La Piloto 2 Tuesday 8/21/18 #18


There’s a flight arriving, so Garza doesn’t have a lot of time to talk. He tells Bill to find the number to COPTERS and call him there tonight.

John, Tapia, and Gilberto watch a couple of sporty-looking guys and their two bodyguards walk up to Garza. He greets them in Russian.

They split up–John and Tapia will follow the Russians and Gilberto can follow the guy in the white shirt (Bill).

Yoli gets to the parking garage and wouldn’t you just know she’s parked barely two spots away from the car the Russians are heading for.

The plane empties out and Oli and Andrea figure they’d better go show their faces.


Vasily calls Muñeco. He happily says Monica wasn’t the one who tried to kill him. He’s sending a “shipment” out today with Monica to the usual place. Vasily lets him know it’s Venancio who’ll be meeting her.

I didn’t realize until just now that Monica’s new ally is the vet/doctor. Muñeco tells her to hurry and get going so she can get back for their make-up sex. *barf*

Venancio goes to tell Felicidad he’s going out and she should stay in the room. She looks so traumatized I don’t think she’s even going to get out of that bed.


Andrea and Oli march up to the USFLY desk and Regueros is already on the phone waiting to talk to them. Bill listens from around the corner as Oli explains to him that Dave had been in a serious car accident. They still don’t have any news.

Regueros calms down slightly, but there are videos all over the web and people are speculating that it was a bomb. He wants a phone call from Yolanda.

Bill decides to walk out of his hiding spot. He heard what happened. Is everything OK?

Gilberto gets to USFLY and motions frantically for Andrea to come over and talk to him. They saw Garza picking up the Russians and THAT guy was talking to Garza. Who is he?

The guy who just got fired. The guy Olivia was getting information out of yesterday.

Gilberto says Bill and Garza looked awfully friendly.

Andrea walks back over to ask what Bill’s doing there. He admits he came to try to track down his friend Garza, who’s apparently running some kind of “shuttle service.”

Oli’s sorry, but she still can’t tell him why she was asking about Garza. Before she can leave with Andrea, Bill stops her to tell her about Wilmer beating up on him. There were witnesses. She can ask anyone.

Wilmer’s taping up his glasses when Regueros says he heard about the fight with Bill. What is going on with them? Wilmer and his friends are always at the center of every problem this company is having lately. Hasn’t he seen the news?! There are videos from passengers all over. He needs to do what he can to minimize the impact.

Wilmer calls Oli to find out what happened. He wasn’t going to say anything about Bill, but Oli asked. He’s sick of that guy and upset that she thinks he’s the bad guy here and Bill’s a perfect angel.

Parking garage

Garza notices they’re being followed and sends all but one of the other guards on ahead while he takes care of the problem.

John tells Tapia to follow the Russians and he’ll take care of Garza.

John stalks Garza and shoves him into the back of a minivan. I wonder if that woman has insurance for damages caused by narcos beating up Russian mafia in the back seat.

El Pinacate

Monica’s driving an RV full of women and a few guards to the dropoff point. Santamaria calls Monica. He’s amused that she’s out and wants more details. They’ll have to talk later.

Hey, what about that trouble she heard about at the club?

Santamaría says that was Dave’s doing. He’s having Waters kill him today.

Monica stops for gas in the RV. A couple of police officers want to search it. Monica asks how much she’s gotta bribe them with. She’s got 20K for each of them. One of them basically tells her he wants to rape her before they shoot her and steal the drugs they assume she has in the RV.

When he gets inside and sees all the people huddled in the bedroom area he’s confused for a second and then he’s dead. A guy on a motorcycle rides up and shoots the other cop.


The nurse at the desk can’t give Yoli any information. She’ll have to wait for the doctor.

Santamaría’s not happy to hear that Dave survived the accident. He tells Waters he wants Dave dead today, no matter how he has to do it.

Oli calls Yoli and they update each other. There’s no news about Dave and John and Tapia haven’t called in.

Yoli sees Tony approach the reception desk and ask about Dave. She goes out to her car, takes her gun out of the Starbucks card compartment (What? That’s what I keep in there.), and stuffs it in her purse before going back inside.

Dave’s conscious and ready to leave and he doesn’t want to wait for the test results. He asks if anyone has asked about him and tells the doctor Tony Waters caused the accident and they can’t let him in.

Yolanda’s sneaking back into the lobby when Dave calls her. He says he’s picking up his gun and he’ll meet her there and she shouldn’t let Tony see her.


The guy who stayed behind with Garza calls Irina and Santamaría to tell them they’ve activated Plan B and he has no idea where Garza is. He’s totally sure the Russians weren’t followed to the hotel, though.

Except Tapia’s sitting in the hotel parking lot, watching them.

Irina gets ready to go to the hotel and do damage control. They have no idea who could have gotten to Garza if Dave’s in the hospital.

Tapia sees Irina get out of a car and starts following her.

Safe House

There’s a new agent on duty. He won’t even accept a cup of coffee from Rosalba. John shows up, honking and telling them to open the gate. Newbie’s freaked out–John Lucio the narco? Rosalba’s like “Yep. Let him in.”

And then Newbie Delgado tries to arrest John. John’s willing to hand his gun over to put the guy at ease before he asks him to help get Garza out of the back seat. John makes sure to tell Delgado this guy works for the Kilichenkos.

John ties Garza to a chair and wakes him up with a glass of water to the face. Now, what did they do with Yolanda’s kid?

He says Santamaría took him, but who cares? What’s it to John?

John punches him some more asking where they’re keeping Arley.

Rosalba freaks out. John tells her to go back to her room. Delgado’s really not comfortable with this. John tells him to call Dave.

When he can’t get Dave, he asks for Waters.

All hell breaks loose

Yoli follows Waters through the hospital. She hears his end of the call with Delgado. Delgado tells Waters what safe house Dave’s staying in, mentions John’s there, and gets permission to arrest John. Waters is all for it.

Waters calls Santamaría and says he has the address of the safe house. While Waters is waiting for him to get a pen, Yoli shoves Waters down a flight of stairs.

Garza’s still refusing to talk. Delgado tells John to get on his knees.

Dave makes it to the lobby, as does Yoli, as does everyone else. Yoli says she didn’t want to hurt him, but Waters was about to tell Santamaría where the safe house is. Dave sends her and the others to the car and tells them to wait for him.

John disarms Delgado and knocks him out. Garza gets free and threatens to shoot John. A shot goes off.

I don’t even know where she got the gun, but Rosalba shot Garza. She starts begging John to tell her Garza’s still alive. He was going to kill John.

John agrees, she saved his life. It’s over. I’m not sure hugging her while covered in blood is a good idea, but he does it anyway.

So, um, Waters might have a fractured cranium. They had to put him into a coma to stabilize him.

While they wait for Dave, Yoli asks about the flight. Oli says the passengers basically stampeded off the plane and they had to cancel it.

Dave comes over to tell them Tony’s alive, but they’ll get a bit of a break from his meddling. Yoli calls John to find out what happened with Garza.

John tells her she should get to the safe house. They’ve got a problem.

It’s not looking good for John when everyone walks in and sees two bodies lying on the floor. I didn’t think he hit Delgado that hard.

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