La Jefa del Campeón Tuesday 8/21/18 #29

And on top of insulting Frida, Salomé slaps Froylán. And indirectly keeps insulting Frida by blaming Froylán for “letting” this happen. Frida begs them to quit fighting.

The taqueria is packed with Gonzo’s fans. They’re watching the game and Sergio’s giving them free food and drink. Hm. Nope, not sure how this brilliant businessman was running the company into the ground. Gonzo’s neither announced as starting or as being on the bench.

At the pensión, El Coronel and Delfino get a flatscreen hooked up to watch the game.

Inés shows Sergio the letter Gonzo left–he’s staying in Europe and never coming back.

Remember when I was all freaked out at the thought of Doña Male springing a surprise gynecologist visit on Fabi? Well, this time she’s asking. And it’s still weird.

Salomé comes into the pensión still screaming at Froylán and Frida and announces that ALL her problems are named “Tita Menchaca” and it’s all Tita’s fault that Rey got Frida pregnant and he’s going to make Salomé a grandmother and her grandchild will be a Menchaquita. She wants everyone to pack up their stuff and leave! She owns this place! Martina quietly confirms that it’s true.

Fabi has coffee with Joel. He can’t believe she’s still backing Matías up on this lie. She’s not just lying to Doña Male, she’s giving her the false hope of a grandchild. Fabi says she knows, but she doesn’t know what else to do.

Martina’s upset that Salomé didn’t honor their bargain (that wasn’t in the contract that she signed without reading). El Coronel says she at least needs to give them time to find somewhere else to live. Salomé gives them until tomorrow.

As for Frida’s news, Salomé wants Frida to have an abortion. A baby will just ruin her life. “Did I ruin your life?” Salomé walks it back a little–she at least had Froylán around. Froylán agrees. And he’ll be helping Frida too. And so will Rey. And they’re going to live together and everything, right, Frida? Salomé says they’re sure not living together in THIS pensión. Although Frida and Froylán are welcome to stay. Someone’s gotta change the kid’s diapers.

Sergio kicks everyone out of the taqueria and shuts down for the day. That might be the best business decision he’s made in…well, a long time. Possibly ever.

Tita’s glad El Tri won, but bummer about having to move out. Martina quietly says she owes them an explanation.

Since I didn’t want to watch Sergio’s meltdown, I decided to use the time to find out…just what is a gringa al pastor? And then I found that it’s the love child of a quesadilla and a taco al pastor. And now I am sad because I don’t know where I can get one around here and even if I could, I can’t have flour tortillas because my body hates gluten. Now I’m weeping with Sergio.

Fabi gets home and tells Doña Malena THEY need to tell her they’re having serious relationship problems. Matías is all “We?!” Fabi says either he tells his mother or she will.

Martina tearfully says she’ll give everyone back their last month’s rent. She swears she had a verbal agreement with Salomé that she would honor everyone’s contracts! Tita gets her to nail things down–what did she sign?

Uh, a sale contract?

But did she sign over the deed?

Doña Malena’s starting to freak out and Fabi says it’s nothing bad, people are getting a lot more accepting and really it wouldn’t even be a problem if she wasn’t married to Matías.

Matías jumps in and says it’s infidelity. He cheated on Fabi.

Fabi tells him to just tell her with who already, Doña Male already knows this person and likes them.

Matías says it was somebody or other Ochoa and Doña Male’s like “but she’s old.” Yes, yes, and that’s why Fabi is taking this so hard. Fabi rolls her eyes and walks out of the room.

Seriously, Salomé’s trying to throw everyone out based on a bunch of paperwork and having handed over half the payment, but the property’s not even in her name yet?

Salomé’s all “THAT’S why you won’t leave? Fine!” She’ll call Martina and set up a time to visit the notario. But she reminds Martina that there’s a clause in the contract they signed that if Martina tries to back out, she has to give Salomé double her money back. Martina nearly faints. Salomé sneers that now they’ve got a few more days to pack.

Frida’s definitely going to move in with Rey when he gets back. Froylán just hopes Rey doesn’t go back on his word. Beba comes in to start packing, but she doesn’t know why they’re bothering–Salomé made it clear they didn’t have to go anywhere. Froylán tells her to just stop this nonsense and they’ll look for a place with room for all three of them.

Oh no, ’cause Beba knows Froylán is broke and he doesn’t want to have a baby with her and after the way he just talked to her at the store, no way! They’re done! (Dude…worst episode ever.)

Daniel comes over after watching the game with the Chapulines. They’re all happy for Rey and looking up to him as an example. Tita can’t help being bummed out after Salomé’s drama. Everyone at the pensión has been like a family. Daniel agrees, he’s going to miss them too…but not Delfino!

What Tita can’t figure out is first Salomé’s got the store, where she’s practically giving stuff away, and now she’s buying the pensión. Where’s she getting all the money?

