La Jefa del Campeón #30


The event at the store’s doing well. Tita teases Beba for saying she wanted nothing to do with the store. They’ve sold a month’s worth of merchandise!

But they’ll still have to leave the pensión.

Fabi thanks Joel for lending them the sound system and setting it up. Joel wonders if he could ask the guys to let him do exclusive interviews to give him a boost now that he’s a sports reporter.

Tita’s reminiscing about the event she did with the Búfalos when she told Rey that one day it would be him signing autographs. He takes a selfie with a young (female) fan. (Seriously, show, as much as I love you, the “fútbol is for boys and cheering is for girls” thing? You need to do something about that.)

Doña Male stops by the lingerie store to try to convince Fabi to move into an apartment she found for her and Matías. She’s assuming the lack of personal space is why things aren’t working out. Fabi keeps telling her it’s not that, it’s not anything that Doña Male did, it’s just a decision she and Matías came to and Doña Male shouldn’t blame herself.

Tita can’t wait to see Rey playing a World Cup match. He signs a soccer ball for her.

Tita’s bummed that Daniel didn’t come over to the store. Beba thinks maybe they should see a therapist together.

Mr. Moneybags shows up at Salomé’s store. At 75% off he can see how she’s losing money. He wants the signs down now.

Tita and Beba are thrilled to see it.

Dante shows up with good news–Rey’s going to play for the Búfalos. The first-division team. The club president wants Rey on the team. This means a pay raise for Rey AND the team’s going to use the option in his contract to buy it out.


Daniel wants Fabi to come work for the Chapulines. She’s graduating soon and since the Búfalos haven’t made an offer–they snooze, they lose. A waiter brings over a dessert for Fabi that she tries to turn down. Daniel has the waiter leave it anyway–he knows she’ll change her mind.

Daniel reminds her that even if he and Tita broke up, he’ll always be there for Fabi. He wonders if she’s having some trouble with Matías and offers to go beat him up for messing with his daughter!

Fabi’s sad about Waldo. She always thought he’d come back eventually.


Sergio can’t figure out why Gonzo would feel like he had to trick them into letting him go to Europe. When has Sergio ever interfered in what Gonzo wanted? (*side eye*)

Anyway, it’s not what Gonzo wants anymore. He’s realized all the…people he loves are here.

Inés comes running in with an eviction notice.


Froylán’s ready for that talk with Rey. I swear, Froylán suddenly looks much older.

He doesn’t think there’s any point in insulting or threatening Rey. But he does say he’s a great fútbol player and a lousy man.

Rey promises he’ll be responsible, but Froylán thinks he already broke his promise to respect Frida. Frida’s the most important person in his life and he won’t let anything happen to her. So Rey had better make her happy.

Beba and Tita are heading to the pensión for the last time. Sure, they’ll see each other at the store, but it won’t be the same. Beba’s already got a room at a place around the corner.

Frida also wanted to talk to Rey. She doesn’t want him to feel obligated, but he insists he wants to take care of her and their child. If she wants to stay here, he’ll get permission from Tita for her to move into their room.

Frida doesn’t want to do that. She thinks her dad will take it better if they look for somewhere to live by themselves.

El Coronel’s down about leaving the pensión. He always thought he’d die here.

Tita gives Rey the good news about getting onto the team. He wants her to manage his money. And what did Daniel say?

Tita doesn’t know if they’ll ever see each other again.

And here comes Delfino, thinking he’s got a shot now. He offers to drag Daniel over here, but Tita passes on that.

Daniel comes over just as Froylán’s unlocking the door.

Tita’s crying about missing Daniel and Daniel sees Delfino hugging her. So much for that.

Daniel runs into Fabi on his way out and complains that Tita’s always giving Delfino chances and he can’t deal with it. Tita comes outside and Fabi tells her Daniel was upset. And she gets it–Delfino is constantly throwing himself at her.

Tita insists she can’t be with someone who doesn’t trust her. They go inside to pack.


It’s been two days since the last custody hearing in Judge Frida’s court and in that time El Coronel has decided that since Martina has money and a place to live, she’s the one who should have custody of Tuli. He asks her to care for Tuli in the name of the love they used to have and the day at Xochimilco and the quesadillas they made.

Martina can’t accept. If he thinks she’s such a horrible person, she wants El Coronel to take Tuli.

That didn’t quite go how Frida was hoping.


Martina meets Salomé and Moneybags at a lawyer/notario’s office for one last reading of the paperwork and her signature. Martina hesitates as long as she can.


Tita wants to buy the pensión…or, well, Rey would be the owner. But Martina’s already signed the paperwork. She mentions Salomé’s boyfriend, which gets Tita’s attention.

Rey tells Tita about his talk with Froylán last night. He said he’d be keeping an eye on Rey.

Tita breaks it to him that she won’t be able to buy the building. They’ll probably all be getting kicked out tomorrow. But she’s sure they’ll find a way to all stay together.


Doña Sara’s got a new job where she’s learning a lot. I think the point of this scene is for her to tell Fabi she wants Quique to enjoy his youth and she can’t wait for him to bring home a girlfriend.


Gonzo’s glad he came back from Europe, what with the whole eviction thing going on. They’ve got 24 hours to get the money together. Rey says it’s the same with him. And he’s going to be moving in with Frida, which he’s nervous about.

Quique’s in a good mood–his mom’s nearing the top of the cornea transplant list.


Salomé’s boyfriend comes over in the middle of everyone packing and leaving. He’s surprised to see her daughter there. And is this where the father of her child lives?

Tita watches as Salomé tries to convince Moneybags that Froylán living here has no significance and of course she’s not cheating on him!

Tita stops by his jewelry store (Is this the same one from ByB?) to see if they can work out some sort of a deal. He remembers she’s the one he had staying in his house after he ran her over.

Tita talks about how close everyone at the pensión is…except maybe Salomé who wants them all out and is constantly trying to destroy their lives…but not her daughter’s! And not the love of her live, aka her daughter’s father. He’s such a great guy. So handsome. So young.

Moneybags would like to hear more about the goings-on at the pensión.


Doña Male still thinks Fabi and Matías are going to have their church wedding. Fabi really needs Matías to tell her the truth already.


Sergio can’t get anyone to lend him money. Inés is upset that he still seems to think someone’s going to help them.

Gonzo can’t find an affordable apartment for them. Inés has really had it with this. She says she’ll take Gonzo to live at her mom’s house. He says that’s OK, but they need to keep trying to find a place of their own first.


Froylán says his awkward goodbyes to Beba. She thinks it sounds more like he wants her to beg him to stay. No? Well, good, ’cause she’s not gonna.

Tita comes in and tells Beba she’s got good news….


Tita and Beba are practically skipping when they come in. Arnulfo (aka Moneybags) sold the building to Tita. Salomé vows revenge.

But hey, now they don’t have to move out!

Jewelry store

Moneybags has had it with Salomé and her lies. He wants her to pay back all the money he spent. She can work it off…in bed. (Now why was I expecting him to not be skeevy about this?)

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