La Bella Y Las Bestias Monday 9/3/18 #62

Zea agrees to opening an investigation. And Emanuel’s the guy the senators call in to give a professional opinion on the authenticity of the video.

Bela and JP confess their luuuuuurve, but they’re not getting back together so far.

Montage: Zea announces his candidacy for president. Emanuel hires Ricardo. Mrs. Zea remembers the senator beating her. Little Chucho tries on his suit.

Emanuel tells the senators the video is fake. Zea still wants Bela killed.

Bela’s at Emanuel’s office waiting for him to come back from his meeting. Ricardo shows her the software he’s using to clean up the voices on the video and identify them all. He wants Bela and JP to do research and make a list of all of Armando’s partners. And he asks Bela not to say anything to Emanuel about this.

Emanuel gets back to his office and tells Bela the independent body hired by the senate said the video’s fake. She vows revenge.

JP’s furious when Emi passes on the message from Emanuel. He was right there when he recorded it! Immigration’s looking for Andrea. Emi thinks this is Zea’s doing, since the feds were the only ones who had charges to press and they opted not to.

Zea tracks down Omar, Madame’s brother. Marcia’s in a hospital.

It’s time for Em & Em’s wedding. Chucho’s the ring-bearer. Emanuel makes a lovey speech. I’d enjoy this more if it wasn’t a bunch of lies.

And in the middle of the wedding a cut to Zea raping his wife. Trying to say something, show?

Bela chats with Chucho. Bela and Emi manage to have a non-violent conversation about missing their parents…and then JP comes over to cuff Bela and drag her away. She’s angry at JP for convincing her to turn over that video.

Mike and Pen have hot wedding sex in a file room…and they knock over a binder with the Partnership of Evil rules, which say that you can’t get in unless a current member proposes you for membership. So, potentially they could trace the PoE back to the source.

JP wants to work with Bela to bring down Zea.

Zea’s team includes El Colombiano’s cousin Darío, Omar, and Marcia. He’ll give them money and weapons, but if they screw up he’s never met them.

It’s not until the next day that Emanuel tells Emi that Chucho’s nanny is his mother and Chucho is his son. And the fighting starts.

Bela hits the club for lunch disguised as a marriage therapist and takes a call from a potential client, aka Pen, where Mrs. Zea can hear her. She makes sure to give the potential client her personal number. Mrs. Zea doesn’t even wait, she just leans over to ask Joana Méndez if they could schedule a meeting.

Darío comes to the gym, pretending he’s just looking for a place to work out. Mike gets tipped off by him saying he heard Bela’s a better trainer than Mike, so Mike invites him into the ring.

Emanuel makes it sound like he’s kept Chucho hidden for Chucho’s own safety. Emi asks about Chucho’s mother and it sounds like Emanuel’s actually telling her the truth, at least about his secret relationship with Maria. He claims when she was kidnapped he negotiated for her release and she just happened to up and die after the baby was born.

Truth: Em had the doctor who delivered the baby give Maria an injection that killed her.

Darío doesn’t talk until JP comes over with Andrea. OK, fine, he’s looking for Toño’s killer! Bela’s like “That’s me.”

Marcia looks like she’s gunning for JP, but instead she shoots out a window a few stories up so glass falls on him. He gets a nice-sized shard embedded in his calf.

Omar brings a package over to JP’s and lures Andrea out.

Simón got Darío to confess Zea hired him.

Emi’s still digesting. She asks Emanuel if he had anything to do with the murders of the other partners. Was it Bela, then? Em says Bela moves the pieces around but she doesn’t get her hands dirty.

Gabriela has moved over to “Joana’s” table and talks about how afraid she is that her husband will kill her one day. That he won’t give her a divorce until after he wins the election. She doesn’t know for sure what he’s up to, but she’s afraid he’s a criminal. If he became president it would be terrible for the country.

Joana asks if Gabriela hasn’t thought about doing something about that.

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