La Jefa del Campeón Friday 8/31/18 #35

Doña Male’s

Tita doesn’t understand where all of Male’s hate for her son is coming from. She suggests she sit down and read her bible. The part where it says to love each other.


El Coronel’s getting drunk and winning everyone’s money at poker. In a sudden fit of truthiness, he says he’s not a coronel, the uniform he wears now is a security guard’s uniform, and he and Martina aren’t married. But only because she’s too much woman for any rando out there. He doesn’t know why she picked him, but that’s why he’s gonna love her like nobody’s loved her before.

Martina collects his winnings and starts pushing him upstairs.

El Coronel comes back downstairs, saying he’s sobered up some, but he wants to ask Martina to marry him. For serious. And he wants to do it with her family as witnesses.


René figures since Matí’s getting divorced, the two of them can start planning their wedding. Matí’s all “Hold up, I just got OUT of a marriage!” René decides he’s breaking up with him because Matías isn’t man enough to be gay.


Rey’s getting grumpy again. Daniel advises Frida to be patient with him. He reminds her about how she used to study with Rey so he could get the “8” average he needed in school to be on a team. They were working together and that’s the same thing you have to do with love.

He admits he would have liked to have a kid, but he finally found the right woman and stupidly let her go. It’s Tita, of course. And now he’s negotiating with her again and maybe…. Frida thinks it would be cool for their two kids to be running around playing fútbol together.

Gonzo gets Daniel’s advice on dealing with his dad. Sure, he likes fútbol, but not enough for that to be his career. What he really likes is fashion design. Daniel says his eyes light up when he says that. He should go for it.

Beba’s still upset about Salomé moving in. Daniel understands–it’s weird living under the same roof as your rival. He’s asking Tita to put some besos on his sandwich when Delfino comes running in with the phone. El Coronel just wanted to tell Tita that he and Martina are for sure totally getting married now. And he’s gotta go, ’cause he’s got some dancing to do.


Malena makes an unexpected visit to Fabi’s office. She tries to beg Fabi to get back together with Matías. Fabi can’t believe she still doesn’t get it–it’s over! She and Matías deserve to be fully loved and not faking it. She thinks Malena’s committing the sin of pride, trying to fix something that isn’t broken.

And also somewhere in there, Male found out Clara was lying about not being able to have kids, she just doesn’t want them. And Fabi was like “Yeah, we all get to decide that, don’t we?”

Doña Male tells Fabi to put herself in Male’s place.

Um, no, Male needs to put herself in Fabi’s place. Or Matías’ place. Because Male’s place is too comfortable.

Matías comes by the pensión later to see how Fabi’s doing. He’s sorry he doesn’t have a therapy protocol for a broken heart. She asks if he and René are together now and Matías says René broke up with him. And maybe it’s for the best because he doesn’t think he deserves either of them. And he didn’t want to get married right away and hurt Fabi.

Fabi thinks that’s stupid. He and René love each other.

Matías says she’s a great woman and he’s always going to love her. And he’s there for her, whatever she needs.

He walks out of her room and realizes Tita was listening to the conversation.


She’s moved back into her room. She’s already bugging Frida about not turning into Rey’s maid. She calls someone and asks if they’re ready for tomorrow.


Male gets all excited when he comes over, but it’s just to pick up some stuff she forgot to send to his office. No, he’s not here with Fabi, why?

Male admits she visited Fabi earlier, but Matías is sure if Fabi didn’t mention it to him it’s because Male didn’t have anything good to say.

“I went to ask her to beg you not to leave her.”

Matías is like “Seriously, mom?”

She follows him into his room, still talking about saving his marriage and how it’s unnatural and immoral and he’s like “Look, I respect your beliefs, but you need to respect me.” She whines about people pointing at her in the street and he says she’ll get over it like he’s going to have to get over it. And he might as well tell her now, he’s marrying René.

I want to imagine Male’s having some deep inner conflict about not approving, but desperately wanting to plan a wedding.


I don’t remember the name of that blondish pretty boy from earlier in the show, but he’s not happy about Quique being on the team. He says something about the team having their own rules and hierarchy or something, and if the team’s not paying Quique much, he shouldn’t do much.

Nelson is the guy’s name. Nelson with the crappy attitude who shows up late to practice and tells Arsenio that he won’t play on the same team with Quique. Arsenio tells him to pack up his stuff and go and reminds him that he was on a third-division team in Argentina, so he’d better quit acting like a diva.


