La Jefa del Campeón Monday 9/3/18 #36

Gonzo won’t quit making eyes at Karina. Rey has to call him to help in the bathroom to get his attention. Karina tells Frida she’s academically gifted and she should think about going to a school for geniuses. I’m paraphrasing.

Salomé pays off scammy grammy and tells her to make a run for it–she was caught on video.

Tita and Beba get released and Daniel has lots of kisses for Tita. Froylán and Beba just stand there awkwardly. Froylán babbles about how it was nothing and Beba finally kisses him.

Rey’s pissed of that El Coronel and Sergio didn’t tell him his mom was in jail. But she’s back now. And Rey’s all macho de la casa scolding her for lying again. And where’s Beba? Daniel says she’s with Froylán. And they didn’t have to spend the money on bail, so yay!

Frida tells Salomé what Karina said and Salomé just stomps all over it. She’s gonna have a kid–say goodbye to doing anything else. Or is Beba going to babysit?

Froylán drags a very happy and very drunk Beba into the pension and tries to get her to the kitchen for some coffee. Yeah…Beba’s not looking like the best babysitter right now.

El Coronel’s losing his job. The market wants to put in cameras. (Won’t they still need someone to watch the cameras?)

A still drunk Beba grouches at Froylán about what he would have done if she’d gone to jail and if he’d ask for conjugal visits, ’cause they’re not married or even dating anymore. Froylán tries to tell her she’s the only one he loves, but Salomé comes in and asks him to help her move her bed.

There’s a fire at the karaoke place. Which is so not cool. But Delfino’s OK. But Daniel gets all awkward with Tita again.

Frida’s getting rid of some of her books, but she tells Froylán she’s not going to stop studying. She doesn’t want to let him down. He asks if she’s got a name for the baby yet and Salomé butts in to say they’d better not name them “El Brayan” or “Reycito Junior.” Froylán suggests Beba and Salomé makes a crack about maybe the baby will even be güero.

Rey is really shaken up about the karaoke fire (not to be confused with a disco inferno) and the thought that Delfino could have died. Delfino’s always been there for him when his dad wasn’t. Rey’s determined not to be like his dad. Frida says the baby already has the best dad in the world.

Froylan tells Salomé he’s getting back together with Beba and moving her into his room. Salomé whines at him to at least wait a few days, since she just left his room.

Gonzo notices Karina’s sad. He gives her a flower to cheer her up.

Martina suggests hiring some unemployed actors to roam around the market and have Bonifacio fight them to show they should still keep him around. He doesn’t go for it.

Salome fainted at the café. She tells Froylán she’s been sick and she’s afraid she’s dying.

Frida qualifies for nerd school, but she’s not sure she wants the stress to affect the baby. Rey definitely wants her to have a career.

Daniel comes over to the market to flirt with Tita. He wants to negotiate. He’d be very interested in having Chapulines merchandise in the store when her contract with the Búfalos is up. He asks Beba to mind the store while he kidnaps Tita.

A doctor says Salomé’s dying of something and needs all of Froylán’s support.

Beba and Fabi think Salomé’s faking. Fabi’s glad Frida never falls for Salomé’s lies. And BTW, Rey’s going to propose.

Beba asks about Matías and Fabi says he’s moving to Querétaro with René and his family. His mother’s going to freak.

Salomé swears Froylán to secrecy.

Daniel takes Tita on a picnic in the dark. He’s serious about wanting Chapulines shirts in the store. And also he wants to spend more time with Tita. *smoochies*

Matías and René are packing up René’s/their apartment. Yes, Mr. Bones is totally going with them. Male stops by to talk. She tells René he can stay to hear this, since he’s…Matías’ best friend. (OK, well, that’s true. *sigh* Baby steps.) She doesn’t know if this is something she’s ever going to get used to, but she loves Matías. She still thinks René’s a gentleman, but she’s not ready to think of him as her yerno. René’s ok with her still calling him Matías’ best friend until she’s ready. She invites herself for coffee and they start looking for the cappuccino machine.

Daniel thinks he’s over his jealousy. It has something to do with spending more time with her. Also he thinks the Chapulines uniform would go great in the store.

Yeah, the doctor lied for Salomé. He’s one of her former clients and she claims to have photos.

Two random dudes come up to Tita and Beba’s store and pull out guns. Damnit, Martina! El Coronel and I both think this is her doing. He’s like, seriously, guys? Come on, hand over the guns, give back the merchandise.

The cops show up and Tita finds out those criminals were actual criminals. El Coronel’s confused. Tita leads the crown in a round of applause. Martina comes over in tears. Yep, those were real criminals with real guns and real bullets.

Beba wants a move-in date, preferably before the apocalypse. Salomé comes over to ask if Froylán told anybody…but he told Tita. And Tita hasn’t told anybody, but she thinks they should tell Beba. Salomé doesn’t want Beba thinking she can go after Froylán. Salomé doesn’t want Frida finding out either. Tita promises she’ll keep her mouth shut.

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