La Bella Y Las Bestias Thursday 8/30/18 #60

Emilia’s back in town and she’s decided she’s marrying Emanuel.

Simón tells Ricardo that he’s undercover. He totally went about it the wrong way, but he needs his job back now or he’ll be no use to Nacho and Zea. He tells Ricardo about the synthetic pot and the researcher who Nacho kidnapped and that’s all well and good, but Ricardo’s still locking him up until he can verify the intel.

Mike’s freaking out about the prospect of Coffee Pot getting distributed, but Bela says they have to consult Ricardo first because, oh yeah BTW we’re working with the feds now.

This is like the worst MLM party ever…Nacho’s giving some of his workers the Coffee Pot and having them describe how they’re feeling. In the meantime, another one of the guys searches Dylan’s room and finds the researcher’s notebook. And I get that in theory the formula would be in here, but frankly Ramiro wasn’t actually coherent by the time he escaped, so, can they trust what he wrote down?

Daniel comes over to Bela’s to tell her his uncle’s gone crazy and he wants help from Bela’s “team” to bring him down. Bela doesn’t believe a word.

Nacho and his spy confront “Dylan” about the notebook. Ricardo calls Bela and says it’s only a matter of time before Nacho finds out who “Dylan” is. He recommends they get him off the ranch tomorrow.

Nacho hires a sex worker and kills her when she’s on her way out of the ranch. One of the workers buries the body.

Bela and Pen go over to Andrea’s to collect JP. It was either that or go alone. When Andrea wakes up, she calls Ricardo and says this is not a jealousy thing, she thinks JP’s with Bela and they’ve gone after Nacho.

Team Bela gets to the ranch and Team Nacho take their sweet time. Nacho sends the guards after her first. Marcia and Daniel try to convince Nacho that they should do this with a couple of drops of synthetic pot in their systems.

Nacho goes for it, but it’s making Marcia all weird and it’s harder for her to get into the spirit of the “game.”

Team Bela gets hold of Daniel and makes it sound like they killed him.

One of the guys releases Mike.

Bela gets Nacho and she declines to shoot him, but one of the workers does it for her.

Ricardo’s got a mess to clean up and Zea’s breathing down his neck to charge somebody, anybody, for Nacho’s death. JP tells Ricardo to blame him.

Emi’s postponing the wedding until JP goes free.

Zea swears to reporters that if he’d known about all the stuff Nacho was doing, he would have done something about it. He freaks out when Bela comes to his office. His security guards are no match for her.

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