls Mike to tell him to tell Bela to stop whatever she’s doing now. And Simón knows he and Pen are involved in it so he’d better talk now or end up back in jail.

Bela starts fiddling with a big metal door and tells Joyera to go on through. “But we won’t be able to see anything in there.” Bela pulls a gun on her and tells her to get moving.

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