La Jefa del Campeón Thursday 8/30/18 #34


Fabi’s packing up her stuff to leave Doña Male’s. She advises Matías to give his mom some time. Neither one of them is overly happy about their fake relationship being over.

In the living room Matías explains to Daniel. He wishes he had told his mom sooner, but he was afraid of losing her love.

Daniel gets that. When he finally made it big, his parents showed up and stole everything he had.

Matías knows that after his dad died, his mom pinned all her hopes on him. He didn’t want to let her down.

Daniel’s advice: You’re never going to make everybody happy.


Well, Natalia hasn’t changed. Rey’s a good-for-nothing, he made up an injury so her stupid daughter would take him to Spain, she’s not going to let him go to Spain and live like he’s rich, they’re just pissed off about the time she told them they were garbage.

She’s told to get out, multiple times. Rey says he’s not going to Spain. Tita makes sure to put herself between Natalia and Frida.

Fabi’s moving back in. She’s still upset that she didn’t realize what was going on sooner, but she also understands Matías. He was doing it for his mom and Fabi would do anything for Tita.

Tita and Rey tell Fabi they’re there for her.

Rey’s having his operation tomorrow and he’s going to make Nadia eat her words. Tita tells him to let it go and focus on being #10.


Tita and Frida stop by to wish Rey luck before the operation. Valeria asks to talk to him. She’s sorry about her mom being a jerk. Her dad’s really upset at Natalia. And he wants Rey to know that he’s still going to help, like he said he would.

Rey says that’s OK, her dad has his hands full dealing with her mom. They’re not going to bother him any further!

Valeria promises she’ll be supporting Rey…if it’s ok with Frida. Frida’s mouth says it is, but her face says otherwise.

In the waiting area Valeria tells Tita that she’s sticking around as long as Rey wants her to.

Tita passes along an update from the doctor to Daniel, Frida, and Valeria. The surgery went well and Rey’s going to be able to have a normal life, but there’s not much of a chance he’ll ever play professional fútbol.

Tita hasn’t given up. And neither has Frida. Valeria says Don Emiliano’s going to Skype the doctor to talk rehab.


Fabi’s started her job. Daniel stops by for a visit. So does Joel (and I nearly threw something at the screen). Daniel doesn’t want to leave, but Fabi says she’s OK.

Joel apologizes, but blames it on the alcohol. Fabi wants nothing more to do with him. He seriously tries an “I’m not going to let you go.” She kicks him out.

Matí calls to check up on Fabi and tell her he’s not in on Rey’s surgery because he figures her family hates him right now. His mom kicked him out. She didn’t even say anything, just had all his stuff sent to his office, changed the locks, and went to Canada. (What a piece of work!)

Operation Fake Boyfriend

Delfino (under a fake name) is blackmailing Martina and threatening to tell everyone about her fake boyfriend if she doesn’t deposit 5000 pesos a week into his bank account.

Martina pays off her flower supplier and goes back to the pensión to cry. Delfino looks like he’s feeling guilty. I’d like it better if he wasn’t feeling anything at all. Like, because he’s not even on the damn show anymore, but has gone off to some isolated place with Joel and all the rest of the guys who think hanging around a woman for some period of time guarantees them a relationship.

Beba’s wearing butterflies again. (Seriously, can they not just tell us where to get everything Beba wears?! Oh…I think I just understood Pinterest…hmm…gotta think about this.) She’s got a present from Martina’s fake boyfriend, but Martina breaks down and sort of starts explaining to Beba about the fake boyfriend and how it was just to boost her self-esteem and she wasn’t trying to hurt anybody.

But still, Martina keeps up the façade when she runs into El Coronel on her way out of the building.


Daniel says he’s sure with therapy, Rey’s going to get back out there.

Speaking of therapy, maybe he and Tita could use some…beso therapy? Sneaking off to Daniel’s apartment a few times a week?

Matías wants to be involved in Rey’s rehab. Tita agrees, but he’d better not think this means she’s not mad at him. But thanks.

Rey’s also pissed off at Matías. He turns down his offer to have that professor of his personally oversee Rey’s recovery. Rey brags that Don Emilio already found him a doctor in Spain–Urdapilleta.

