La Jefa del Campeón Monday 8/20/18 #28

Daniel walks Tita to Carmen’s front gate so she can freak out in privacy. She feels like Waldo made a fool of her, having another family and other kids and she never knew. Plus she can’t even kick him in the shins…I mean, confront him. And she certainly doesn’t want this other family to know.

Fabi asks René to meet her at the market so she can ask about the earring. Yep it’s his. How did it get there? Um…she should probably ask Matías. Fabi grabs his phone and René swears he’ll dial, but there’s a picture of René and Matías as his background. Never mind–she’s got her answer.

Tita’s still fussing about it when she and Daniel get back to the pensión. She feels stupid, which Daniel says she isn’t, and it’s not that she still had feelings for Waldo it’s just a lot to find out all at once.

Tita breaks it to the kids–Waldo took his boat out during a storm and drowned. (Aw crap…is there a body? Because if there’s no body he could still be out there, hanging out with Wife #3 or whatever.) She tells Daniel she couldn’t tell them the part about Waldo having another family.

Martina decided to ask Salomé to buy the pensión since apparently she’s loaded. El Coronel doesn’t like this idea. Martina reminds him they wanted to get their own place somewhere else especially with Waldo coming back. El Coronel’s like “Didn’t you hear? He’s dead.”

Tita’s STILL fussing about the Waldo thing the next day when she talks to Beba, blaming herself for being so stupid. Beba tells her to cut that out–she knows what Waldo was like. Anyone would have fallen for it.

Fabi gets back to Doña Male’s and goes upstairs instead of having breakfast. Male’s already guessing morning sickness, but Matías tells her to cool it.

Upstairs, Matías tries to deny what Fabi already knows, but she doesn’t believe him. She feels stupid for not realizing he was in love with René. If he really wants to convince her that it’s not true, then go ahead, say something and she’ll believe it. She begs him to say that he’s not hurting for René the way she’s hurting for him. Say that he’d be the unhappiest man in the world if she left and he’d do anything to keep her with him. But Matías can’t say that. He’s sorry.

Rey tells Frida he doesn’t want to be like his dad. He wants them to go move in together so when the baby arrives they have a home. But Frida knows if she wasn’t pregnant he wouldn’t be asking her to do this. She’s still just his bestie.

Sergio hired some models to pose with Gonzo so they can publicize…I think the taqueria. ‘Cause there are a lot of tacos in the photos.

Salomé brings Martina a bunch of cash and a contract and pushes Martina into signing it with blanks they’ll fill in later, and a clause that Salomé will respect the current rates of the renters that Salomé says she’ll add when it all gets typed up.

Tita tells Rey she’s talked to Dante and he’s going to Europe. Rey has news too–he and Frida are expecting a baby. Tita’s shocked, but…hey, she’s gonna be a grandma. And now Rey has an even bigger reason to get ahead. Um…do her parents know?

Salomé complains about Frida’s room needing an update and smelling like zorra. And soon they’ll be living together again. With her boyfriend? Um…wouldn’t Frida rather it be with her dad? Frida’s face is suspicious.

Fabi has fries with Quique and talks about finding out her dad died after he’d been gone so long. He doesn’t remember his dad at all, but his mom’s great–Fabi would know about that. Fabi says Tita’s not her mom. So they do have something in common.

When Tita realizes Beba already knew about the baby, she’s upset that Beba didn’t tell her.

El Coronel really freaks out when he finds out Martina accepted money and signed a contract with Salomé. He wants her to give it back to that musaraña (shrew)–Martina forbids him from using gender-biased language. Even if it is Salomé. Anyway, it’s not their problem anymore. She no longer owns the building and they’ll be long gone before Salomé gets there.

Now it’s Fabi’s turn to scold Rey. With all the information out there, they didn’t use protection?! Rey’s like “Well, I didn’t think it was gonna happen the first time.” Obviously! Fabi feels terrible for Frida–her whole life’s going to change. Rey says his will too. Oh really? He’s going to quit fútbol and dedicate all his time to being a dad? Because Frida’s going to have to give things up in order to be a mom. Fabi refuses to congratulate him for this, but he’s her brother and he can count on her for whatever he needs.

Tita and Beba make up. ‘Cause they’re besties and that’s how it works.

Fabi’s packing up her stuff. She hopes Matías has told his mother she’s leaving or she’s going to find out when she sees Fabi’s suitcases. It’s not that hard–all he has to do is open his mouth and tell the truth. Oh, wait, she forgot he finds that complicated. Sure, he regrets it, but not as much as she does. She can’t believe on their wedding night she felt so special that she really thought he wanted her. And now she knows he was doing the best he could to keep her from realizing that he didn’t. Matías swears he’s never thought of his commitment to her as something that was difficult to keep. She sarcastically thanks him for the compliment. He begs her for time to figure out how to tell his mom without her dying of a heart attack. And now Fabi starts to crack. He promises once his mom finds out he’s ok with everyone knowing. (Yeah, but his mom won’t be.)

It’s Europe time. Rey’s saying goodbye to the pensión peeps while Frida looks like she’s sitting in one of those bench/window things sleeping. I still love her sparkly pineapple shirt, but I also want Beba’s queen of hearts shirt. Rey promises his third goal is for her–because the first one is for his mom and the second one…well, she knows.

Martina’s annoyed that El Coronel was hinting about the changes at the pensión. She tells him Salomé promised not to change any of the current rental terms. “And you believed her?”

There’s another bon voyage party at the airport. Gonzo’s been trying to get Karina to run away with him to Europe, but she shows up to tell him she won’t. That there was nothing between them. It was all in his head. He should go and stay in Europe–but because he wants to, because he finds something that gives his life meaning, not because he was going to stay there with her.

Froylán asks what was going on with Frida not wanting to say goodbye to Rey. She says they’re not fighting or anything. She’ll tell him what’s going on if he promises not to get angry. And guess what? He gets angry. He wants to go to the airport and drag Rey back here. Frida tells him if he does that she won’t be here when she gets back, but Froylán insists he’s doing this for her own good.

Tita’s standing with Sara when Quique comes down the hallway. Sara tells him to behave himself. Tita promises she’ll keep an eye on Sara. She could even move into the pensión. But Sara says she’s made arrangements with a neighbor. Tita says she’ll keep an eye on her anyway. Quique’s looking forward to his mom being able to see his games.

Now it’s Rey’s turn. Tita and Fabi cry over him. Daniel reminds him to leave problems off the field. He comes back for one last hug from Tita.

Froylán blames Beba for not telling him that Frida was pregnant. She’s not going to feel bad about being the one person Frida could turn to. Where was he? Where was her mom? She didn’t get anybody pregnant and she didn’t do anything wrong and somehow she’s the villain here? Puh-leeze!

Daniel, Tita, and Fabi get back to the pensión. Daniel begs them not to mope. He’s gonna be a grandpa! That gets them laughing. Froylán walks up and he’s angry that everyone knew and that Rey’s off on a trip. He didn’t expect this from Rey. He feels like Rey betrayed his trust and it was cowardly of him not to tell Froylán himself. Guilty looks from Daniel, Tita, and Fabi.

Matías and Fabi come downstairs at Doña Male’s house, pretending they’ve made up.

Froylán brings Frida to Salomé’s shop to tell her the news. He hadn’t heard the part where she and Rey talked about it and they’re going to live together and work everything out–hey, he never gave her a chance to tell him!

Salomé focuses on the important part. “You let Tita’s son get you pregnant?!” Way to make telling Beba first look like it was absolutely the right choice.

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