La Jefa del Campeón Tuesday 9/4/18 #37

Martina’s cracking the Coronel up, talking about how she almost lost him and would have ended up a ghost moaning in the corners without him. They celebrate life. If you know what I mean.

Sergio tries to recruit Daniel to get Gonzo to keep playing fútbol, but Daniel thinks Gonzo’s old enough to make his own decisions. Tita reminds him he’s already lost Inés. He wouldn’t want to lose Gonzo too.

Montage set to Dale Campeón (the Jefa del Campeón version). Tita hovers as Rey does his therapy in the pool. The kids study. Therapy. Frida and Rey put a crib together. Valeria documents therapy. Studying. Therapy. Valeria takes more pictures. Frida’s annoyed by Valeria being around. Rey trains with Daniel, Gonzo, and Quique.

Months later

Tita begs Dante to help Rey again. Dante doesn’t think it’s likely Rey’s recovered. Tita says Daniel’s been training him and he’s better than ever.

The Tacoche’s doing well. Sergio offers Martina some freebies.

Tita shows up for dinner with Daniel and Rey. Dante didn’t say “no” and he didn’t say “yes.” But he calls and says “yes.” I swear, Daniel looks at Tita like “Wow, you’re hot!”

Frida graduated with honors and we didn’t get to see it. She’s missing her mom. (Uh oh, why?) Froylán encourages her to go back out to the party. Daniel and Sergio take pictures. Beba’s upset when Salomé comes in with Froylán. Inés comes to the party.

The three graduates cut the cake. Fabi gives Quique her cake–she’s lost her appetite since the thing with Matías. Valeria brings presents–expensive watches–for Frida, Rey, and Gonzo. Frida’s uncomfortable.

Sergio tries to get back together with Inés, but she refuses until he lets Gonzo do what he wants.

Tita scolds Rey for spending time with Valeria and ignoring Frida.

As soon as Salomé sees Beba talking to Froylán, she feels sick and wants to go home.

Karina tells Gonzo he’s being so indifferent lately. Is he over his crush? Gonzo says he really had to work not to break his promise to her, but he wanted to kiss her every day.

Well, she’s not his teacher anymore. He’s graduated. She’s divorced Jaime. But that doesn’t mean she’ll go out with Gonzo. She thinks they have to close one circle before beginning another. Karina’s leaving the country to keep studying. She kisses him on the cheek and goes.

Salomé’s plan backfires. Froylán insists on her going to the hospital where a non-bribed doctor says she’s seriously ill and going to die if she doesn’t start treatment immediately.

Frida’s worrying about her mom. Rey’s got his tryouts with the Búfalos today. Frida’s having pains.

At the hospital, Frida says she’s fine, but she has to rest there for a while. She wants Rey to go to his tryout.

Froylán can’t figure out why Salomé’s so much more upset this time than the last time a doctor said she was dying. He says he’ll keep his promise and stick around until the end.

Why is Joel at the pensión? No, you cannot have a chance to show Fabi what it’s like to be with a “real man.” And he’s completely serious. “You’d do anything for me?” Well, he wouldn’t be into hitting, ’cause he’s on TV now and his face has to look good.

She tells him to go. And Matías is way more man than he is.

Frida lied to Rey. She lost the baby. They said she had some kind of infection and she didn’t really understand anything else. She’ll tell Rey later.

Froylán thinks it’s his fault because he told Frida her mom’s sick. Tita gives him the platitude about God testing us (I guess that’s supposed to be more comforting than the scientific “It’s just something that happens and we don’t always know why”). Between this and Salomé dying, Froylán’s a sobbing mess.

El Coronel puts on his uniform and some aftershave to go to work…but Beba sees him at a café talking to a woman and feeding her something. She doesn’t explicitly say this when Martina interrogates her later over burgers.

Daniel takes Rey and Gonzo out for milkshakes after the tryout. Gonzo tries to reassure Rey that if he doesn’t make the Búfalos, Daniel can always get him on the Chapulines. Rey carelessly scoffs at that–a second division team? Daniel’s face registers the ouch.

Tita gets Frida settled in at the pensión. Frida wants to be left alone, but she starts talking about how the baby was here and now they’re gone, like her mom will be gone, like everyone will. Her mom’s dying and Frida feels more and more alone and she wants to die already.

Rey gets home, happily announcing that he did well. Frida tells him between sobs that she lost the baby. She’s blaming herself for not taking good enough care of herself.

Tita’s sad about the baby. She hopes this is the end of the bad times for her family. The whole pensión mourns with Frida and Rey.

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