La Piloto 2 Thursday 8/23/18 #20

Club Diablo

Vasily tells Venancio they need a replacement pilot. He changes the subject to the “shipment.” Venancio’s talking about doing some kind of show with the “leftovers.”

Vasily’s all for it, if it attracts customers and gets Santamaría there. Tomorrow’s the day Vasily’s going to do something about him.


Well, this is an awkward job interview. Santamaría has Bill frisked for weapons. He thinks Bill’s either gotta be stupid or brave to be here. Bill whines about wanting a job. He’s a pilot. Ex Air Force and ex pilot for USFLY until yesterday.

Irina calls John while he’s watching the news report about Tapia’s death with Andrea and her dad. She asks if he still wants work as a pilot. She says they’ll talk more later and hangs up on him.

Santamaría brings Bill over to meet Irina. He hadn’t heard yet that they found Garza dead, but once Irina tells him, Santamaría finds Bill’s arrival too much of a coincidence.

They lock him in the cage with Julia and Arley.

Santamaría and Irina check Bill out on the Internet. Irina’s worried that he might be working for Yolanda.

The Russians are getting impatient. And Santamaría’s impatient with their impatience–especially the younger one that he says is looking at Irina like he wants to shag her.

Back at the cage, Santamaría tells Bill they might be willing to hire him on a trial basis. But first Irina wants to know about his relationship with Yolanda.

Bill gives the correct answer–he has NO relationship with Yolanda and he’s on their side. Julia screams at him that he’s a sellout and Irina and Santamaría are going to pay.

Safe house

Yoli’s anxious about getting John and Irina together, but John says they have to wait for her to call again–she doesn’t like being pressured.

Yoli checks on Tia Rosalba, who is having a panic attack. She tells her not to worry–she knows what happened and she knows Rosalba did what she had to do. Rosalba starts freaking out about how they were out of this life and now they’re back in again.

Yoli’s hoping the sedative she gave Rosalba will help her calm down.

She tells John Rosalba’s not doing well. She’s tired of being patient and waiting for Irina to call.

Yoli calls Irina while Irina’s still down at the cage. Oh, not from John’s phone, because that would have been stupid. No, she calls from her own cell and tells Irina to woman up and have the ovaries to come confront Yoli one on one.

Irina grins and says Yoli’s not going to provoke her. Arley sees his shot and yells “Mommy! Mommy!”

Irina hangs up, but that’s still enough hope for Yoli. Olivia and Andrea see her hugging John in the hallway.

Wil & Oli

Wilmer goes back to his and Oli’s house to find a backup pair of glasses. Which he does, but he also finds Oli’s secret stash of birth control pills. He calls her at the house to yell at her about it.

Oli says she doesn’t want to have children, but Wilmer was always so excited about the idea that she didn’t know how to tell him.

He calls her selfish and a traitor.

Oli says he never listened to her when she tried to tell him.

Wilmer says he’s done with her and throws his phone at the wall.


Dave’s in the security room at the hospital when Aldo Matallana from the FBI shows up. He’s investigating Tony’s “case.” Tony’s doctor said Dave told him not to let Tony into his room?

Dave says the doctor misunderstood–he was telling him to tell Tony not to let anyone into his room. It was a security thing.

Aldo asks if maybe the Russian mafia had someone go after Waters.

Dave doesn’t think so, since they wouldn’t have known Tony was going to be there.

They finally find video of Tony going into the stairwell…and that woman in a pilot’s uniform might have seen him! Dave says they really don’t have any way to link her to Tony, though. Matallana agrees.


Camargo catches Monica when she gets back to the ranch. His plan is for her to kill Muñeco tonight. His guys won’t even care–they don’t respect him. They can split Muñeco’s money evenly between them and continue the business with anyone who wants to stay.

Muñeco’s hollering for Monica so she goes to his room, which is decorated like a nightclub. She tries to hide her gun, but Muñeco finds it. She tries to talk to him about the cops who stalled their trip, but he’s more interested in her stripping for him and pole dancing.

