La Piloto 2 Friday 8/31/18 #26


Muñeco and Monica scream at Yoli to open the cockpit door. Muñeco threatens to start shooting people if she doesn’t.

In LA, Dave, Wilmer and their team prepare to stake out the international arrivals gate. Wilmer wonders what happened to Monica that she’s on Team Evil now. Dave’s not sure, but she was never really the same after they killed her sister. They agree John wouldn’t have a reason to lie, but Dave just doesn’t trust him.

Muñeco kicks the co-pilot out and takes his seat. He demands Yolanda land the plane at the closest airport, before they fly over the border. Yoli tries to talk him out of it for safety reasons, but he keeps screaming at her to just do it and head for Tijuana.

Andrea tries to comfort the flight attendant who has absolutely nothing to do with their outside drama and from now on will be changing flights if she’s assigned to one with Yoli, Olivia, or Andrea. Monica tries to get Olivia to tell her how they knew she’d be on this flight. Olivia says they didn’t know. Monica looks like she doesn’t believe her.

Yoli starts talking to the tower, asking for permission to land. They want to know why–is there an emergency? Muñeco doesn’t know English, but he tells her to be careful about what she says. Yoli explains they weren’t expecting her and she has to get their permission to land.

In English, Yoli says they have a hijacker in the cockpit and they tell her which runway to use.

One of Dave’s agents just found out the flight was hijacked and landed in Tijuana. Dave’s sure this is Monica’s doing.

Monica’s collecting everyone’s cell phones. (Am I the only one who thinks they might try to keep theirs?) Olivia has to get up to get hers out of her purse. Andrea swears she lost hers and for the life of me I can’t remember if that’s true or not.

Chinga la Migra

That piece of paper Rosalba signed under duress? She admitted to being in the country illegally and would forfeit her right to return for the next ten years.

The asshole who tricked her into signing it says she didn’t ask what the consequences were. He gives her one chance to call Yoli, but…well, she’s kind of busy right now.


Yoli lands the plane. And seriously, Muñeco all that “be careful” bullshit…she’s calmer than you are, so shut up!

Yoli’s supposed to hang out in line, since they weren’t assigned a gate, but Muñeco’s freaking out and he wants her to just…stop by a hangar.

Muñeco tells Monica to call the Coronel.

Monica blames the situation on Olivia for recognizing her. They need someone to come get them. She hears Irina saying it’s on the news and hangs up.

Yeah, USFLY stock must be tanking by now.

The police surround the parked plane. Muñeco screams at everyone to pull down the blinds while Monica looks like she’d really be OK with him spontaneously dying right now.

He takes one of the passengers over to the door of the plane as a shield while he screams at the cops to go away and throw their guns down or he’ll start killing hostages. Sorry, unnamed extra.

Dave calls someone in Tijuana to tell them not to do anything until he gets there.

Muñeco hands Monica Yolanda’s cell phone. Yoli tries to do that “C’mon, Monica, we trusted you” thing, but Monica’s having none of it. She’d rather talk about how Yoli knew she’d be on this plane. Yoli darts her eyes over to Olivia then says she didn’t know.

Muñeco wants into the cargo hold, but Yoli says she doesn’t know how to get in there…until he threatens a passenger.

Regueros gets the news about the hijacked plane.

Santamaría tells his guys, including John, they’re off to Tijuana. Not that they have a rescue plan, but the important thing is to get there. Irina thinks she should be going with them, but Santamaría says things are too messed up right now. They’ve got a guard missing. Until they can figure out what’s going on, it’s safer if she goes home and he’ll call her later.

Santamaría hands John a gun, which seems smart on John’s part, not reaching for one. They all get into a helicopter. John manages to avoid radar in the US until they’re nearly over the border. Santamaría tells him to just keep going. They’ll get to the airport, see what’s what, and improvise.

Regueros is in the conference room with a bunch of other executives, watching the news coverage in dismay. There are four board members waiting on hold for him, but he tells his assistant to tell them he’ll call them back. “I told them that five minutes ago.” He slams his hands down on the table and says they’ll just have to keep waiting.

Muñeco’s guys get into their checked luggage and start pulling out guns. Yoli paces the aisle and tells the passengers they’re all going to be OK–these people just want to get off the plane and they’re going to get what they want. She asks Monica for assurance that no one’s going to get hurt (except for the guy who already got shot in the head) and Monica’s like “Hm, well…depends on how they behave.”

