La Bella Y Las Bestias Wednesday 9/5/18 #64

Bela and Zea call a truce, but I’m not sure either one of them entirely meant it. Bela will quit going after him and he’ll leave her people alone.

Oh yeah, he has no intention of keeping his word. As soon as her guard is down, she’s dead. He and Emanuel are going to drink to it, but they’re out of booze. Em goes to get more…and lets Emi in. She’s disabled the security cameras.

Emi wants to save Graciela from whatever their plan is. Em’s upset she turned the burners on the stove off. He turns them back on so the smell of gas will bring Zea running. Emi comes back in after Zea has turned them off again and ponders what to do.

Bela and JP. Relationship drama. Snogging.

Marcia’s killing Mrs. Zea in the sauna at the club with drops in her water and a temperature control that’s had the knob pulled off. At least she sticks around to block the door…but then she chickens out and leaves Graciela lying half in the hallway.

Zea sneaks back to Emanuel and tazes him. He’s talking about making sure everyone knows what a rat he is before he kills him. He asks Bela to come over to his house to talk. Doesn’t she want to know who had their back to the camera in the video? Hey, he’ll even let her come over armed and with backup.

Marcia calls Zea and says she couldn’t kill his wife. She’s not like her dad. She quits.

Andrea and JP. End-of-relationship drama. Sobbing. The idea that she still wants to be friends with him because she has literally no one else in the world is actually kind of sad.

Emi turns the gas back on, waits for Zea, lights a smoke bomb, and jumps on his back. She’s wearing a gas mask.

Darío and Omar sneak into Bela’s house, but she’s got all those fancy cameras and actual ass-kicking skills, so…nice try, boys. The cops come to take them away.

Zea’s death is on the front page the next morning. His wife is claiming he wouldn’t have killed himself. Emi’s worried they left some trace that can lead back to them.

Pen thinks Bela killed the senator. She swears she didn’t. She thinks it was La Sombra, trying to keep Zea from revealing his identity.

There’s a reporter sniffing around the fed office, but there’s actually not a “director” to give her any information right now and Simón says everything about the senator’s death is classified.

Mike probably won’t ever walk again. He’s taking it much better than Pen or Bela.

The reporter calls Emanuel. He says he’s sure he knows who killed Zea. He meets her at a restaurant. It’s more like he thinks he knows than that he has proof. Now, his name has to be completely left out of it, but the name of the big bad scary person whodunit is…Isabela León.

Bela swears to JP she didn’t kill Zea. He doesn’t seem convinced, according to her. Cue fighting. Relationship on hold.

Em visits Ricardo’s office while he’s running the voice recognition program. Ricardo says he’s hoping he’ll get his job with the feds back soon, since Simón and JP have been reinstated.

Ricardo checks the computer and he’s kind of annoyed that it recorded his conversation with Emanuel. He jokes to himself that he’d better not be a match…but something matches. He calls Simón and says he knows who La Sombra is, they know the person, and he’ll meet him later.

The reporter, Viviana Martinez, has some questions for JP about some deaths…not recent ones. JP says that’s confidential. She wants to know about the bestias, the people who killed the family of Isabela León.

Ricardo stops by Em’s office to say goodbye. He’s got his old job back. See ya! But first Emanuel wants to have a drink. And hey, what has Ricardo been working on while Em’s been away?

Oh, you know, paperwork. Nothing important. And now he’s on his way back to the fed to finish out his last two years before retirement…oh, right, he hasn’t signed his letter of resignation.

JP calls Bela and Pen to the office to tell them about the reporter’s questions.

Ricardo just can’t get out of the office–now it’s Em’s assistant asking him to wait for someone who’s on their way to talk to him. He takes a call in Emanuel’s office from Simón. He asks to speak to Bela and tells her not to leave the office. Bela begs him to just tell her already, who is it?

He says “Emanuel” in response to Emanuel coming back into his office and then says he’ll call her later. The call cuts off.

Ricardo signs the necessary paperwork, asks if he can keep the INTERPOL pen, and agrees to take the folder down to HR.

But Emanuel’s watching him and takes pains to gets on the same elevator. He’s coughing, sneezing, and Emanuel says he knows Ricardo found out his little secret. Ricardo says he’s dying happy, unmasking Em. But how’d he do it? The pen? Emanuel starts asking who he told. Ricardo just says Bela’s going to make him pay for everything he’s done.

Fake-concerned Emanuel drags Ricardo out of the elevator on the ground floor, calling for help.

Em gets to the fed office. Simón and Bela ask if Ricardo sent a message for them, but JP cuts them off–what did Em come over to tell them? He says Ricardo’s dead.

Viviana Martinez is trying to find out what happened to Ricardo and asking to speak to Emanuel.

Bela’s upset that he just happened to die when he was about to tell them what happened. JP says someone’s laughing in their faces. Norman died when they were about to transfer him to prison and who was taking care of him?

INTERPOL. He died of a heart attack.

And Ricardo also died of seemingly natural causes, at INTERPOL.

Bela’s trying to avoid a definitive answer.

Pen gets home and finds out Mike’s out of the hospital. Andrea and Bela claim innocence.

They give Mike the news about Ricardo’s death. Bela finally asks “What if my godfather killed him?”

JP is sure Ricardo was murdered. Simón remembers he said La Sombra was always near them. Simón can’t believe Emanuel would have had his friend killed like that, but JP says it’s a perfect alibi. Ricardo apparently told Simón that when they found out who it was, they’d all be surprised.

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