Oh. Matías knows him. He’s the student of the guy that Matías is suggesting. So really, it’s up to Rey. Does he want to get treatment from the student, who’s 9000 km away in a different country? Or from the master, who lives in Mexico?

Rey keeps smack talking Matías until Matías has had enough and says Rey’s just trying to run away from his responsibility as a father. He just wanted to go to Spain, have his operation there, and hang out with Valeria without feeling bad about it. Matías understands not wanting to tell the truth to keep from hurting people. Rey insists he loves his child (but not Frida?) and Matías is all “Whatever. It doesn’t matter to me who does your rehab…but it does matter to Frida. So take your time and make the decision that’s best for you AND YOUR FAMILY.”


Sergio tried to go to the club president and tell him a bunch of other teams wanted Gonzo. Which didn’t work, because he remembered Gonzo was the one who injured Rey. Gonzo tells his dad to get a clue–he’s not cut out for fútbol.

Sergio gets some guy to put him in touch with some scouts coming from Argentina. He comes home and tells Gonzo about it, but where are they going to get money to go to Argentina?

Sergio sees Tita and asks if she’ll back him on a project, but Tita doesn’t have the money for that. Maybe they could work together on a taqueria? Sergio remembers he’s got a truck that’s in his wife’s name–Tita says they can sell from the truck. They’ll call it Tacochí. (She also mentions the building is now Arnulfo’s and I think it’s time to sadly admit that they’re slicing.)

Coronel and Martina

Martina’s gone off to live with her sister, but El Coronel thinks she’s gone to live with her boyfriend. The infamous Margarito.

Delfino starts cracking up and says he’s Margarito. It was a joke. He sent her an anonymous blackmail letter. As a joke. Oops. He realized Martina bought everything for herself and sent it.

Tita’s pissed that they lost Martina on account of this.

El Coronel goes to her sister’s house to explain that “Margarito” was Delfino’s idea of a joke. And she didn’t need to make up a boyfriend to make him jealous.

Marta, Martina’s sister gets home and for a second there I thought she was flirting with the Coronel, but she actually thinks he’s Martina’s husband. So she’s glad he’s there, because they’re having a big family shindig tonight.

In “their” room later, El Coronel wants an explanation about the husband thing. She says her sister was asking a bunch of questions and so, yeah, she said they were married. A little. On one side. She’s just tired of her family looking at her like nobody wants her.

Uh, wasn’t she widowed?

A little. On one side. Look, if he wants they can tell everyone they’re not really married.

He doesn’t see any reason to do that. Everyone calls him Coronel and he’s not one.

A lot. On all sides.

At the buffet table, El Coronel says he’s all terrain. Marta suggests a taco, a beer…and some poker!

He’s totally into that. And a tequila if it becomes necessary.


Rey finally gets to come home. He’s still in a brace and he’s already talking rehab. Frida’s glad he decided not to go to Spain.

Salomé moves back in. Beba doesn’t take it well. And Salomé gloats.

Valeria comes over with a tablet for Rey and assurances that her mom’s not going to show up. Tita seems weirded out, but OK, she wouldn’t mind if Valeria helped Rey study.

Frida helps Salomé get settled into her room.

Rey thanks Valeria for the tablet. There’s a swim school nearby where he’ll be doing his rehab.

Valeria suggests he do it at her house, but he’s like “If your mom sees me, she’ll drown me!”

Frida comes in and immediately excuses herself. Valeria and Rey agree that Frida’s, like, the coolest for not being jealous at all, even when they were going to Spain.

Delfino, Fabi, Gonzo, and Sergio are all watching the Búfalos game. Quique’s doing great, but he passed the ball to some guy who missed a goal…Fabi says Rey should have been there. Sergio thinks it’s Gonzo who should be there.

Doña Male’s

Tita comes over. Male’s all upset about the kids getting divorced. Tita agrees, that’s a shame. They do love each other.

Well, Male’s glad to hear that. Because it’s ridiculous for them not to stay together just because Matías screwed around with some woman old enough to be his mother–he even lied and said he was gay just so Fabi could divorce him! So, will Tita help her save their marriage?

Tita says Matías is gay and has a relationship with René. That’s not a lie.

Malena accuses Tita of being brainwashed.

Tita insists, Matías had a relationship with René before he married Fabi. It doesn’t matter what Male does, she’s not going to change things. She needs to accept things as they are.

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