La Piloto 2 Thursday 8/30/18 #25


John sneaks back to the car to chloroform the guy in the trunk.

John’s supposed to go pick up Muñeco with Buitre and a couple of other guys. Irina hands him the official company tablet with the obnoxiously obvious symbol on it so Muñeco can find John.

Irina asks John how he slept last night. “Como sedita” which sounds like…as if he were sedated? Which is kind of funny, given the guy in the trunk.


Gilberto is swearing he’ll never drink like that again. Andrea’s heard that one before. She tells him he needs to stay inside the apartment. He teases her about getting kicked out of the safe house because everyone figured she had a thing for the gafufo (from gafas, glasses, i.e. Wilmer) and Olivia kicked her out.


Dave’s driving in with Wilmer. He asks for a couple of pills out of the glove compartment. He takes it upon himself to talk to Wilmer about his relationship with Olivia. Dave argues that Olivia’s under extra pressure because of John and Andrea’s just confusing Wilmer.

Well, he doesn’t know if they’ll be able to go back to what they had before. Doesn’t Dave worry about that? That he and Yoli won’t be able to go back? Dave nods.

Oli and Yoli are waiting for the taxi driver to show up. Wilmer comes over and says the signal from Rosalba’s cell is approaching the airport, but still far away. Dave tells them he’ll deal with the taxi driver–Oli and Yoli need to go check in and if they see Muñeco, take a picture.

At the USFLY lounge, Oli and Yoli check in. Yoli steps away from the desk to take a call from Solano. Talk about awkward–Arley’s been missing for quite a while now and all Yoli can tell her is that they know he’s alive. Solano’s starting to doubt Yoli’s promises that they’ll find him.

The taxi driver shows up and Wilmer makes the exchange–an envelope of cash for Rosalba’s purse. But no passport. Dave flashes his badge and this dumbass shoots at them and goes peeling off through the parking garage.

Bill catches Yoli and Olivia on their way out of USFLY and whines at Oli that he needs a friend. (And that obligates her how, exactly?) She says she and Yoli are working the flight to Mexico and back. He can call her later. The creep insists on giving her a kiss goodbye.

Casa Irina

I hope Julia gets to meet Yolanda at some point. She’s looking out the window with Arley, pointing out a guard who she says is in charge of watching this entire area of the house and passes by about once every half-hour. She challenges Arley to a game to see who has the better memory–the winner will remember everything she just said.

Arley thinks it’s not fair, since she’s going to say it. Julia assures him she’s older and forgets lots of stuff. But he’s a smart boy. They go back to looking out the window.


Wilmer and Dave are following the taxi driver. Dave keeps trying to get him to pull over, but instead he hits a concrete divider and flips his taxi.

Dave pulls the driver out of the taxi as Wilmer notices the fuel leaking. They both carry the guy as far away as they can before the taxi blows up.

Emergency services have arrived. Wilmer and Dave are figuring the taxi driver wanted to sell the passport on the black market. There’s nothing they can do. The Mexican consulate is closed. Rosalba’s probably getting deported. And they are NOT going to say a word about this to Yolanda or Olivia! They need to stay focused.

John calls and gets caught up on the plan. He’s never met Muñeco, so he can’t help with a description. They’ll be going to pick him up later, but right now he needs help with a little…problem. One of the guards made him.


Olivia welcomes passengers onto the plane. Andrea shows up and she says she’ll explain later why she and Yoli are on this flight.

The flight takes off without problems.

Oli explains to Andrea that they’re looking for some guy named Muñeco who’s on his way to Club Diablo. Andrea remembers that name. She’s excited about the possibility of rescuing Felicidad and the other girls.

Look, she knows she and Olivia’s relationship isn’t going to be the same, but they can at least put it aside for today, right?

Oli agrees and shares her concerns–they know nothing about Muñeco and he’ll probably be traveling under a false name, so she has no idea how they’re going to find him. And yeah, they’re putting differences aside just for today.

Club Diablo

Venancio makes a big deal out of announcing the two fighters tonight. He bugs Felicidad about her face. As soon as he’s gone she and her bunkmate shoot up.


Muñeco and Monica are in line for check-in. Muñeco’s chatty about him and the missus visiting LA and Hollywood. He laughs at the list of things the gate agent asks if they have in their luggage.

The flight lands. Yoli asks Olivia to call Wilmer because Dave’s not answering his phone. Wilmer doesn’t answer either. The only thing they can think of to figure out who Muñeco is is that he’ll probably be traveling with guards. Andrea goes to the gate to start checking people out.

Monica can see Muñeco’s getting nervous before they board. When they get onto the plane, she says they’ve got company. I’m not sure if she noticed Olivia or Yolanda.


Dave brings the taxi driver in on charges of theft of documents. He complains about his taxi. Wilmer tells him to just tell the truth and watch his language! So yeah, he admits he stole this woman’s passport because she wouldn’t pay him. Dave tells the guy at the desk to release Rosalba.

Which he can’t do because she’s already been transferred to an immigration center.

Just Rosalba, mind you…in the back of an SUV by herself. But hey, who cares about fairness or budgets or any of that crap.


