La Jefa del Campeón Tuesday 8/28/18 #32


Tita’s got the match all set up. Sergio’s selling tacos. Looks like it’s going to be a good day.

Quique’s flirting with Fabi, saying he’ll dedicate his first goal to her. Joel’s on the mic announcing the game. Rey dedicates his first goal to Frida and the baby.

Rey still hasn’t given Frida the ring. He’s planning to do that at the break.

Fútbol ensues. Gonzo blocks a shot and trips Rey. Rey flips end over end. So much for a fun day.

The what, now?

Salomé’s trying to get Froylán back. It involves lingerie and her fur-trimmed robe. And gum, because Salomé. Moneybags is out of town, so they won’t be interrupted…except he’s suddenly back. It takes a while, but Moneybags busts them.

He throws them both out of his house. And he won’t let Salomé take anything with her since he bought it all. Dude’s putting her out on the street in a fur-trimmed robe. I hope she’s got the shoes to match. And he wants the keys to the store. And her purse.


Dante scolds Tita for letting Rey play some street match when he was about to sign a professional contract. It’s fútbol–anything can happen.

Rey’s still in pain, so I’ll cut him some slack on his “Why do these things always happen to me?!”

It’s a ligament injury to the knee. It’s a serious injury with a long rehab period.

Tita tries to lie to Rey, but she sucks at it. He knows a lot of players’ careers have ended over an injury like this. Tita breaks it to him that the Búfalos won’t pay his medical bills since it wasn’t one of their games, and now they’ve gone back on hiring him.

Daniel visits Rey. He’s already paid the hospital bill so far, but until they get money together for the surgery, Rey’s just going to have to be immobilized.

Tita thanks Daniel for Fabi’s job and for paying the bill. She wishes they could go back to when things were simpler. (When Delfino wasn’t around and Waldo was permanently missing?)


Gonzo’s blaming himself, but Quique tells him it was just an accident. Gonzo says he screwed up Rey’s proposal and now his career. (Screwed up the proposal? Did I miss that part?)

Quique says maybe he did, but complaining won’t get them anywhere. Quique’s just used to making it work, no matter what happens.


Rey comes home on crutches. Frida couldn’t visit him in the hospital because it wasn’t safe for the baby. Rey’s predictably upset and angry about his career being over, but it seems unfair Frida gets stuck with the ‘tude.

There’s enough from the game to pay for Rey’s surgery, but Tita tells Beba that’s not what the money was for. It was for Sergio to pay off the scary guys who threatened Gonzo. They’ll find another way to pay for Rey’s surgery. She doesn’t want anything to happen to Gonzo.

Gonzo doesn’t want to accept the money. Tita insists. Rey agrees with her. It’s Gonzo’s life they’re talking about. Rey’s trying to sound like he’s resigned himself to going back to school and forgetting about fútbol. And he wants Tita to go make up with Daniel already.

Rey and Daniel try to convince Frida to go to Japan, but she says her decision was based on what the gynecologist said–that it wouldn’t be good for the baby.

Gonzo begs his dad to give the money back. Sergio has apparently told him about the two guys threatening him, but Gonzo doesn’t care. Tell ’em to have at it, because he’s never setting foot on a fútbol pitch again.

Casa Male

Matías wants to send Rey’s file to a professor of his. He’s trying to comfort Fabi, which she appreciates, but she’s also worried the longer this goes on, he’s gonna kill his mom with the news that he’s gay and she’s never getting a grandchild.

Actually, Matiás has thought about adopting. He wants a boy, but René wants a girl. And he’s not going to let his mom screw up his child’s life.


Daniel scolds Rey for being so cranky when Frida’s doing everything she can to help him. Daniel could deal with the money for the operation if Rey wants. Rey wants him to sell the engagement ring he’s never given Frida, but Daniel won’t do it. He insists Rey’s not a burden to his mother. And besides, how many players have been told they won’t even walk again and they make a comeback and win a World Cup.

“I’m not them.”

Daniel says he is. He leaves Rey to think about it.

Daniel and Tita talk about Rey and make eyes at each other.

Money, money, money

Tita tries to get her money back and get out of the contract to buy the pensión. But Moneybags, who keeps looking more and more like a clone of Chino Mendieta, says according to the signed contract if she wants out, he takes the pensión and he takes the money. Plus he’ll start charging rent.

Moneybags is renting out the store.

Gonzo has talked Sergio into giving Tita the money. And then they have to go into hiding…unless they want to take the money and move to Argentina! Gonzo tells him to give the money back and then he’ll go anywhere with him.

Fashion alert! Beba’s got another playing card t-shirt on. Oh, and something about the store. Beba thinks Froylán has gotten back together with Salomé. She interrupts a conversation between Tita and Delfino about whether to pay Moneybags, not pay Moneybags, pay for the operation…etc. It’s a mess.

The loan sharks are back to hassle Sergio. They drag him off. They’ve tracked down Inés. And they took the money, so, uh…problem solved?

Froylán’s trying to teach Salomé how to work at his stand. Honey, no…Salomé? Attending customers? Taking notes on what kind of technical help they need? And he’s letting her bunk with him until she finds somewhere else to stay? She even asks for an advance, but he doesn’t have money for that.


Gonzo’s getting bullied by his “teammates.” Quique comes to the rescue, but he thinks Gonzo needs to learn to defend himself. Oh, Gonzo knows how to box. But he’s a pacifist. If not he’d break that guy’s nose.

Dante comes up, screaming at Gonzo like he injured Rey on purpose. Quique tells Dante to back off–everybody else is already yelling at him. Dante softens slightly–it’s their job to take care of each other. He knows it wasn’t personal, but Gonzo needs to be careful.

Dante tells Quique he’s on the team now, as Rey’s replacement.


Daniel’s back for another therapy session with Rey. Rey’s not ready to look on the bright side yet. Daniel tells him to focus on recovering and everybody’s there for him for the rest of it.

Rey tries to stand on his own and fucks up his knee again. Sorry. I’m irritated. He needs some professional-level therapy ASAP because he’s sure not adjusting to this on his own.

Tita tries a pep talk. Rey’s really trying to resist, but no one can resist Tita.

Frida makes a secret phone call….

Daniel tells Rey he has a visitor. Does he want to see her or not? Valeria just comes in anyway–nobody gets to tell her “no.” Rey actually looks happy for once.

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