Monica gets another chance to kill Muñeco after he rapes her, but one of the guys comes knocking on the door to say that three of their prisoners have escaped. Muñeco sends Monica out to find them.

Interview part 2

Bill, Santamaría, and Irina skype with Vasily. Bill pretty much says he wants money.

Vasily’s OK with that. And he’s OK with having Bill bring the two Russians over to the club as his audition. Vasily wants Santamaría to go with him.

And NOW they get around to telling Bill he’ll be flying a helicopter, not a plane. Bill complains about that helicopter not being fit for night travel, but Garza used to fly it wherever whenever.

Irina doesn’t have high hopes for Bill. Santamaría says he’s their only option right now.

Safe House

Dave gets home, tells Yoli there’s nothing connecting her to Tony and no cameras in the stairwell. They compare notes about their respective days–Rosalba confessed to Yoli that she killed Garza, Irina called John, and I thought she was going to skip telling him that Arley’s alive, but she apparently tells him off-screen.

He doesn’t think calling Irina was a good idea, but Yoli seriously needed to tell her off.

Club Diablo

Jazmin gets dragged off to a bedroom by a drunk guy whose idea of fun is strangling her. She hits him over the head with a wine bottle and he slashes her face with a piece of broken bottle.

In Venancio’s room, he and Felicidad hear the screams and he tells her to stay while he finds out what’s happening. Of course, she follows him.

Venancio takes Jazmin back to the dorm and yells at her for upsetting the most wanted criminal in Rumania. He tells all the women in the room that they don’t seem to understand how this works. The clients can do anything they want. That’s what they pay good money for.


Irina tells Santamaría she’s staying behind. She warns him not to look too much at the “slaves.” She grabs his crotch and says he’s not going to like them as much if she cuts it off and throws it to the dogs. Santamaría laughs and tells her to behave.

Bill’s still nervous. Santamaría tells him they’re going to the Club del Diablo. Once Bill knows where it is, there’s no turning back. He’ll give him details in the air, but for now they’re heading towards Corona.

Bill has what might be a stupid question, but is their flight plan authorized?

Santamaría agrees–it’s a stupid question. Of course it isn’t! He needs to fly low to avoid radar. He can do that, right?

Felicidad’s finally got Jazmin bandaged up when Venancio comes back to the dorm with Vasily and grabs Jazmin. He shows Vasily her face and Vasily agrees–she can’t keep serving clients like that. He gives Venancio permission to use her for the special event.

Felicidad asks what the special event is, but Venancio says he’ll tell her later.

Yoli’s on her way to USFLY to do a flight to San Francisco. She’ll be back by noon.

Oli wakes up in bed alone. Andrea comes to see if Wilmer ever showed up, but no. Andrea’s concern irritates Oli.

Monica’s still looking for the prisoners. The dogs seem to be steering them toward the highway. She calls for backup.

Irina still hasn’t called John. Even Dave wants him to call, but John says they need to give her time. If she gets suspicious, she might hack his phone and take over his camera.

Yoli and Oli are on their way to work. Andrea doesn’t have a flight today. Yoli asks them to keep an eye on her aunt. Well, she asks Andrea, but Gilberto’s totally on it. (I think Gilberto’s a perv and a terrible partner for Rosaura, but I appreciate that he cares about her enough to worry.)

The tension between Olivia and Andrea on the subject of Wilmer is palpable. Andrea tries calling Wilmer from her dad’s cell, but he’s passed out drunk on the couch at his house.

In the desert, Santamaría shows Bill where to land. Bill whines that it looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere. “That’s the idea.”

And suddenly they get a call over the radio. They’re visible on radar. Bill’s totally confused. He’s flying at 9000 ft! Santamaría snaps at him that he has to go under 8000! So Bill does a thing that makes the helicopter go down really fast while the two Russians in the back seat grab for the handles.

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