La Jefa del Campeón Monday 8/27/18 #31


Now that the pensión peeps are staying together, Tita’s thinking about Daniel. Wishing she could tell him what happened and maybe rent him a room…or have him move into her room.


Martina’s down about everything that happened with the pensión and breaking up with El Coronel. She talks to her sister and tries to make it sound like it’ll be nice to be on her own, but she fails.

El Coronel sighs to Tuli that he couldn’t let Martina walk all over him.

Martina’s sister meets her at a café. She was worried about Martina and she knows Martina doesn’t like to be alone. But it seems like her main concern is what happened with the Coronel and how Martina can get him back. And she’ll pay for lunch.


Gonzo fills Rey in on his family’s financial problems. Rey suggests they move in at the pensión at least long enough to work something out.

Today Rey’s getting his Welcome To The Team physical. Matías takes notes while Rey does a bunch of torture. (Don’t get me wrong, I actually like working out, but Rey looked miserable!)


Beba and Frida are both OK with shuffling people around to make room for the Coyotes. Beba will move in with Tita and Frida and Rey can have Beba’s old room.

Martina comes over to gossip with Delfino about running into an old flame. Was this her sister’s big plan? Delfino thinks El Coronel might not be happy to hear this. Martina flashes her naked left hand around, ’cause La Lady Single! Ama Single Lady! (I’m amused by the pun.)


Inés really doesn’t like the idea of moving into a pensión. Sergio’s expecting it to be a short stay. He thinks Gonzo’s first check will pay off all their debts. Gonzo agrees, but he doesn’t look too confident. I’m with Gonzo.


Delfino spreads the chisme about Martina running into her old boyfriend. El Coronel, as expected, is not happy to hear he wasn’t the second love of her life after all, that was somebody else.

Fabi tells Tita about the new job with the Chapulines.

“Are you trying to get me to ask about Daniel?”

Um. No.

“OK, but…how is he?”

Dante shows up at the store and fakes Tita out about Rey’s exams. But really, he’s going to be the team’s #10.

OK, I feel like I’m starting to get the #10 thing, but I looked it up anyway. I’d sum up this article as saying that your best player/team leader is usually your #10, which is why a lot of the greats are #10.

When Rey gets there, Dante gives Tita a wink and says maybe his mother should explain how his exams went. Tita sadly tells him…he’s going to be the Búfalos #10.

Rey chases after Dante to thank him. Dante says he has to step things up now, take care of himself. It’s a big responsibility.

Baby doctor

Say goodbye to the Math Olympics. The doctor does not recommend Frida going on a long flight. Beba’s thinking maybe if she had some medication…? But Frida’s going to take the doctor at her word. If it’s a bad idea, she won’t go.

Moving day

Inés cannot keep the disgust off her face when she and the family get to the pensión. She acts like there’s a smell. Sergio’s talking about separating the room with the curtain. And yeah, everybody’s sharing a bathroom.

So there’s no privacy and too much noise? She’d rather go to her mom’s house, but Sergio refuses–he’s never gotten along with that chupacabra. (Just for that I hope we get to meet her sometime.)

Inés decides she’s moving in with her mother. Sergio and Gonzo can stay here. When he gets the taqueria back and gets her house back they can talk about her coming back.

Frida doesn’t want to tell everyone what the doctor said, so she’d rather just hope everyone forgets about the Math Olympics.

Martina stops by the pensión. She’s surprised there are new renters. And they’re in her old room. She pretends she just needs time for her new apartment to be ready. She thought she’d come by and ask Tita if she could rent a room.


Beba fills Tita in on the doctor’s appointment. Tita’s glad her grandchild’s doing well.

But wait a minute! Beba just realized she’s going to be…a tia abuela! She’s not old enough! And she doesn’t even have kids of her own!

El Coronel walks Martina over to the market. For safety. Beba comes over to say hi and asks if Martina’s new place is everything she expected. They’re really having a great time at the pensión and Tita’s going to give the place a manota de elefante (because a manita de gato is just a little touch up) and not charge them anything! Martina’s glad to hear it.

She asks if she can rent her old room. Beba tells her the rent’s gone up.


