La Jefa del Campeón Wednesday 8/29/18 #33

Búfalo woes

Gonzo tries to get Quique to lend him money, but Quique didn’t realize he wasn’t even getting paid to be on the first-division team. He tries to take Daniel’s advice and tell Dante if he doesn’t get the same contract as Rey, he won’t play, but that doesn’t work. Daniel tells him to do exactly as he says and he’ll get something out of Dante yet.

The first part of their plan is to go visit the club president and have Daniel take pictures that make it look like Quique’s his BFF. This is apparently enough to get Dante to promise Quique some money, but that’s according to Quique, so we’ll see if he really did or it was just to make Gonzo feel better.


Tita tries to talk the club president into paying for Rey’s treatment.

Valeria catches Rey up on the family gossip. They head to the hospital to get a copy of Rey’s medical records so Valeria can send it to her dad. He wants them both to come to Spain. He can pay for Rey’s operation and hook him up with some friends that can get him onto a European team.

Valeria tells Rey she likes him and it was a mistake before when she tried to push him away.

Quique and Gonzo tell Tita they’ve got the money for Rey’s operation.


Froylán asks Frida if he can borrow some clothes for her mom. The guy she was with broke up with her and now she’s living with him. But maybe she could live with Frida?

While Frida’s going through her clothes, she finds the engagement ring Rey never gave her.


Dante finds Daniel, Gonzo, Quique, and Fabi all sitting at the same table. He assumes Daniel’s the one who told Quique to be so arrogant in his contract negotiation. Daniel innocently insists he’s just a coach and a trainer and everyone knows he’s terrible at negotiating. Dante tells Quique he’d better earn that money–and no playing street games. Especially after what happened to Rey.

Daniel tells the young adultish people things will get better now once Rey’s had the operation. Fabi’s super grateful to Quique, but he has a hard time accepting all the fuss.

Daniel and Gonzo leave, leaving behind an uneaten dessert. What’s up with that? Quique mentions the time Rey got beat up and Fabi says if she ever finds out who did it, she’ll kill them herself.


Tita tells Rey they’ve got the money for his operation. Quique and Gonzo loaned it to them and Quique’s taking Rey’s place on the team. Rey’s happy for Quique, but he has news too…Don Emiliano wants him to move to Spain, have the operation there, and get onto a European team.

Tita’s assuming this deal includes Valeria.

Rey says it does. I don’t know what he meant by that, but it sounds to me like he’s just gonna take off on the mother of his child who’s giving up the Math Olympics so the baby will be healthy?

Rey basically thinks he can go to Spain with Valeria, not fall for her (implied), get onto a team and send all the money he makes home.

Frida tells Rey to go to Spain. They’ll miss him, but if he’s happy she and the baby will be happy. And she’s totally OK with Valeria going with him. She’s the one who called her.

Sergio’s still pushing Gonzo to get onto a first-division team. I imagine Gonzo’s doing sketches for his line of goalie-wear.

Tita talks to Fabi before bed. She didn’t realize Daniel had also reimbursed Beba for the money from the game. Fabi tells her to make up with him already.

Quique comes to visit. Rey’s in a better mood and he’s happy for Quique and his mom that Quique’s on the pro team. Rey says he’s gonna go check out Spain, see what’s up there. Quique takes this opportunity to flick his fingers on the bottom of Rey’s foot as revenge for that ball to the groin Rey gave him when they were younger.

Someone sent Martina flowers. I’m guessing it was Martina.

Rey tells Tita Frida’s ok with everything ’cause she’s so mature (yeah, lucky she’s the one who got pregnant and not Rey, just saying). He asks Tita to take care of them and Tita gets all choked up.


The pro team has a full bench. Gonzo could be Ochoa and he’s still not getting a spot. Quique wonders if it’s time for Gonzo to accept that he’s not pro material.


Valeria feels the need to get Daniel on her side. Daniel brings up the time she and Rey got drunk and she took him home and slept with him. I’m kind of cool with her insistence that she wants to help Rey out of the kindness of her heart and I’m glad she knows about Frida and the baby already…but then she says the relationship was never going to last anyway. She’s sure Rey will take care of his child economically.


