La Bella Y Las Bestias Friday 8/24/18 #56

Emanuel suggests to Emilia that if she doesn’t want to appear as a shareholder in the casino, they can always set up a dummy company. It wouldn’t be the first time she’s lied to her family. She knows the casino shares and the house are just a way to manipulate her. She wants space. In a way that sounds semi-permanent.

The thing at the club is an awards ceremony. Ignacio gets an award, everyone but Bela applauds, and Ignacio’s daughter and nephew not-so-discreetly check her out. Marcia plays innocent and introduces herself to Bela. JP warns Ignacio that Bela’s after him and she’s as dangerous as she is beautiful.

I expected better from Ignacio. Daniel reminds him about his oncologist appointment. I thought Ignacio wanted to throw Daniel at her, but he seems upset that Daniel’s trying to charm her. He takes her to the meeting room and gives her a pathetic little speech about how it was the worst decision of his life. Well, Bela’s not going to let him get out of paying.

Mike refuses to see a therapist, so he has Pen hypnotize him and whines about how no one will ever love him. Because that’s a much better way to deal with your PTSD. And then of course, he rejects her interpretation that he’s afraid to fall in love.

Nacho’s overacting is really bad. He can’t tell her who the mystery man in the video was–he’s more terrified of that guy than he is of Bela. He whines about his daughter and his nephew having no one but him.

I’m starting to feel personally offended at how much of this crappy acting we’re being subjected to. Blah blah blah, he begged Armando to let Maria go, Castor and Norman had already killed her. Nacho called another meeting, but the man, the scary man! He’s had enough of this weighing on his conscience. Will his family have to pay for his crimes. His daughter will be alone, just like Bela is. He has so little time left. He gets on his knees and begs her not to kill him. Seriously, dude, if Bela doesn’t take you out, I might.

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