La Jefa del Campeón Friday 9/7/18 #40

Quique comes over to the pensión to congratulate Rey. Everyone’s talking about how he’s going to be the next big Mexican fútbol player. Daniel teases him–he shouldn’t believe Quique. Tita tells him to take out the trash. What? He may be a champion, but he’s still got chores. Quique offers to help. Daniel and Tita sneak out to go dancing.

Days Later

It’s game time. Frida didn’t come, but she said she’d watch online. Daniel tells Rey to focus, but he’s nervous. He remembers that guy back home who told him he’d never be anything but a pescador.

OK…it’s Chapulines vs. Búfalos for the Copa México. Doña Sara’s in Chapulines territory since she likes how Tita narrates games.

Frida’s watching on her computer. Froylán says the doctor just gave Salomé some kind of shot and she went to sleep. He goes to make popcorn so they can watch the game together.

I keep forgetting who I’m supposed to be cheering for here. Nelson misses a goal. Joel talks about Rey being the guy the Búfalos didn’t want to hire. Rey scores off a pass from Cachorro.

Rey gets tripped by one of the Búfalos players and everybody freaks out. He’s ok, though. He’s taking the penalty kick and he makes it, of course. Because he’s Rey. (Mr. 5ft: Unless you screw up you generally score from that position.)

Wow, um…that looks kind of bad that a second-division team beat five first-division teams, as Joel said. The Búfalos stand around looking cranky while the Chapulines celebrate.

Frida wonders if Rey will end up on the national team. Froylán figures he’ll end up playing in Europe. He hates seeing Frida upset over Rey, but she says she’s fine.

Valeria thinks Rey’s dedicating his win to her, but Beba’s like…dude, he’s pointing at his mom. Valeria runs out to the field to snog Rey while the cameras are rolling.

Valeria’s sister whose name I can’t remember shows Doña Natalia the picture of Valeria kissing Rey.

At the press conference after, Daniel says it was a great game. His team worked hard. The reporters are trying to bait Daniel and Rey into saying this was a revenge match, but Rey insists he wasn’t thinking about it like that at all.

The reporter who interviewed Rey and Tita at the airport is there. Rey points his mom out and everyone takes pictures of Tita in her Chapulines jersey.

The Búfalos president is furious. Why didn’t Arsenio hire Rey? Instead he hired Archundia, who was nearly as bad as Gonzo. He’s benched from now on. But what do they do? Their guy is nowhere near as good as Rey. Dante’s like “Well, I told him to hire Rey.”

We don’t get to hear from Cachorro, but Daniel talks about how he’s not washed up like everyone thought.

It’s the Búfalos turn now. The club president and Arsenio are the only ones there to talk to the press. The club president congratulates the Chapulines and then fires Arsenio. Joel asks why he’s doing this now when they’ve had bad games before. Because Arsenio told him not to hire Rey.

Back at the pensión, Sergio hears about Arsenio getting fired and complains that he gave Arsenio a lot of money to give Gonzo’s career a push and he never did anything. Gonzo’s like “Oh, sure, say it a little louder so everyone can hear!”

Rey and Gonzo tell Daniel that Arsenio accepting bribes was an open secret. They never said anything because Arsenio was so buddy buddy with the club president. Daniel’s glad he won’t be there to screw up any more players’ careers. Rey says the good news is Arsenio’s not with the Búfalos anymore. Subtext: Now I can play for the team I really wanted to. Daniel’s face: Couldn’t wait to kick me in the shins, could you?

Frida knew Rey would get over their relationship, but she didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. Beba thinks it’s just lust with Valeria. Rey interrupts their talk so Frida can congratulate him. Yeah, how great that his dreams are coming true. Rey’s sure good things are on the way and he wants to share them with Frida.

Shouldn’t he be sharing them with Valeria? Anyway, Frida’s off to a friend’s house to study. Rey offers to go with her, but she says they’ll be talking about math and she doubts he’d be interested.

Rey seriously asks Beba if Frida’s mad at him. (I love Rey, and in some ways he’s very mature, but in other ways he still has a lot of growing up to do.)

Tovar (I think that’s Arsenio’s ex-boss) wants to talk to Tita tomorrow. Daniel’s sure he’s going to want to make a deal. And now Daniel has to figure out how to replace Rey. Tita asks him if he’s going to cry.

Uh, no. Because he has an exclusive contract with Rey’s mom. Rey can do whatever he wants and Daniel’s going to be OK with it as long as he gets to be with #10’s mom.

Beba asks Rey if it’s really over between him and Frida. Rey complains that Frida keeps pushing him away. “Well, she saw you kissing Valeria!”

Rey (and I’m really holding on by a thread here) says TECHNICALLY Valeria kissed him and TECHNICALLY he’s single. And Beba’s like “Dude, TECHNICALLY you should realize there are things you shouldn’t do! Duh!”

