La Bella Y Las Bestias Tuesday 8/28/18 #58

Emanuel admits he’s in love with Emi and he doesn’t know what to do. If she doesn’t return those shares on her own, Zea says they’ll have to apply pressure.

Zea visits Emi’s office to try to talk her into getting back together with Em. She won’t change her mind on that, but she has changed her mind about giving back the shares.

Emanuel goes back to Gloria-Patricia’s house. With whining and booze. Having him sit there and drink and beg her to have just one is too much for her. She says she’ll drink ONE if he promises this is his last visit to the house.

She calls JP to beg him not to let Emi come home. Emanuel leaves, and leaves the bottle. G-P has another drink, but it makes her feel sick.

And Emanuel hasn’t left. He kills Gloria-Patricia and puts her body in the bathtub.

When JP and Emi get home after a night of drinking they figure she’s already asleep. They hang out in the living room having some quesadillas Emi made, which JP declares “perfect,” until Emi’s ready to go to bed. She screams for JP and wants to pull her mom’s body out of the tub and check her cell phone, but JP checked for a pulse. She’s dead and they can’t touch anything.

The official story is she had a relapse, fell into the tub, and choked on her own vomit.

Mike’s still being all lovey and thinks he won’t have nightmares if he keeps sleeping with Pen. Bela’s ready to get him back into the team, assuming he can do accents. And he can.

Mike infiltrated the workers on Nacho’s ranch. He’s fighting for a spot as security manager. Ignacio’s fake exuberance about how much fun they’re going to have grates on my nerves. It sounds like they’re going to play “capture the flag” for the job.

They’re looking for a professional. Nacho bemoans the fact that not everyone likes him, even though he can’t understand why. He seriously needs to shut up or have a bee fly into his mouth and sting him in the throat or have the ghosts of all the workers he’s killed on his land rise up and drag him to hell.

Mike gets from one end of the barn to the other and into the corral as the guys he smacked around inside start limping over the fence to get to him. Nacho tells all the workers to relax and watch and bet. Daniel wants to bet his will–if “Dylan” wins, Nacho will never force him to do anything he doesn’t want. Nacho takes the bet and starts telling the workers to throw farm implements to the guys in the corral. Because anything goes at Rancho Nacho.

Mike, aka “Dylan” wins, so the other prospects can go home.

Emi has to resort to calling Emanuel for emotional support. He pretends he’s sorry and claims he can’t understand why she relapsed when she was doing so well.

Andrea comes to the gym to tell Bela what happened. Of course JP wasn’t going to tell her! She said she never wanted to see him again. And JP’s acting like everything’s OK, when it’s not. Andrea’s here because she knows Bela was lying about not wanting to see him. The funeral’s this afternoon, if Bela wants to go.

Bela shows up at the funeral. JP goes over to hug her. Emi tells Emanuel that it’s ironic–her parents hated each other and now they’re stuck with each other for all eternity. JP gives a weird eulogy about how his mom was a fighter and an alcoholic, but she’d quit drinking and he doesn’t understand how this happened, but oh well, that’s life.

Pen breaks up with Simón. He’s a jerk about it.

Marcia gets “Dylan” all cleaned up as an excuse to feel him up. He signs his contract and starts talking over job duties with Nacho. Yes, he really did say his ranch is like Vegas “What happens here….” He gives Dylan three days to go to the city and bring back three people no one will miss.

Rodrigo, the researcher, tries to quit, but he ends up getting chained up in the warehouse working on the synthetic marijuana for Nacho. Oh, sure, they’ll let him out after.

Emi ends up staying at Emanuel’s.

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