La Bella Y Las Bestias Thursday 8/23/18 #55

Police Station

Andrea tries to get Bela to back off so JP can do his job. No, she has no proof that Bela took Joyera to that mine and left her to die, but she also doesn’t need any proof to say that Bela’s still in love with JP. So she’s going to have to decide–revenge or love?


The only way Nacho can think to get Bela off their backs is to apologize to her…and tell her who’s got their back to the camera in that video.

Of course they don’t mean Emanuel–they’ll just pick out someone about his height and build and tell Bela that’s who it is. But they can’t use Norman because he’s dead and that won’t satisfy her. Nacho has an idea….

At dinner, Nacho’s daughter Marcia whines about wanting to participate in his “games” but he says she’s not ready. He thinks Daniel needs to play the next time, though. Marcia pouts about how lucky Daniel is. And yeah, Nacho spelled it out, so she knows exactly what the “game” is about.

Nacho tells Daniel and Marcia about Enrique’s death and how it’s following him now. He stops by Marcia’s bedroom later to se how she’s taking the news. He doesn’t regret killing Enrique so much as leaving Bela without a father. He wouldn’t want that to happen to Marcia, so he’s going to need her help, and Daniel’s.

Casa Quintero

Gloria-Patricia’s still sober. She’s glad Emi gave back the engagement ring, but Emi reminds her that’s all she did. They didn’t break up and it doesn’t mean she might not accept it again later.


Mike trains. Bela tries to pretend she doesn’t care about JP. They discuss taking down Nacho, but they can’t find any dirt on him. Which means he might be the most dangerous of the bestias.

Simón stops by to take Pen to breakfast. I swear I don’t know which one of them she’s actually dating, but Mike gets all pissed off about Simón being there.


He wants to celebrate Emi owning 33% of the casino. She’s a little stuck on how Emanuel’s friend died and he doesn’t seem to care. And isn’t dying of asphyxiation kind of weird? She’s determined to find out what really happened.

Casa Quintero

Emi and JP talk about Joyera’s death. He thinks it was murder, but of course there’s no proof. He does know that Joyera was buying gold illegally and claiming it came from her mine, plus she was plotting to kill her husband. So now that Emi knows this, JP wants her to give back the shares in the casino.


JP shows Andrea her new, government-provided fancy apartment. Andrea says she’s never been this excited about a job. Who are they going after next?

Whoever Bela goes after.

In that case Andrea says they need to get Nacho. She lived with a criminal, she knows how they move, and she knows how the people who hunt them move. Nacho’s next.


Emanuel takes Emi to her old house and says it’s a “wedding” gift from the partners. She accuses him of trying to buy her. He can return the gift and tell them to do whatever they want with her casino shares, she wants out.

Emanuel tries to describe the casino shares as something Emi earned, but she’s honest enough to know she didn’t earn them at all. Emanuel just gave them to her. And JP has proved that Joyera was a criminal just like all the rest of them. She doesn’t want to be partners with that filth.

Emanuel keeps trying to convince her–she’ll lose her job, she’ll be back where she started, etc.

Well, Emi promised JP she’d give the shares back.

Emanuel talks about convincing JP she gave them back without actually giving them back. Emi just wants to get out of there.


Simón’s been thinking and he wants to go steady with Pen.

Pen says they can be boyfriend/girlfriend or whatever, but they’re still not on the same “side.” Simón says he’ll always be on her side. And hey, have they figured out who the next bestia is? (Well…now that jut makes all his sappiness look fake.)

Pen ignores the question and goes to run errands.

Senator Zea rolls up and asks Simón to get into his car so they can talk.

He knows Simón doesn’t have any evidence against him. He also knows Simón’s had a tough life and joined the police so he could be “somebody.” And Abelardo wants him to know that he can give Simón a hand up.

He gives Simón his card so Simón can call if he wants to take Zea up on his offer.


Marcia’s sleeping with Daniel. Oh, no, wait, she’s been flirting and trying to get him into bed, but Daniel won’t sleep with her.


Nacho surprises Bela after a visit to her parents’ graves. He introduces himself and says they need to talk. Bela beats him up a little, but he applauds her. He says he can see now what she wants to do with him and with Abelardo. They should talk.


Nacho asked Bela to meet him at the club. Mike doesn’t know why he’s handing himself over like that, but maybe she needs to just kill him herself and get it over with.

Police Station

JP’s been trying to reach Nacho and Zea to set up a meeting. Andrea hands over an envelope of something to Simón. Whatever it is, he hides it as soon as he looks inside.

Later, he goes down to the holding cell, where I’m guessing there are no cameras? Looks like a bunch of cash inside the envelope.

Zea’s office

JP and Andrea come in, JP mentions the video, then he tells Zea that Bela’s willing to do anything to get revenge…that’s if the video exists, right?

The Club

Bela arrives for her meeting with Nacho right before JP and Andrea arrive for…?

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