La Piloto 2 Monday 8/27/18 #22


Yoli’s trying to talk Olivia into calling Wilmer, just to talk, when she gets a message from Dave. Irina called, she’s meeting with John this afternoon.

Yoli calls to get more details and hangs up on Dave before he can tell her not to come over. John snickers–like Dave didn’t already know she was going to do that.

Club Diablo

Vasily barely hides his irritation that Santamaría’s not dead. Santamaría complains about the cowards Vasily sent with him, who drove off right away, and says the police were fakes. He’s sure it was a setup, and he doesn’t know who was behind it, but when he finds out blah blah blah.

And now he wants to go back to LA. Vasily tells him to take Morrison and kill him when they get there.

Morrison’s busy partaking of some bondage games when Santamaría says it’s time to go.

Bill just won’t shut up about how much he liked the club. Irina calls to check up on Santamaría and he says her dad tried to have him killed.


Camargo’s irritated that Monica didn’t take out Muñeco last night. And look what happened! These people are barely recognizable. They plan to stick to the drug business when Muñeco’s gone and forget this human trafficking crap. They get back to burying the bodies.

Safe house

Wilmer and Andrea get back and find Gilberto asleep in Wilmer’s room, in front of the computer. He starts babbling about keeping an eye on Rosalba. Andrea’s horrified, but Wilmer thinks it’s funny.

Rosalba’s having a nightmare about killing Garza. When she wakes up, she hears Gilberto and Andrea yelling at each other. She goes over to Andrea’s room. Andrea swears it won’t happen again, but I’m not sure Rosalba actually understood what they were arguing about.

Gilberto goes into Andrea’s purse to steal some cash. ‘Cause how dare she treat him like a thief. He’s outta here.


Yoli pulls her car up behind the white surveillance van and she and Olivia get out. There’s a lack of stealthiness about this that I don’t like.

Irina pulls up and Dave tells John to get ready. John’s hoping he finds Arley and Monica in there and they can end this right away. But from the snippet they show us with Arley crying, it looks like they’ve been moved. John’s already erased his phone history. Yoli suggests they get the ankle bracelet off him, but Dave and John both think it’s a good idea for him to keep wearing it. If anyone sees it, he’ll just say his release was conditional.

Oli gets out to take a call from Wilmer. He’s calling to tell her the funny story about Gilberto being a peeper. And Andrea getting into a fight with her dad. Wilmer explains that Andrea came over to their place and…no, he didn’t ask her to do that…why are there sirens?

A police SUV pulls up and Dave rushes out there to explain the van. Olivia explains that they’re at COPTERS, but she doesn’t know why the cops are there.

In the van, John jokes about Super Dave saving them again. He’s still cranky that Dave stole his girlfriend. Yoli’s like “Dude, we would SO not be together right now.” He tried to kill her. Multiple times!

“That was a misunderstanding.”

Yoli tells him to just stay focused. John whines about how he’s risking his life. He might never see her again, so he apologizes in advance…for kissing her.

Oli sees them. Dave’s heading back to the van. Olivia leans on the horn.

John goes up to the door and gets searched before they’ll let him in.

In the van, Oli says Wilmer was calling to tell her he’s back at the safe house and Andrea and her dad got into a fight because Gilberto was watching Rosalba on the security cameras.


Andrea makes Rosalba some tea. Rosalba turns down another sedative. Delgado’s checking in with Andrea, Wilmer, and Rosalba when they hear a door…the outside agent says someone just left. Andrea finds her empty purse. Delgado tries to keep Andrea from leaving alone to chase him down, but she leaves anyway.

Gilberto’s not at Andrea’s place, but she can’t think of anywhere else he would have gone, so she’s waiting for him.

Club Diablo

Vasily’s furious about the failed attempt on Santamaría. He kills the guys who were with Santamaría earlier and tells Venancio he’s bringing Russians in to replace them. ‘Cause apparently Russians would have done the job right the first time.

In the helicopter on the way back, Bill tries to ingratiate himself with Santamaría. He asks about the attempted murder and can’t understand why Vasily would go after his own security chief. Santamaría says he’s late to the party and there are things he doesn’t understand. And some he isn’t going to.

Santamaría calls Buitre for an update. Buitre says he made a mistake–there was no one in the house.


John and Irina get reacquainted while drinking some of her dad’s “weird vodka.” He heard their pilot was found dead at the trash dump? Irina says Dave probably did it. Yeah, he knows Dave. Dave’s the guy who had him locked up. And Yolanda used to fly for him. They also had a “brief” relationship. He heard she’s with Mejia now.

In the van, everyone’s antsy. Yoli hears the sound of an approaching helicopter.

Irina wants John to get mafia tattoos. He’ll do whatever she wants. John also heard the helicopter and Irina says his “old friend” Santamaría’s in it.

Dave’s trying to get a look at who’s in the helicopter, but he’s having no luck.

Yeah, John and Santamaría did work together. He didn’t realize Santamaría was working for Irina now. If he’s head of security, does that mean John has to take orders from him?

Irina hopes he doesn’t mind. She does warn him that Santamaría doesn’t know about their history together or that she called John. She’ll do all the talking and John needs to keep his mouth shut.

Oh…so she and Santamaría…?

Santamaría breaks it to Bill that Vasily wants him dead for his terrible flying on the way out. Sorry. Santamaría tells Buitre to take Bill to his apartment and he’ll call with further instructions.

Irina tells Santamaría her dad texted and said he wants Bill dead. And she’s got his substitute waiting in the office. It’s an old acquaintance of his.

A black SUV is leaving the building, but John’s ankle monitor is still inside. Bill reluctantly gives Buitre his address.

John’s waiting in Irina’s office, with a friendly smile for Santamaría. Santamaría thinks the timing is suspicious, but Irina talks him into hiring John. John puts on a good show of being humble and grateful for whatever scraps they want to throw him. And he has no problem taking orders from Irina or Santamaría. The only thing he asks for is a place to stay. Wouldn’t you just know they’ve got a dorm.

Someone shows John to a room, says he can have the previous pilot’s bunk, and tells him where to find the bathroom. John looks around the room and starts exploring the building.

Santamaría’s still griping to Irina that he doesn’t believe John’s story about bribing his way out of jail. Irina says she hacked the system and checked it out for herself.

Well, fine, but John’s a criminal.

And they are…?

It’s different! Narcos are the biggest lowlifes on the planet!

Irina reminds him her dad’s a narco.

“See what I mean!” Yes, he really does think her dad tried to kill him and it’s all because he said he wanted to date her.

Irina offers to talk to him, but Santamaría doesn’t care. He’s moving Arley before John sees him.

Too late. Irina did that already.

John finds the empty cage.

They’re at her house–or her pool house, or her employee dorms. I will agree they’re being closely watched.

Santamaría’s annoyed that Irina keeps making decisions without consulting him.

Bill and Buitre get back to his apartment. Bill reaches for a gun in a drawer and he and Buitre start fighting. Buitre wins, but he’s not shooting Bill just yet.

John calls Dave to tell them Monica and Arley aren’t there, but there’s an empty cage. He’s Irina’s new pilot. Santamaría’s there. He’s going to stay until he can get more information. He tells them not to call him.

Oli decides to go back to the safe house, but she wants to talk to Yoli first. Alone. She saw Yoli kissing John.

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