La Bella Y Las Bestias Thursday 9/6/18 #65

Simón and JP have pretty much decided Emanuel is La Sombra and he killed Ricardo. Simón complains that they need proof.

Bela’s still struggling to believe it was Emanuel.

Emi’s just straight-up asking him. And Emanuel admits he killed Ricardo because he knew too much.

The journalist puts the story together. She even puts Bela’s address in the friggin’ paper and implicated JP and Simón.

Andrea says they’ve gotta find La Sombra, but Bela’s still all conflicted.

Emi doesn’t appreciate that this journalist is impugning JP’s reputation. Or that Emanuel seems amused by the whole thing. He says protecting himself is one thing, killing Bela is another and to him, family is sacred.

JP’s trying to get his hands on that voice recognition software. Simón’s almost hoping it’s not Emanuel, for Bela’s sake and Emi’s.

JP and Simón’s new boss, René, shows up.

Bela’s got people protesting at her house, including Mrs. Zea. Pen’s refusing to let Bela go to Ricardo’s funeral. Bela’s worried that Alicia and her dad will believe everything in the paper.

Mrs. Zea visits René Whatsisface. He can save his condolences–she knows her husband was a creep. But still she wants to press charges against Bela, because Bela tried to get information out of her, pretending to be a therapist (ooh, which could be a crime in and of itself depending on local licensing laws).

JP and Simón are glad Bela didn’t come to the funeral. Emanuel did, though, and he’s asking about Bela and complaining about the reporter. Emi backs him up on that, but she’s looking at him like “Shut up already.”

Bela calls Viviana and her defense is that she only supposed some things…and the title ends with a question mark. Bela wants to know her source. If it’s who Bela thinks it is, it’s a dangerous criminal and one of the killers of her father. Bela warns her that he got what he wanted and now he’s going to get rid of her.

René, Ricardo’s replacement, is there thanks to Emanuel. He’s investigating Bela. And he’s taking JP off the case. Emanuel insists he has to be involved. Let JP play policeman.

Graciela calls Bela. Bela admits what she did was wrong, but she didn’t kill Abelardo. (Seriously, what’s her damage?) Bela tries to make her see that Abelardo was trying to kill her–the woman at the club was working for him. He knew he couldn’t be elected president if he were divorced…but he could if he was widowed.

Bela offers to show her the proof that Abelardo killed her parents. Graciela says she’ll send the address where she is now.

Emanuel calls Viviana to his office to complain that she edited what she told him. She wants to know why he chose her to ruin his goddaughter’s life.

Bela explains to Alicia and her dad that the article wasn’t factual, she didn’t kill anyone…she wanders over to the altar and picks up a picture of a young Maria. She looked just like Chucho.

Bela calls JP to tell him to take the meeting with Graciela, because she’s too far away. She’s busy spying on Chucho. She calls Emanuel to confirm to Ofelia that it’s OK for her to be there.

Viviana goes to René’s office to complain that Bela’s furious with her. René offers two of his best men to guard her until everything settles down.

JP gets to the meeting with Graciela and she’s not happy it’s him instead of Bela. Her car is bugged. It seems like she knows? She’s trying to get JP to admit he covered for Bela. She asks if he’s still in love with her–because that makes him the worst person to deal with this case. JP insists it was one of the senator’s partners who killed him, but he’s not giving Graciela any more information.

Ofelia claims Chucho’s her son. The wonders of medicine, you know. Chuchito’s starting to say too much, but Ofelia can’t get him out of the room before he tells Bela that Don Emanuel looks after him. Ofelia takes Chucho out of the room after letting Bela hang out with him for a few minutes. Bela notices his sweater. Aha, she got a hair off the sweater.

René plays the recording of JP’s conversation with Graciela for JP and Simón. JP shows him the video, but René thinks that just means the reporter was correct. He wants proof that Bela’s innocent or they’re fired.

Emanuel takes Viviana to Andrea’s apartment to kill her. She distracts him by saying Bela was right–that after publishing the story Emanuel would have no use for her. He has Viviana call René to tell him she needs protection, Bela’s after her, etc.

Bela and JP get caught up. They’re on the same page about Emanuel being La Sombra. Then there’s mushy love talk and sex. Priorities, kids.

René comes to Bela’s house, but Pen says she’s not in. He wants to know where she is. She threatened a reporter. Viviana called him.

René comes to JP’s apartment looking for Bela.

Viviana’s still alive. Emanuel has her undress and get into her bathtub, with underwear on, before dropping a hair dryer into the water.

The next morning René’s sure it was Bela trying to make it look like suicide, which is so wrong on so many levels. Simón’s not convinced that the call from Viviana was genuine. JP says the only fingerprints were Viviana’s and no, Bela didn’t do this. Yeah, JP was alone when JP came over, but Bela had just left. “Well, there you go, she left and went to kill Viviana.”

Andrea, Bela, and Pen are sure it wasn’t suicide and it wasn’t Bela. Mike tells them they need proof.

Bela calls the lab to see if the DNA test results are ready. And yep, the samples came from two people who are related to each other. It’s a 99% match between Ofelia and Chucho. She’s sure Ofelia is his grandmother. Now they need to find his father…and Chucho said Emanuel was almost like his dad.

JP and Simón come over to Emanuel’s office with Emi. They think Viviana’s death was staged. La Sombra did it. They don’t know who La Sombra is, but that’s what they’re investigating. Em offers them whatever help his office can provide.

But they’ve decided to quit the police force.

Emanuel asks them to hold up…just like he said in the video when Armando said they had no other option. JP and Simón trade looks.

Yep, they’re quitting. They just can’t work with this new boss. It’s almost like someone paid him to give them a hard time. Emanuel tries to stop them from leaving his office at least, asking for an update on their Sombra investigation.

JP says they’re stalled by not having the voice recognition software. They don’t think Bela killed Viviana. They think the Sombra did it.

Mike and Pen visit Alicia and her father. Pen has to break it to Alicia that Maria was pregnant when she was kidnapped.

Alicia says there’s no way. Mike says the thing is, her kid isn’t dead. Pen hands over a picture of Chucho on her cell phone. They have to find out if he’s really Maria’s son.

Simón tries to keep Emilia at a café with him, waiting for JP to come over and tell her something about Emanuel. She tries to leave and Simón says Emanuel was a partner of her father and one of Bela’s family’s killers.

There’s a crowd outside Bela’s house again. Emanuel’s trying to convince René that the two of them should go in alone.

Andrea sees the police vehicles outside and panics. She and Bela pull down the shades before Bela takes a call from Emanuel.

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