La Piloto 2 Wednesday 8/22/18 #19

Safe House

John takes responsibility for bringing Garza here and for killing him. And for knocking out Delgado for trying to arrest him.

Oli snidely says he’s gotten them in trouble one more time. And did he even get any information out of Garza?

Um…he’s got Garza’s cell phone.

Nobody believes John’s version of events and Yoli realizes Tia Rosalba’s missing.

She goes to her room and tries to talk to her, but Rosalba’s in shock. And I don’t think phrasing the question “Were you there when John shot Garza?” is helping. Yoli doesn’t understand how Garza got shot in the back.

Oli won’t quit picking on John. John doesn’t see what the problem is–that guy worked for the Kilichenkos. Dave can talk to the other DEA agent and explain to him what’s going on.

And now they realize Tapia’s missing.

Yoli tells Dave she suspects it was Tia Rosalba who shot Garza. She begs Dave to protect her.

Now it’s time to deal with Delgado. Dave takes an obnoxiously long time to pull out a huge knife and tell Delgado he’s cutting him loose. Dave sets the knife on the table to explain why John is here and why Waters didn’t know about it.

Dave tells Delgado he needs his help–getting rid of the body, for starters.

Dave, Delgado, and John carry the body out to the stolen minivan. Dave’s planning to dump him where the Russians were going to dump Dave the other day. John offers to go with, but Dave thinks he’s done quite enough for one day.

Rosaura comes out to the hallway with a bucket and a mop, to clean up the blood stains. John and Gilberto are quick to go looking for bleach and rags. Oli’s still picking on John, which probably isn’t making Rosaura feel any better.

Oli mentions that Yoli needs to go explain to Regueros what happened. John hands over Garza’s cell phone in case Yoli sees Wilmer.


Tapia ignores a call from Dave until he sees Irina go inside. He tries calling Dave back, but one of the Russian guards finds him first.

The head guard reports to Irina that there was a DEA agent roaming around outside. He’s been taken care of, but they need to leave. Irina passes the news on to their guests, who are starting to get really annoyed.


Regueros asks the other two techs to vacate the computer room so he can scold Wilmer some more. He’s been at the airport trying to explain things, but it’s still going to make the company look bad. Wilmer explains that once a video goes viral it’s really difficult to get it off the Internet. But the good news is by tomorrow they’ll be looking at a cat video.

“A CAT VIDEO?!” (Yeah, Regueros, just wait ’till we get you hooked on the Kitten Academy Live Stream.)

Yoli shows up and asks to speak to Regueros.

In his office, Yoli apologizes. Regueros has already heard the story, but he asks how the accident happened. Yoli says the car’s brakes gave out and Dave’s fine. Regueros vetoes Yoli’s idea of a press conference.

But he wants the truth from Yolanda. Is she hiding a secret? Something that could affect the company? He’s annoyed that she’s not trusting him after everything he’s done for her. She knows most of their pilots have a lot of commercial flight experience.

Regueros puts her on probation. One more incident that makes the company look bad and she’s out.

Wilmer pulls Yoli into a conference room to ask what happened. She suspects Regueros knows something about her past, but no, she didn’t tell him anything.

And why is Wilmer’s face all bloody?

He admits he fought with Bill. The guy just gets on his nerves and he keeps talking about Oli.

Yolanda thinks Bill’s hiding something. She hands Wilmer Garza’s cell phone.


At his apartment, Bill entertains himself by watching the video of Yolanda and posting a comment saying she got her license out of a cereal box and she’s probably sleeping with her boss. (From now on, I’m always going to picture this loser when I see that kind of comment online.)

Bill calls to ask Olivia how Dave’s doing. Hey, just ’cause he’s got problems with Yolanda doesn’t mean he wishes her loved ones dead. She sure does have a lot of problems, though…first her child gets kidnapped, then this accident, and now the video of her is all over the Internet. Everyone’s calling her “the crazy pilot.” Regueros won’t fire her, though, he likes her too much.

(I don’t know about you, but if someone tried to hit on me by dissing my best friend I sure as hell would not find that attractive.)


It costs $20 to dump…stuff…at the landfill. Dave goes in alone and has Delgado (aka, Next In Line To Die) wait outside for him.

The funny thing is…well, sad/funny…is that there are also some Russians there dumping a body themselves. Dave gets into a shootout with them, finds out that it’s Tapia’s body they were dumping, and has Delgado drive in to pick him up.


Monica drives the RV up to what looks like a church in the middle of nowhere. It’s the entrance to a tunnel that goes under the border. She calls Venancio and says they’re on their way.

Venancio’s waiting on the other side. He doesn’t believe she had trouble with the cops. She explains they wouldn’t just accept a bribe as usual.

Venancio mentions his hand and advises Monica not to trust Santamaría. His days are numbered.

Venancio starts talking about his plans for Club Diablo. He thinks sex gets boring after a while. He needs to start “recycling” the women.


Santamaría tries out some Russian on their guests. Irina explains that there was a DEA agent at the hotel, but he’s been taken care of. And their guests are angry because they should have been at Club Diablo already.

Nobody knows where Garza is, but Santamaría has pretty much already decided they’ve lost their pilot.

The Russian guard who seems to be the highest-ranking one, mentions that some guy called looking for Garza. Santamaría calls Bill and claims that Garza left a message for him to come over to COPTERS.

Santamaría’s team gets ready to greet Bill. He tells Irina to be prepared. She might have to leave.

Safe House

Rosalba comes to John’s room, agitated after what happened. John says she saved his life and he owed her one.

Rosalba says it won’t fix anything for him to take the blame. She thinks Yoli already knows and that’s why Dave’s getting rid of the body.

John tries to commiserate, but she thinks he’s used to spreading death and destruction. She doesn’t know how she and Yoli ended up getting dragged into his life. And poor Arley out there.

John promises to find him, but there’s another promise Rosalba would rather have: when they find Arley, John disappears from their lives for good. John doesn’t really answer her.


The police are going to review the security cameras to find out what happened to Tony. Dave wants a call before they wake him up. The doctor thinks Dave should be staying overnight at least.

Yoli calls him and they catch each other up–Regueros is angry, Yoli’s on probation, Tapia’s dead.

And on the news, they’re saying they found SIX bodies.

Club Diablo

Vasily watches the same news report, where they credit the Kilichenkos. Annoyed, he tells Venancio Garza’s dead. Subtext: We really should have had a backup pilot.

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