La Bella Y Las Bestias Monday 8/27/18 #57

Bela finally puts an end to Ignacio’s bad acting and says she’ll think about not killing him. She calls JP and tells him Ignacio apologized, but it’s hard to believe him. He also said La Sombra is the one who killed Armando.

Emilia breaks up with Emanuel. He whines about it to Abelardo, who’s unsympathetic–that’s what he gets for falling in love.

Ignacio hires some guy named Ramiro and dazzles him with visions of a huge lab and finding cures for diseases.

Bela tells Pen and Mike about her fun afternoon with Ignacio. She asked all the waiters and he apparently gave each one 2000 pesos to say good things about him. She thought Ignacio was a terrible actor. But she’s going to play along.

Ignacio doesn’t think Bela believed anything he said. He’s hired a doctor in case she wants to check up on his alleged cancer. Abelardo’s supposed to be snagging Simón, which he thinks is just a matter of money and time.

Simón’s still whining about wanting Pen to be his girlfriend and he wants an answer. “Fine, I’ll be your girlfriend.” That’s apparently an acceptable answer.

Ignacio shoots a guy mowing his lawn. Just like that. It does kind of freak out the new guy, Hugo. Daniel turns it all around and says Hugo’s only worried about getting killed himself and not about his ex-coworker. Well, look, all he has to do is not piss off Tio Nacho and he’ll be going back to Nicaragua rich. (If you just follow all of the officer’s commands….)

Crap. Simón’s not telling Andrea and JP about the attempted bribe from Zea.

Bela shows up unexpectedly at Ignacio’s to tell him she’s not going to kill him for Marcia’s sake. They have a truce.

Emanuel tells Gloria-Patricia the magic dollar bill is legit and he’s embarrassed of his past and that’s why he didn’t tell Emi. And he doesn’t want her to tell Emi either. Gloria-Patricia’s face: “This kind of crap is why I started drinking.” Apparently all he wanted was to unburden himself.

Also apparently, that was supposed to get Emilia back for him, but instead she’s sure now that she wants to break up with him.

Ignacio thinks Bela’s just trying to lull them into a false sense of security. But he doesn’t want more guards hired.

Bela tells JP she and Nacho made up.

So first Mike wanted Pen to give him free hypnotherapy and then rejected her interpretation, now he’s pissed off she’s telling Bela that he should sit this one out and he wants her to butt out of his business. SMH

Pen figures now they can bring Simón in.

Simón agrees to work for Ignacio and Abelardo. Who knows if it’s legit.

Marcia ties Daniel up.

Andrea and JP get drunk. She invites him to spend the night “as friends.” So much for the middle-of-the-bed blanket fort. There’s kissing. And then Andrea freaks out. And hey, why have sex with JP instead of waiting for someone who’s actually got a thing for her? So now they’re back to having a slumber party.

Mike and Pen. Sex. Regrets and recriminations in 3…2….

Emilia wants to get back together with Emanuel. Gloria-Patricia’s not going to let her do that.

Emanuel’s drinking and contemplating his brilliant plan and what happens if Emila’s not in it. So far it looks like Bela kills a glass of booze.

Andrea and JP have just friends post-slumber-party breakfast in bed. But JP wants kissing too.

Mike’s too damn happy in the morning and lobbying to get back on the team for this revenge. Which kind of makes it look like he slept with Pen so she’d say he’s all cured of his trauma or whatever.

Ignacio’s trying to convince his pet researcher/doctor to produce synthetic pot. Which isn’t illegal. They’ll just get some criminals to do the distribution and selling, which is. He tells Ramiro to go to the warehouse and make a list of everything he needs. Ramiro is not happy.

Simón is completely unconvincing when he lies to JP about his meeting(s) with Zea. I don’t know if Simón’s really gone bad or if this is payback for when JP was “fired” and didn’t tell him it was fake or what. And what’s worse is that I don’t care.

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