Salomé tries to convince Mr. Moneybags that buying the pensión will be a great investment. Sure, the store’s not pulling a profit yet, but give it time. Time’s what he wants to spend with her, but she snidely announces that he took his sleeping pill already and she’s gotta go to the bathroom.

Fabi’s frustrated that Matías STILL didn’t tell his mother the truth. But he figures they’ve cleared the hurdle of explaining why they’re not going to be together. Now he just has to work on the baby thing. Fabi gets all weepy that their story is finally over. She didn’t think she was going to miss him so much. They hug and cry and then Fabi pulls herself away ’cause they really shouldn’t be doing this! And no, she won’t take off tomorrow. They need some time to make the breakup look genuine. Matías doesn’t know how he’s ever going to thank her for all her support.

Martina and El Coronel break up. No more wedding. I’m actually kind of sad.

Sergio’s creditors come calling. Sergio tells them to just take it all. He doesn’t have the money to pay them. Inés asks him to wait, but he signs and walks out without listening to her.

Doña Male tries to beg Fabi not to leave Matías. She knows her son–“Not that well,” Fabi says–and she knows he’s sorry. Fabi says they’ve discussed it and they’re not going to stay together because their relationship has no future.

In the morning, Inés is furious that Sergio’s just lying in bed. If he’s trying to avoid getting yelled at for losing the taqueria, fine, but what’s the plan?! Lie there until he dies?! Sergio says his reason for living is gone.

Martina catches El Coronel sneaking back to his room with little Tuli the tulip plant. They are seriously fighting over custody of this plant and it’s both hilarious and sad.

Beba figures they might as well close the store. Everyone’s looking at Salomé’s prices and thinking theirs are inflated. She walks out and Tita can’t get her to come back.

Sergio starts looking around the house for a way to kill himself.

Male begs Matías to make up with Fabi. She doesn’t want to be the talk of the neighborhood. Matías doesn’t care about that. All he cares about is that he made Fabi waste her time with him. He never should have talked about love to someone so good and innocent. Male’s face has no idea what he’s talking about.

Fabi agrees with Beba–close down the store and open somewhere else. She tells Tita to look at this as an opportunity. The Coyotes are doing the same thing–the taqueria closed down and she doesn’t know where they’re re-opening, but she can’t imagine Sergio doing anything but making tacos.

Martina “rescued” Frida’s mail from the box. The envelope was half open and everything could have fallen out. Frida rolls her eyes and looks and IT’S HER ACCEPTANCE FOR THE MATH OLYMPICS! IN TOKYO! And Martina’s super happy for her, but…she can’t go on a twenty hour flight pregnant. Frida tells Martina not to worry about it. She’ll check with the doctor and find out and hey, maybe the baby will bring her luck! (This baby’s going to be the world’s greatest mathematical genius soccer player.)

Inés saves Sergio from trying to overdose on laxatives. Someone’s here looking for him. Tita came over to say she liked that event he did with the signs and the cheering and stuff and she thought maybe they could do it again when the boys come home? Sergio starts screaming at her that his son isn’t coming back!

El Coronel and Martina have a custody hearing in Judge Frida’s court. She suggests that they try joint custody–Martina can have Tuli during the week and El Coronel on the weekend. And if they can’t agree to that, then she’s keeping Tuli until they talk to each other because all this fighting isn’t good for them and it isn’t good for her and it’s not good for Tuli!

Daniel figures Tita and the kids don’t have to worry about where to stay. Since Waldo’s dead they can get married now. Tita’s face does not look like it wants to get married. Daniel tells her to think about it.

Beba can’t believe Tita doesn’t want to marry Daniel and go live with him. Well, Tita’s not going to marry him just because she needs a place to live and especially not so close to Fabi’s wedding. You know, her one and only wedding day.

The boys are coming home and everyone’s at the airport with their signs. Sergio doesn’t even know what he’s doing here if Gonzo’s not coming back. Inés says they’re supporting the team. And hey, Gonzo’s back! Yes, he left the note, but he was just being stupid and then he ended up not even playing because he had a stomach virus.

Tita pulls Sara out to the front of the crowd when she sees Quique coming.

Rey’s happy to see Tita, but where’s Daniel? Tita says they’re fighting, but he did say Rey played well. A student journalist comes over and says she needs to do an interview for a class and she thought since so many people cheered for Rey, he must be somebody important. Rey says he’s not, but Tita disagrees–he’s one of the best on the sub-17 team. Rey says she’s just saying that because she’s his mom. And how does it feel, mom, to see him playing? Tita says she always knew he’d get there, but seeing it happen is different. She’s proud of her son.

Tita’s having a welcome back event for the team at the store. She’s giving away signed team posters with every purchase.

Rey’s totally stoked to see Frida. He heard what happened and he promises to talk to her parents. But Froylán’s already barreling through the crowd trying to take Rey’s head off.

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