La Bella Y Las Bestias Tuesday 9/4/18 #63

Em tells Emi he needs time to think about how to explain to Isabela about Chucho. JP calls Emi and asks to speak to Emanuel–he says he’s on his way over.

They called him about the Colombian in Simón’s trunk. Emanuel says he’ll take care of it.

So now Emanuel knows about Zea’s team and he wants him to cut it out. Zea says his plan is to attack Y to distract from X.

Bela’s pissed that they handed their captive Colombian over to Emanuel, but whatever. She started therapy with Mrs. Zea and yeah, she haaaaaaates her husband. She even wants to kill him. But she wouldn’t.

As Zea predicted, Bela calls Emanuel. Because Omar called Team Bela to arrange a prisoner exchange–Darío in exchange for Andrea.

Emi makes her suegra tea. And apologizes for being rude to her. Suegra’s sure Emi’s having a tough time dealing with the massive load of truth that just got dumped on her. Suegra knows everything and she understands Em has had to do things that go against the values she raised him with.

Graciela visits Zea’s office with a news crew to tell him, on camera, that she wants a divorce. He tries to say she’s drunk. Emanuel hears the interview from the car and laughs. Graciela accuses him of hitting her, humiliating her, and mistreating her. And is that the kind of person they want in charge of the country? (Touché, show.)

Omar confronts Bela about killing his sister and complains that Pen’s supposed to be dead. The prisoner exchange is convoluted, but eventually Andrea and Darío get back to their respective teams. Darío and Omar are after revenge for their family members. *yawn*

Emi thinks that Emanuel should be helping Bela and JP.

Marcia’s working out at the gym. She drugs Mike while he’s bench pressing and no one seems to notice he’s missing his spotter. Someone must have noticed and called 911. Pen and Simón head to the hospital and the others go check the security cameras.

Zea gets bad news–the committee wants to re-analyze that video. They don’t want to have that come back to bite them later if his wife says something.

Emanuel tells Emi he’ll try to have an investigation opened against Zea (uh, taking credit for what’s going to happen anyway?). Emanuel makes a bunch of noise about using his power to help the innocent, but Emi tells him he doesn’t have to justify it to her if he wants to go after Zea.

Zea tells his team to forget Bela–he needs them to go after his wife. None of them are interested. Zea threatens to send them back to where they were before. OK, they’re in. Zea wants them to stage an accident at the club.

Graciela calls to thank Joana for helping her find the courage to end her marriage. Bela’s surprised she’s at home and asks her to please pack a bag and get out now! Graciela’s in the middle of packing when Zea gets home. Raquel, the housekeeper, warns him that he might have power, but if he lays a finger on Graciela she’ll go right outside and tell everybody what he’s doing.

Emilia wants to cut the honeymoon short and get back to town.

Mike’s not looking good. Andrea thinks the prisoner exchange was all about leaving Mike alone to attack him. Pen can’t take the waiting and sneaks into the emergency room in time to watch Mike die. (Huh. I feel bad that I don’t really care about Mike dying.) Pen blames Bela. She bangs on Mike’s chest and he comes back for a second. Gosh, now I feel bad that I’m annoyed that he’s alive.

Zea pretends he wants to have a civilized conversation with Graciela about their divorce.

The doctors give Mike 72 hours to see if he recovers, but he’s stable for now. If he makes it then Pen agrees with Andrea…and that’s news to ALL of us, because Pen’s the only one who heard it…she wants out. Bela needs to find some peaceful resolution with Zea.

Graciela has lunch at the club, as usual. Joana joins her, while Marcia watches from across the dining room.

Emanuel sarcastically thanks Zea for being the reason he had to cut his honeymoon short. Zea wants to kill everyone around Bela, not just Bela. He gets a call from Marcia. She’ll send pictures to see if Zea recognizes the woman with his wife.

Emi gets back to the apartment and Andrea’s digging her mature makeover.

Zea freaks out that Bela’s with his wife. She’s screwing up his entire life, she won’t get away with this, blah blah blah.

OK, Emanuel agrees they can get rid of Bela.

But now Zea wants to get rid of Graciela first.

It’s going to look suspicious after what she said to the press. Maybe they can meet at Zea’s tonight and make a plan?

Bela’s worried about Graciela getting killed. JP tells her to make a deal with Zea, then. Bela whines that everyone wants her to drop her revenge plans.

Em and Em come home to Emanuel’s house. She’s adamant about him helping JP and Bela and she wants to help.

Bela goes to apologize to her parents for not killing all their murderers. She doesn’t know if she should go on. She wants help making a decision.

Mike might be paraplegic. Bela tells Pen she suffered enough when her parents died. She doesn’t want to lose the people she has now. She made a “deal” with her parents–if Mike comes out of this OK, she’ll give up her plan.

Marcia approaches Graciela at the club pool.

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