La Bella Y Las Bestias Wednesday 8/22/18 #54

Casa Joyera

Mike does the unexpected–he calls and asks Simón for help.

Jorge finds the sex video on Pen’s phone. She tells him he can erase it if he wants to. She knows Joyera made him. Jorge refuses to let Pen go.

Simón gets to Joyera’s house and gives Mike a gun before they go inside.

Jorge’s not going to kill Don Carlos, or so he says. But he also can’t let Ligia and her friend ruin Joyera’s life or she’ll ruin his and Luci’s lives. He puts a plastic bag over Pen’s head and tries to suffocate her.

Simón and Mike come busting into the kitchen asking where the nurse is. Luci keeps saying she didn’t show up to work, but Mike and Simón go upstairs anyway. Once again, Pen escapes suffocation. Seriously, Simón, now is not the time to mack on Pen.


The “mine” is apparently a scam Joyera uses to claim that’s where she’s getting her gold from. And it’s definitely a labyrinth, but Bela’s got a rope tied to the door.

Joyera won’t tell Bela who’s in the video. She babbles about Bela being controlled by her enemies.

Bela takes Joyera’s shoes, picks up her rope and tells Joyera if she makes it out of there alive, she’ll never see Bela again. The lights go out.

Andrea’s still trying to talk JP out of going after Bela, but the helicopter arrives.

When JP, Iván, and Andrea arrive, the lights are still out. They find one of Joyera’s shoes. They all have trouble breathing, but JP only sends Andrea back to the entrance.

Joyera is dead. And Bela is long gone.


Emanuel brings mariachis over as a show of his “love” for Emilia. But she says she can’t marry him.


Danny Vega, Ignacio’s nephew, greets a group of workers. He dazzles them with visions of a nice place to work, where they’re treated well, where they don’t have to worry about their immigration status. Tio Nacho just wants everyone to be happy.

At the house, there’s a meeting of rich assholes, including Nacho and Abelardo. Nacho has some “fun” planned for his guests, but he’d rather show them than tell them.

It’s paintball. With the new workers. Daniel acts like it’s some sort of team-building exercise. He’s got the paintball guns, masks to protect their faces, and everything.

Over on Team Rich Asshole, they’re getting real guns and bulletproof vests. Abelardo’s fine with it, but he hopes there’s time to talk about what happened to Cristina.

“Luis” gets knocked out of the game early when a worker shoots him in the back.

Abelardo takes out one of the workers. The game comes to a screeching halt while everyone comes to check on the guy who actually got shot. Abelardo wasn’t expecting this. Nacho screams at all the workers to run if they don’t want to be next.

Back at the house, Abelardo acts like it’s all been such a great experience for him, but I can’t tell if he’s sincere or not (thanks to a weather warning). Marcia announces the arrival of Emanuel.

Oh, yeah, Abelardo got off on it.

Daniel’s cleanup crew buries the bodies. Hugo, the one who survived the game, gets a job as his reward. He also gets threatened by the other employee not to say anything or he’ll go kill all of Hugo’s family in Nicaragua.

Police station

Bela’s really ugly about how JP treated her the last time she was here. And she’ll totes answer all their questions and stuff, but not until her lawyer gets there.

Ricardo brings in a public defender, but Bela has decided she doesn’t need one after all.

So, what happened was…Ms. Reyes walked out of the jewelry store WITH Bela, but Bela didn’t make her. They drove around the city.

Ricardo has pictures of her both with and without Joyera in the car.

That’s because Mike and Ms. Reyes got out of the car and Bela left town alone. She went to Pachuca.

JP says somehow she managed to avoid every surveillance camera in Pachuca.

Ricardo asks if Bela took Joyera to an abandoned mine.

She insists Joyera got out of her car.

Uh huh. And why was Penélope working as a nurse in the Reyes home?

Because they heard Cristina was going to kill her husband. And even though Pen nearly died trying to protect a total stranger, the important thing is she’s still alive.

Ricardo has now caught JP’s annoyance at Bela constantly wanting to do things on her own.

Outside, Simón tells Andrea they’re wasting their time in there. JP’s never going to get anywhere.

“Other than her never wanting to make up with him.”

Simón thinks she’d like that.

Ricardo calls a halt to this interrogation, uh talk, thing. He confronts Bela about her revenge plans. Bela says she just wants justice. She tried to come to him years ago.

JP tells her to just give him the video already, but Bela giggles and pretends JP’s nuts. She did try to tell Ricardo JP was making this personal.

Andrea catches Bela in the stairwell and says they have to talk.

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