Frida’s moving out to move in with her mom. Tita invites Salomé to move back in.

Gonzo tells Sergio he’s not hired. Sergio decides to take matters into his own hands, which is how they got into this mess in the first place, REMEMBER, SERGIO?!

Tita tries to convince Beba to be OK with Salome’s less-than-triumphant return. Emphasis on tries.

It’s party time at the pensión again. I think we’re celebrating Fabi’s graduation. Joel and Delfino are doing shots. Matías tells Fabi she looks pretty. She says he looks handsome, as always.

Rey asks Matías what he thinks about Rey’s prognosis. The recent tests have shown he only has a partial ligament tear, so he can probably recover enough to play again.

Joel gets his drunk face all up in Fabi’s and he seriously tries to pick her up with “Everyone’s pairing off and you need a real man….” Mati pries him off of Fabi, who was so not into his approach, and Joel laughs at Matías saying Fabi’s his wife.

Because drunken asshole Joel thinks Matí should tell everybody why Fabi’s unsatisfied and maybe Fabi should tell them all how stupid she is for not realizing her husband is gay. (The hell he did! That’s it. He may be redeemable, but no way is Fabi ending up with this guy. I forbid it!)

Matías decks him and I laugh. The other guests pull Mati and Joel apart and Joel starts screaming that Matías’ partner’s name is René and they’ve been together for five years. (Wow, Joel, so, basically he’s got a much better track record than you at having a solid, lasting relationship.)

Sergio and Gonzo, I think, throw Delfino out. Matías says Fabi didn’t know, this is all his fault, and they were going to tell them, but…Joel took care of that. Daniel starts to lunge for Matías.

Matías leaves, Fabi chasing him. El Coronel tells Tita to let her go.

Now Tita’s blaming herself for not knowing. Daniel says Fabi’s just like her. She hides things to protect the people she loves.

Rey’s worried about leaving like this, without telling his sister he’s on her side. And why isn’t Frida doing anything to make him stay? (Because, pregnancy is usually the foolproof “make him stay” plan, so really, what else does he want her to do?) Frida says just because she’s not making a big jealous scene doesn’t mean she doesn’t care that he’s leaving. She doesn’t want him doing anything by force. She just wants him to be OK, and if that means Spain, then he should go to Spain.

Tita’s worried about Fabi. She’s considering going to Doña Male’s, but Matías walks in. He apologizes. Tita can’t understand why he deceived Fabi like this.

Matí thought she could save him. He never wanted to hurt her. His love for her is the purest he’s ever had, but that’s how he realized it wasn’t his path. Fabi’s back at his house and he’s ready to tell his mom and end the lie. Tita says his mom will understand.

But Matí’s been lying to her his whole life to keep from losing her, so. He hopes she’s right.

Truth time

Doña Male doesn’t even let Matías and Fabi say anything before she’s on about not believing in divorce, and in her day you used to stick it out and they’re just being cowards.

OK, the gloves are off. Matías stands directly in front of her and says he’s homosexual.

She doesn’t take it well. I mean, we all saw that coming, but that doesn’t make it easier to watch.

Fabi tries to talk Male into giving Matías another chance, but she’s too busy praying at lightning speed. Fabi’s had about enough of her ‘tude. Matías kept his mouth shut to keep from hurting her. Male mocks Fabi for putting up with him all that time. “It wasn’t a sacrifice.” Does she expect thanks? She wants Fabi to get out before she says more than she should

“Now I understand why Matías did this. Because you threaten to take away your love. Hypocrite!” Fabi starts to leave again, but Male’s all whiney about what “they” did to her.

Male says the one good thing is she never liked Fabi. She’s relieved they won’t be family anymore.

Like that’s news to Fabi. She can’t understand how such a religious woman can be such a hypocrite and have so little mercy for her own son.


Martina’s still playing the fake boyfriend game.

Rey’s all set to go, but he’s wishing he could talk to Fabi first. Someone comes banging on the door and Frida goes to open it, thinking it’s Valeria…

But it’s Doña Natalia. Did she have that hair before? ‘Cause I like the hair. She just came by to tell Rey he’s going nowhere at her family’s expense. Um, I’d say that’s up to Don Emiliano, no?

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