Muñeco is seriously stressing and demanding an explanation from Monica. The short version–Yolanda’s flying the plane, Olivia’s a flight attendant, they both know her and they think Santamaría kidnapped her and hey, this is all Irina’s fault because she’s the one who said Yoli and Olivia wouldn’t be on this flight!

Santamaría calls Bill to say his time is up–did he get the address? Bill begs for a few more hours. Once Olivia gets back from her flight to Mexico he’ll get it.

Uh, what flight to Mexico?

Santamaría tells Irina that Yoli’s flying the plane that’s going to Mexico. Bill saw them. Irina insists she checked herself. She checks again and sure enough Yoli’s listed as the pilot of the outbound and return flights. They must have changed it last night. She’s not taking any of his crap about “letting this happen” since he’s the one who showed up wanting sex.

Monica calls and Santamaría puts her on speaker. He knows about their problem. They just found out. Irina says it has to be a coincidence–Yolanda had no way of knowing Muñeco would be on that flight.

Andrea and Olivia have both noticed pairs of men flying together, but in economy class. They can’t decide if that might just be a way to throw off suspicion. Yoli tells them to get ready for takeoff.

John walks into the office and pretends, somewhat successfully, to be surprised that Yoli and Olivia are on board the plane. He says it’s too much of a coincidence. Santamaría wants Muñeco and Monica to get off the plane, but John points out that’s going to attract police attention. Irina agrees.

They don’t have any weapons within easy reach. Irina tells them to just stay on the plane and she’ll have double the security for them waiting at the airport.

Muñeco’s freaking out and wanting to get off. Monica tells him to buckle up and shut up!

Irina is sure there’s no way Yoli could have known Muñeco was on that flight. Santamaría suggests Wilmer might have gotten a look at the passenger list.

But Muñeco is traveling under a false name. Who else knew about the flight besides the three of them? Irina admits there were a few other people.

John starts to take off, but Santamaría wants to know what John was going to tell them in the first place.

Oh…that the car he was supposed to use to pick up Muñeco is having issues and he recommends they change the bujias (spark plugs) so they don’t end up stranded.

Santamaría tells him to take the car to the place next door and have them send a bill.

Speaking of bills….

Santamaría says he didn’t say anything to Morrison about this. What about John?

What would John gain by telling Yolanda? Besides it’s her fault he did jail time.

Dave and Wilmer are on their way to the immigration center to do…well, neither of them even knows what…to keep Rosalba from being deported. Olivia sends a text message to say they’re still looking for Muñeco. John calls Dave and tells him to meet him at the west exit of the airport because he’s got the Russian guard in the trunk and he needs to hand him off.

When they get there, John gives them more bad news–Monica’s working with Muñeco. He wouldn’t be saying this if he wasn’t sure. John says he heard her on the phone. She’s Muñeco’s right hand and she’s on that plane.

Wilmer realizes that means Yoli and Olivia are in danger.

Yep. John tried to call Yoli, but he got voicemail. Wilmer says they need to send a message so they’ll get it once their phones aren’t in airplane mode. (Pet peeve: Every time it seems like sending a text message would be the best course of action, characters try to leave a voicemail instead.) Dave tries calling and leaves Yoli a message about Monica.

Olivia and Andrea are doing drink service. Muñeco angrily tells them that NO THEY DON’T WANT ANY!

John and Dave transfer the Russian to the back of Dave’s SUV…or is it Yolanda’s? It finally hits Dave that it really was Monica in the airport, dressed as a nun. He wants to drop the Russian off at the DEA office and then head for the airport. Rosalba will just have to wait. At least she’s safe. (You just had to go and say that, didn’t you?)

Rosalba gets dropped off at the front desk of the detention center. At least the ICE guy speaks Spanish. He laughs at the report saying she got arrested for assaulting an FBI agent. But no worries…he just needs her to sign this piece of paper here so she won’t have to go to a hearing in front of a judge. Oh sure, it’s in English and he’s not explaining what it means, it’s just going to make her life easier if she signs. (Too much reality there.)

Andrea’s pointing out the weird couple in Row 5 to Olivia. It’s not like they haven’t had passengers be rude to the before, but OK, she’ll go check things out. As soon as she approaches the people in Row 6 to offer them WiFi service Monica’s practically snogging the window. She comes forward and repeats the offer to Muñeco and he flips out, saying so much politeness is sickening.

Olivia agrees, they’re weird. She calls Yolanda and says Monica’s on the flight with some weird guy. Monica keeps saying it can’t be Monica. She remembers what happened with Monica in the LA airport. Olivia and Yoli are both in agreement–if that’s really Monica then she was never kidnapped.

Muñeco does not know how to whisper. He’s hissing at Monica that they have to do something. If he gets arrested in the US they’ll throw him in jail for the rest of his life. He gets up and takes his luggage out of the overhead bin, passing it on to one of the guards that was traveling in a seat farther back. The bag has the components of a gun that he hurriedly puts together in the bathroom. Two guns, actually, one for each of the guards, and Muñeco’s got one as well. I’m guessing this won’t end well.

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