La Jefa del Campeón Thursday 9/6/18 #39

Salomé’s planning to wear the same wedding dress she wore the first time. She was saving it for Frida, but she’s not marrying Rey, is she? Frida says they broke up, but she doesn’t know what’s going to happen. Salomé warns her men don’t know how to be alone, she shouldn’t take it too hard if Rey moves on.

Delfino brings Ginger to the Tacoche. There’s a joke about trompa in the tacos to remind her of home. She thinks she likes ’em spicy, but Sergio might have gone too far.

Valeria wants to take Rey to Spain and try to get him on a team there. Daniel and Tita don’t think that’s a good idea. Rey wants to stay on the Chapulines for now.

Rey comes over to Quique’s to talk about Quique’s mom and Rey’s son and Frida. Rey says Frida asked him to move out of their room. Rey can’t figure out if she was only with him for the baby or what. Quique suspects Valeria’s involved somehow. Rey says he wishes Valeria was more like Frida or Frida was more like Valeria or something.

Beba suggests she move in with Frida so Frida won’t feel as lonely.

Delfino brings Ginger back to the pensión safe and sound. She mentions she saw all Delfino’s…stuff…but I really don’t want to know what she means by that.

Fabi stayed with Quique’s mom over the weekend. She offers to do it again whenever he needs her to.

Rey’s feeling more motivated now that he’s on a team. Daniel introduces him to the guys.

Before Rey gets on the field, Daniel says once he gets on that field, they’re not related. He introduces Rey to Cachorro, who’s also the captain.

It’s time for Salomé and Froylán’s wedding. El Coronel sent Ginger on a tour to Teotihuacán. Delfino’s sad he won’t get to dance with her, but Froylán breaks it to them that there won’t be dancing after. Salomé doesn’t want to party.

Frida walks Salomé down the aisle. Before the ceremony can start, she feels dizzy. Frida brings her a chair. The paperwork gets signed, with Delfino and Sergio as witnesses. Beba can’t handle seeing Froylán put the ring on Salomé’s hand and ducks around the corner to cry. In the background, Froylán awkwardly kisses Salomé.

Ginger totally has a thing for Delfino. Beba jokes about him just wanting a green card. Tita says she’s always welcome there. Ginger starts listing all the things she loves about Mexico…chilaquiles, mariachis….

Beba and Tita visit the doctor who diagnosed Salomé (but lied) and he says she’s completely healthy. Beba’s rude to Salomé when she gets back to the pensión. She tells Froylán Salomé’s faking.

Martina comes over to where Beba and Froylán are talking and says Salomé’s dead. Beba laughs at her. Froylán and Martina are in a rush to get Salomé to the hospital, but Beba just keeps watching them run around and saying it’s all fake.

Tita tells Daniel Salomé lied about being sick to marry Froylán. He’s surprised. But he’s not worried about Beba and Salomé killing each other–it hasn’t happened yet. Daniel is a little worried about what’s going to happen when Frida and Froylán find out.

He changes the subject to the Chapulines and his plans to build more pairs like Cachorro and Rey–veteran players and young guys with talent. He wants to compete against the first-division teams and prepare the team to go after the Copa México.

Tita gets a call from Rey–Salomé’s dying. She tells him to stick to Frida and they’re on their way.

Salomé has decided she doesn’t want to die and she doesn’t want to lose her family. She begs Tita to help her.

Beba promises Froylán she’ll be there for whatever he needs.

Frida watches Rey ignore a call from Valeria and she says she’ll give him his space so he can talk. After all, they decided they’re just friends now.

Tita tells Rey that Salomé has decided she wants treatment. He’s happy to pay for it, as long as Frida doesn’t find out.

I don’t know what his angle is, but Arsenio tells Dante that Daniel has been betting on games and he threw the last game the Chapulines played against the Búfalos. And Dante believes him, but he’s not going to confront Daniel.

Rey, Daniel, and the assistant coach explain to Frida how the tournament they’re about to enter works. (Oh…hahaha…you thought I was paying attention?)

Daniel and the assistant coach leave Fabi’s office and AC tells Daniel his son ended up in jail and he has no idea what to do. He asks Daniel for the money for bail and fines and stuff. Daniel agrees to lend it to him.

Tita finally has to explain to Beba that Salomé’s actually sick.

Daniel. Team. Pep talk.

Arsenio. Team. Pep talk. He’s getting irritated that the guys keep talking about Rey. Also, the infamous Archundia looks like he’s about twelve.

One Month Later

There are two games left to go for the Chapulines to win the Copa México. Everyone’s in the stands. Beba’s being the buffer between Valeria and Frida. Joel is announcing the game. The Chapulines are the only second-division team in the tournament.

Rey misses a goal. (I said something uncouth and Mr. 5ft laughed at me.)

They’re tied with Club del Valle.

Rey gets another chance and this time he makes it. (Is it just me or was his foot really close to that goalie’s face?) The ref calls for the end of the game.

So, as we all knew would happen, the Chapulines go up against the Búfalos for the Copa México.

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