La Bella Y Las Bestias Wednesday 8/29/18 #59

Zea tries to intimidate Ricardo into dropping the investigation into Nacho. He threatens his pension.

Simón’s in full abusive jilted lover mode. He goes to the gym looking for Pen, provokes Bela into a fight, locks her in holding, and tells Pen he’ll let her out if she tells the truth about why she broke up with him. Pen says she’s dating Mike.

Simón still refuses to let Bela out and Pen rats him out to Ricardo. Even Ricardo can’t order him to do it or Simón says he’ll tell the press.

Andrea seems to be some combination of JP’s relationship coach, best friend, and girlfriend. Pen comes over to JP’s to ask him to get Bela out. JP lets Bela out of holding and she tells him to go out with Andrea.

Andrea knows JP’s in love with Bela, but it’s not like she’s in a hurry for a relationship.

Nacho’s brilliant idea is to just kill everyone close to Bela who might have a copy of the video.

Ricardo fires Simón.

Daniel tries the new synthetic pot and has a bad trip. For some reason, this inspires Nacho to put Daniel in charge of the synthetic pot business.

Ricardo’s had enough of the bestias. Or of the kids running around screwing things up. Whichever. He wants to bring Nacho and Zea down and he wants JP and Bela to help.

Mike frees the researcher. Bela tells JP and Andrea she’ll try to find him to protect him. She bugs JP and Andrea about dating, but they insist they’re friends.

Nacho introduces “Dylan” to Simón and Zea. Zea and Nacho are upset about Simón getting fired. Simón tells Mike he’s undercover or he would have told Nacho and Zea who Mike is.

Mike calls Pen to tell her about seeing Simón. Hold the phone! There are actual people who are not Bela, Pen, or Mike, working out in the gym!

Nacho asks Simón to track Rodrigo down. Nacho brags about his synthetic pot to Simón and Zea and how he wants to put it in coffee so people can have the same high. (Um…if the coffee’s good enough it doesn’t need that. Just saying. Also, what are they going to call it, Coffee Pot? Yeah. I went there.)

Marcia’s desperate to try the drops. They have an aphrodisiac effect on her and she decides she wants “Dylan.” Or rather “Dilly.” Daniel interrupts before she can get anywhere. Which is why he’s the one who gets busted by Nacho coming out of Marcia’s room.

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