Sergio is not giving up on the fútbol. And really what can Gonzo say if he’s already said he quits several times and Sergio just doesn’t listen? Sergio wants the scouts from Argentina to get a look at Gonzo.

Tita invited Daniel over for breakfast. The kids are glad they’re back together again. Fabi doesn’t see why they don’t just admit they’re in love already.

Rey doesn’t see how Fabi can deal with seeing Matías. She says it’s complicated. They love each other.

Gonzo tells Rey about his dad’s latest plan and Rey agrees with Sergio. It’s an opportunity and they need to take it, even if the conditions aren’t ideal. Now what they really need to worry about is graduating prepa. Gonzo has a plan for that.

Matías comes over to check Rey’s stitches. Rey has finally come around and if Matías and Fabi are OK with their breakup, then Rey will quit acting like a snot. (My words, not his.)


Has it been a day, a week? Who knows. Who cares. Where have we seen this house before? Martina and the Coronel walk out of Marta’s house in their wedding duds and the family applauds. Martina tosses her bouquet and it lands in Marta’s hands.


It’s game time again. Rey and Gonzo are both upset that the guy who took Quique out didn’t get carded. Nelson walks up out of nowhere to take the penalty kick. Even Arsenio’s yelling at him to move–Quique’s taking it.

Karina comes over–Gonzo asked her to help him, Rey, and Frida so they can graduate. He gets distracted by Quique making the kick. The problem is, they don’t have any money to pay her with.

The newlyweds get back to the pensión. Martina and the Coronel tell Delfino to back off Tita already, seriously. Sergio agrees. Delfino tries to talk him into going out and picking up chicks at karaoke, but Sergio’s not in the mood. They talk about Martina’s overall hotness and Delfino warns him not to let the Coronel hear, ’cause he never misses a shot. (Excuse me while I spray some air freshener to get rid of the stench of macho.)

Market drama

Froylán tries to tell Beba that he and Salomé didn’t…you know…the entire time she was living with him because he’s in love with Beba. Beba just keeps on walking.

A customer shows up at the shop looking for some Búfalos merch for her grandson. She has a sudden dizzy spell and tells Beba her blood pressure dropped. She needs a Coke. Beba’s reluctant to leave the store, and with good reason…scammy grammy drops a plastic bag under the checkout counter and puts a bunch of extra cash in the till.

Beba gets back with the Coke and sells the customer a shirt.

A couple comes by, wanting to buy a fútbol for their son, but really they’re cops trying to get a look at the store. They arrest her for moving fake bills, stolen wallets, and cell phones.

Tita shows up and they take her too, as an accomplice.

In the holding cell, Beba tells Tita about the nice older lady and the Coke.

Salomé’s just shocked–shocked, I tell you–when Froylán says he heard the cops arrested Beba and Tita.

Daniel comes to the jail and of course, he knows they didn’t do anything. The only way to get Tita out is for Beba to say she did it–just to give them time to find proof that Beba’s innocent. Beba’s OK with this plan, but Tita won’t leave. Daniel’s off to talk to a lawyer.


Karina’s super impressed with Frida (’cause Frida’s awesome) and the boys tell her about Frida winning the National Math Olympics. Frida says she’s not going to Japan next week, though, because she and Rey are expecting a baby and they agreed it would be better if she didn’t go. Karina very diplomatically says it’s great that they agree on everything.

She asks Frida to work with the boys on math when she can’t be there. Rey agrees Frida’s a good math teacher–she makes everything simple. Gonzo, of course is fond of Karina’s teaching style. So much so that he doesn’t even want to graduate. Awkward!

Rey picked up on it. He suggests Karina work with him and Frida will work with Gonzo. Gonzo’s face: “Bro! You just math blocked me!”


Sergio’s cooking, so he doesn’t lose his touch. Delfino walks in wearing a towel and while I have a healthy appreciation for the human form, I did NOT need to know about the star he has tattooed below his navel. I just. Really didn’t.

Delfino tries to talk Sergio into going dancing, but Sergio’s missing Inés. Seriously, that towel had better be pinned closed, because the more he moves….

I don’t know what the point of this scene is, other than to establish that Delfino’s immature and Sergio is mature enough to admit he’s been crying like a wounded coyote.


Froylán just installed security cameras at the market yesterday and the video’s all on his computer. So yeah, he’s got scammy grammy on video putting the cash in the till and Salomé’s got a nervous look on her face.

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