Doña Nadia. Ranting. Valeria’s not dumping Rey. Besides, her mom ignores her all the time, so she might as well keep doing that.

Fabi seems weird the next morning. Delfino jokes that she’s pregnant. Martina says she really does look a little pale. Fabi’s sure it’s just a little stomach flu.

Rey explains to Beba that he’s not at the meeting with the Búfalos because if he went he’d be saying yes to everything. His mom’s better at dealing with money stuff.

Valeria comes in, asking to talk to Rey because her mom was so upset about seeing them kissing.

Dante comes to the pensión, not looking for Rey. He says he likes the way Daniel coached his team.

Daniel doesn’t get it. Dante pretty much made his life hell and then ignored him.

Dante insists it was because Daniel threw their last game and had a positive drug test. Daniel can’t explain it, but if Dante wants to tell that story, fine. He’s been doing it for years.

So he didn’t show up looking for Rey, or Daniel, or Beba, but now Beba comes around the corner and he apologizes for what happened with the two of them before. He really thought Beba was coming on to him. Froylán tumbles around in the background and sneaks up with a potted plant over his face to listen. Dante invites her out for coffee.

Tita gets right to the point–what are they offering to get Rey back to the Búfalos. Tovar hands her a business card and Tita mournfully says that’s way too little. Rey’s going to play the Copa Latinoamerica, everyone’s going to get a look at him, he’ll be getting a lot of offers.

Tovar says if he signs with the Búfalos he won’t be able to play the Copa. Tita says they could always give him permission in the contract. Right, but Tita would be risking a hefty fine if Rey gets injured. Tita’s OK with that, but they need to discuss his weekly salary and his bonus for goals, and the one for him getting named highest goal scorer, and what happens if they want him on the national team? They’d have to write in permission for that.

Dante and Beba end up having coffee at the pensión. Dante explains that he was married, but he’s getting a divorce. In that case Beba says they’ll have to be just friends. She knows guys always end up wanting to go back to the wives they divorced. Dante’s sure that’s not going to happen. And besides…he likes a challenge.

Beba tells him to get into car racing and drink his coffee before it gets cold.

Daniel’s assistant coach comes to pay back the money he borrowed. His father-in-law came through and he didn’t need it after all. But there’s something he’s gotta tell Daniel…

He and Arsenio did everything they possibly could to make sure he lost that game. They put something in his drink so he’d test positive for drugs. Daniel’s furious–he was accused of being a drug addict. He got kicked off the team.

Tita got the contract worked out, but Rey won’t be able to play the Copa Latinoamerica.

Archundia’s dad wants his money back. Daniel approaches and asks how much money Arsenio’s asking. Daniel starts smacking Arsenio around until Dante shows up. Arsenio says Daniel’s just drunk, which is like…how convenient is that that he’s the one who gave Daniel that reputation and now he can just say “dude’s drunk” to excuse anything. Not today, though, because today Julián is there to back up Daniel. He and Arsenio drugged Daniel because Arsenio took a bribe to throw the game (at least I’m assuming that’s what he means by “vendió el partido“).

Daniel really wants to beat Arsenio’s smug face in, but Dante and Julián hold him back. They’ve got audio and Dante says Daniel’s going to come over and play it for Tovar. He’ll take care of Arsenio and Archundia and the only bad thing is Tovar can’t do anything to make up for Daniel getting kicked off the team.

Daniel’s not worried about that. Julián apologizes again and says he’ll resign right away. Daniel feels like Julián has made up for his past error. He and Dante are both OK with him staying.

Dante’s upset at himself for believing what Arsenio told him. He promises he’ll do what he can to clear Daniel’s name.

It’s time to watch Dante and Daniel’s interview with Joel on Televisa Deportes. Dante and Daniel bust each other’s chops about the picture of them when they were both playing.

They get down to business and start talking about the doping scandal. They can’t name names because there’s a pending court case. Dante makes a public apology for letting what happened interfere with their friendship. Dante puts in a plug for Daniel as a coach…and he’s in love.

Daniel’s embarrassed, but yeah, he’s in love, someone gave him a second chance and believed in him when no one else did. He tells the entire world he loves Tita. The pensión peeps call for a kiss and rain popcorn down on them and damnit Delfino, get that look on your face!

The wedding’s on. There’s not really anything for Rey to do to get organized. Fabi’s talking dress, flowers….

There’s a press conference for Rey to show off his Búfalos jersey. Daniel says he’s just here to support the family, but he’s got a commitment to the Chapulines for the Copa Latinoamerica. Nelson gives Rey a hard time after about there being a “hierarchy” and seriously Nelson, give it up already. He tells Rey to be careful he doesn’t get injured again.

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