La Jefa del Campeón Wednesday 9/5/18 #38

Salomé may be dying, but she’s not giving up the ‘tude. Froylán noticed too. She’s talking about how at least Frida’s problem is taken care of and now she can get back to her life. She doesn’t think Rey’s still going to marry her.

The last thing Salomé wanted was to have to look at Tita and Rey, but they come over and ask her to try to fix her relationship with Frida before she dies.

El Coronel confesses that he’s really sad he’s not going to be Bisabuelo Coronel. Martina tells Beba she thinks this is all reminding Bonifacio about the loss of his son. Beba hints that maybe the Coronel is cheating, since he didn’t have a very clear story about where he’d been today.

Tita’s hoping the Búfalos will hire Rey. Daniel’s sure they will. He knows it’s not a good time, but he wants to talk about their wedding. A very small wedding. Tita agrees to pick a date.

Frida’s feeling empty. Rey admits he was afraid to be a father, but he was starting to hope. He imagined the baby playing fútbol like him or being smart like Frida. Frida asks why this happened to them.

Rey doesn’t know how to comfort Frida and Frida doesn’t either. But she figures there’s nothing keeping them together anymore. Nothing is ever going to go back to the way it was. (I hate you so much right now, show.)

Sergio’s swigging directly from a bottle of champagne. He’s celebrating the success of the Tacoche. He sarcastically asks Gonzo how he’s going to pay for his fashion design classes.

Some guy named Archundia offers Arsenio a briefcase full of money to get his son on the team.

El Coronel’s off to work early…or is he?

The club president is confused–why is Arsenio not hiring Rey? He claims Archundia’s all they need. And no way will Rey ever play the same after that injury.

Rey doesn’t know what to do when Frida won’t talk to him. Tita tells him to just be there–don’t talk if she doesn’t want to. There are really no comforting words you can say to a mother who lost her child.

Salomé thinks she’s dying. Froylán tells her to get some sleep and she’ll feel better. She wants to marry Froylán again before she dies. She’ll die soon anyway and he can remarry.

Valeria comes over to the pensión. Rey tells her about the baby. Valeria’s with Salomé–it’s the best thing that could have happened. Frida hears them talking, Valeria telling Rey what he’s feeling for Frida isn’t love.

Martina confronts Bonifacio about cheating on her. She followed him to a hotel. He doesn’t say he’s cheating and he doesn’t say he’s not, he just goes along with what she’s saying and says if she wants, he can introduce her to the woman she saw him with.

Froylán tells Beba he’s marrying Salomé again. That’s the last straw for Beba.

Rey finds out he didn’t make the Búfalos. Quique comes over and confirms Rey didn’t make it. (I love his “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap” shirt.) Rey doesn’t take it well.

Rey goes to complain to Frida. He should have stayed with her at the hospital, what were all his efforts for, etc. He feels like a failure. His career is over.

Beba’s so upset about Froylán, she tells Tita about Bonifacio. It was kind of an “All men are alike” moment.

But no worries, ’cause the girl Beba saw him with is his niece. Who doesn’t speak much Spanish and can’t understand it when Martina’s talking fast. Boni invites her to the pensión tomorrow and says Martina will cook. She explains in what she thinks is English (ending every major word with -cion) that she doesn’t cook, but they have a friend who makes tacos. Niece speaks tacos. For sure. She’ll meet everyone tomorrow.

Daniel asks Rey what he’s going to do now. Rey digs into some dessert and morosely says he’s going to enroll in a university and work part-time to pay for it, but no more fútbol. He’s not going to drag his mom along as he gets all the doors slammed in his face. Daniel thinks it would be a bigger disappointment for her if he doesn’t try.

Rey thinks maybe he could do what Gonzo suggested and try to get into the 2nd division team like the Chapulines.

Valeria calls Frida to ask her not to pressure Rey…or rather, to break up with him. Now that they’re not having a baby. Frida says she’s not holding on to Rey. She just wants to be left alone to mourn in peace.

Martina’s horrified to find out that Froylán is marrying Salomé again. Beba asks about the girl with the Coronel and Martina tells them it’s his niece política (by marriage). She’s coming over tomorrow to meet everyone.

Rey apologizes for throwing a tantrum. Frida knows not getting onto the team was hard for him. She’s decided to go to the nerd school Karina mentioned. She thinks Rey should do…whatever’s best for him. They’ll always be friends, but forget about engagement and marriage.

Daniel has gotten carte blanche from the Chapulines to bring on any player he wants to so they’ll have better luck next season. That’s Rey, of course. But he’s also bringing back Cachorrito Diaz. So, they’ll see how he and Rey get on together.

Salomé calls Beba into her room to thank her for taking everything so well. Beba says the important thing is for Salomé to be OK. And if she needs anything, Beba’s here for her. Salomé’s surprised to hear it. Beba and Froylán pass each other in the doorway.

Salomé’s letting Froylán make all the arrangements. He asked Sergio to make the food. Salomé’s just excited to be the Señora again, even if it’s just of this room.

The Coronel and Martina introduce Ginger to Tita and Rey. Nobody understands a word anybody else is saying. Tita talks too loud. Ginger Spanglishes about how glad she is that Tita and Rey have adopted her favorite uncle.

Ginger meets Delfino. A sudden attack of sciatica leaves her with Delfino as a tour guide.

They have corneas for Quique’s mom! Daniel, Tita, and Fabi all go with him to pick her up and take her to the hospital and wait for the transplant. Nooooo! They had a problem during the surgery, something with the anesthesia, but they couldn’t continue.

She was allergic to the anesthesia. Quique says she can still have the operation, they just need to test her to see what anesthesia she’s not allergic to. And she’ll still have to wait because they’ve given the corneas to someone else. (Damn, show!)

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