It’s time for dinner. They’re also celebrating Rey getting onto the team and Fabi getting a job with the Chapulines

Later, Tita catches Rey and Frida smooching and tries to get away, but Rey goes running off to get a surprise for Tita. He comes back in his jersey with a number 10 on the back and B. Menchaca. He changed his last name in her honor. (If you’re wondering about the B, they’ll explain that later.)

In the middle of taking selfies, someone shows up looking for Sergio. It’s another creditor. He has three days to pay this debt. They threaten Gonzo if he doesn’t.

Delfino tries to get Tita to go up on the roof with him, but no. And she notices Sergio’s worried look. He admits he has nothing left and he still owes money and they’ll take it out on Gonzo if he doesn’t.

Rey and Frida spend their first night together. Working out the logistics of who sleeps on what side. Rey says it’s weird to be this close to her and have permission. They turn the lights out and Rey asks if they should try to make twins. “It doesn’t work that way!” (Well…except when it does, because nature has a sense of humor.)

Beba tells Tita she needs a man, like now! She needs a husband and a kid and a house and a dog and possibly a parrot. ‘Cause time’s flying.

Tita agrees. Rey’s working, he has a partner, he’s going to be a dad.

Isn’t this what she wanted for him?

Well, yeah, but it feels fast. He’s going to be 17 tomorrow and he won’t even need her.

Beba says Rey will always need his mom. Beba still misses hers. Tita says Beba’s got her.


Tita wants to organize a fútbol game as a fundraiser. Martina stops by and all the guys help her carry stuff in. Except El Coronel. His sciatica came on all of a sudden.


Gonzalo’s a bit thrown off by his mom going to live with her mom. Rey says at least he knows where his mom is. Rey’s never going to see his dad again. But hey, they’ve gotta concentrate. They have to show they’re the best.

Salomé’s tired of hearing about Rey’s contract and Rey’s family. Frida says they’ve been more of a family to her than her own parents. Salomé had no idea Froylán had moved out.

Quique’s in for the fútbol game. He’ll play for the Coyotes. Rey invites them to the pensión after practice. He’s going to ask Frida to marry him.


Rey meets Daniel for coffee. Daniel wants to see the jersey. B. Menchaca. And the B isn’t for “Bravo,” it’s for “Bomba.” Daniel has been like a father to him.

Daniel says Tita saved him. The least he could do was be the best version of himself for them.

Rey wants Daniel to come with him to buy Frida’s wedding ring. Daniel can’t believe Fabi’s married, Rey’s getting engaged and he and Tita never got it together. Daniel still thinks the whole breakup is his fault.


Sergio’s stressing about paying off his creditors and wishing he could at least get some supplies and make tacos. Martina stops by with most of her rent, so that fixes Sergio’s problem temporarily and Tita says Martina can pay the rest whenever. “I’m not like you.” Martina figures she deserves that.

Salomé taunts Froylán about breaking up with Beba and points out Beba closing up the shop and walking away with Dante.

Beba’s OK with coffee and Dante thinks her threats are flirting, but when she says she wants to slow it down, he’s fine with that. He still looks confused though.


Daniel drops Rey off at home, tells him to hide the ring, and gives him a cake. When Tita comes out of the building, Rey rushes inside with the cake so Beba and Daniel can make eyes at each other….

Until Delfino comes out, calling Tita “Sirenita” again.

Rey’s birthday party was supposed to be a surprise, but he got home early so they go ahead and start partying.

Fabi brings Sara a slice of dark chocolate cake, which suits Sara just fine. She tells Quique Fabi’s such a nice girl. Quique says Fabi’s special, but she’s already married.

Frida shoves cake in Rey’s face. Beba’s laughing about how the grandchild will behave. Doña Male immediately thinks they’re talking about HER as-yet-nonexistent-and-never-gonna-happen grandchild. Matías says Rey and his girlfriend got a little ahead of themselves.

Tita complains to Beba that Daniel was just outside and he looked so good! And then Delfino showed up. Beba agrees…Daniel is hot. *sigh* And then they decide to have cake. I applaud their decision.

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