She tells Muñeco that Santamaría’s on the way with a helicopter, but he’s still twenty minutes away.

Dave and Wilmer arrive in Tijuana. Dave tried to explain that this isn’t a terrorist thing, but I’m not sure if the locals paid any attention? He approaches the fed who’s in charge and gets an update. Dave warns him they’ve probably got people on the way and they should block all the entrances.

Dave calls Monica. Yep, she’s on the plane. Dave asks her WTF is going on with her that she’s working for the Russian mob.

Monica whines about Dave betraying everyone and her going to jail for no reason and he didn’t care. He can stuff his morality.

Dave moves on to asking what she wants.

“Duh! I want a ladder, I want to start getting people off this plane.” If he doesn’t get her a ladder, they can’t do that.

Dave warns Monica not to touch Yolanda or he’ll burn her alive.

Bill calls and leaves a message on Olivia’s phone, whining about how he really needs to know she’s doing OK.

Vasily watches the news, upset. He hates problems like this! He calls Irina, and she says she doesn’t have the details yet, but she knows Muñeco hijacked the plane because Yolanda was flying it. She had no idea Yoli would be on that plane, it was just a weird coincidence.

Vasily doesn’t believe in coincidence. Has he taught her nothing? If Muñeco gets busted, he’ll turn on them.

Irina assures him Santamaría’s on it.

Well, Vasily hopes he can resolve this since it’s all his fault this is happening. It’s his obsession with the Mexican pilot. If he loses anyone, he’ll make sure Santamaría pays for it.

While Irina’s on one cell phone, there are two others stacked on the dining table. Julia and Arley are watching. Julia’s sure one of those cell phones is the one Irina uses to talk to his mom. Arley’s all about jumping out the window to swipe it, but Julia shuts the window and tells him it’s too risky.

Monica tells Yoli this is all her fault. Everything she touches, she destroys. Monica’s defensive about Yolanda not knowing what she’s been through. Muñeco tells her to leave the chick fight for later.

The ladder’s in place. Passengers start walking out…but not all of them.

Dave calls Monica again. She’s irritated that she has to explain how all this works. They were going to release SOME of the passengers. She keeps bugging him to get the cops out of there, but Dave says she knows he can’t.

If Dave’s trying to convince her to turn herself in, that’s not happening. She’ll start shooting passengers one at a time if he doesn’t get rid of the cops. Monica fires at the ceiling, giving Yoli a chance to dash for the cockpit and call the tower. Monica doesn’t want Muñeco wasting bullets to get her to open the door. She hands him a fire extinguisher.

Yoli tells the tower the hijackers are planning to take a helicopter out of there and it’s on the way.

Olivia and Andrea try to take Monica out, but they fail. The tower calls the fed in charge and tells them to look out for a helicopter.

Santamaría insists on circling the airport.

Muñeco starts sending passengers out and tries to hide among them. From the helicopter, Santamaría starts shooting people. John accidentally on purpose tilts the helicopter so Santamaría has to get back inside.

Santamaría wants John to land behind the hangar. Dave takes a couple of agents with him to follow Muñeco and Monica. So, basically the helicopter’s already full, but they’re going to squeeze five more people in there?

Yes! Monica takes advantage of the confusion and shoots Muñeco. Then she turns to Dave…but he doesn’t shoot. And neither does she.

It’s down to Yoli, Oli, and Andrea in the plane. Yoli gets out, telling them to stay behind.

Monica sees John in the pilot’s seat and hesitates. Santamaría has to shoot one of their guys because the helicopter’s too heavy otherwise. There’s more shooting as John gets the helicopter back in the air. I swear I can hear it groaning.

Yoli runs up to Dave, hugs him, and tells him Santamaría was in the helicopter.

At the USFLY offices, Regueros tells everyone to take five. He sits in the conference room alone, ignoring a call on his phone.

There’s news footage of Yoli and Dave, which Solano sees. Rosalba sees it too.

Wilmer gets on the plane and hugs Olivia. He just shakes his head when she asks if they got Muñeco and Monica.

Dave and Yoli are still chasing down the helicopter that’s had a little too much Thanksgiving dinner. Santamaría’s firing at them and Yoli’s firing at him from the car window. John says he can’t go any higher. Monica says they need to drop weight.

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