El Gran Final de La Bella Y Las Bestias Monday 9/10/18 #66

Well…the “Gran” part is debatable…and we can’t even be sure about the “Final” part, though I tell you now, there’s nothing that can happen in the next hour that’s going to get me to watch a second season of this!

Bela won’t hand over Andrea, and she tells Emanuel she’s not even at home. Uh huh, with all those people demonstrating out front? She says she snuck out through the back.

The cops force their way into Bela’s house–but Emanuel and René go in first. She and Andrea head for the bunker. Bela hopes her dad never told Emanuel about the bunker. He does notice the cameras and disables them, with René’s gun.

René looks out the window at the courtyard and says this is where Norman killed Enrique. Yep, and now it’s where Emanuel shoots him with his own gun and tells the other cops Bela did it.

JP gets to the café and shows Emi The Video. They’ll verify it with the voice recognition software, but they needed to tell her now because she’s in danger. JP begs her not to tell Emanuel.

Mike and Pen tell Alicia and her dad that Emanuel is the one who’s been taking care of Chuchito all this time.

Days Later

JP and Simón confirm that Emanuel’s voice is a match for the one on the video.

Bela’s furious about Emanuel’s betrayal. (Less complaining, more killing.) She doesn’t want to go after him because she’s worried about Chucho. She doesn’t want Chucho not to have a father. She doesn’t want him coming after her when he gets older.

Emilia tells Emanuel she saw the video. He says he’s not the guy with his back to the camera, but Emi tells him to share whatever other secrets he has now. Em swears Bela convinced JP. Emi knows that video can get him into a lot of trouble.

Emanuel leaves a message for Bela, swearing he won’t let anything happen to her.

Bela returns Emanuel’s call and asks for a meeting. Then she calls JP.

She meets JP at his apartment for some last-minute smoochies. JP’s bragging about how they’re going to get Emanuel, but Bela says the evidence is coming too late. Whatever she’s up to, she’s not telling JP. Instead she apologizes for what she’s put him and Emi through.

Pen’s getting ready to try to get Mike to walk when Alicia and Rodrigo show up at the gym demanding to know if Chucho’s Maria’s son or not.

Emanuel shows up at a warehouse and fiddles with a gadget in the trunk of his car.

JP and Simón show Emi the match, but she says any communications major could fake the results of the software.

Bela stops by the cemetery to tell her parents she’s done.

Bela shows up at the meeting with Emanuel. She confronts him about the video…and the voice recognition software…and Ricardo’s death. He blames JP for filling Bela’s head with ideas. Bela describes how he killed René.

Mike and Pen explain that they’re waiting for Emanuel to go to prison before they sue for custody.

Bela tells Emanuel about the bunker. He finally thinks to ask if she’s recording him, but she knows he’s blocked the signal. She calls him a coward and tells him to admit what he did and they can end this once and for all.

Emi kicks the guys out of her house.

Emanuel admits he agreed with her father’s killing, it’s him on the video, he’s the Sombra. So what does she want now?

She says she knows about Chucho. Where’s Maria?

He killed her. She knew too much.

So what’s he going to do to Bela now? Kill her?

Emi tries calling Emanuel, but gets an out of area message.

Emanuel tries to claim that Enrique was his friend. Bela was like a daughter to him. But he got close to Armando Quintero. He wanted power, he was ambitious. He never planned to kill Bela’s father! But then he got into the casino and it’s just the way things work! The big fish eats the smaller one.

Emanuel says he’s always controlled Bela and today’s no exception.

JP and Simón get back to the gym and say they couldn’t get Emi to believe them. They realize no one knows where Bela is.

Emi barges into Emanuel’s office screaming that it’s his assistant’s job to know where her husband is. She finds the notebook where he wrote down the address.

JP’s driving around with the siren on and trying to get Bela to answer her phone.

Bela wants to know why Emanuel didn’t kill her earlier.

Because it was to his advantage. There are no more partners in the casino.

Just Emilia.

Emanuel screams that she’s his wife.

Bela’s not going to kill him ’cause she’s tired and guilty. She forgives Emanuel, which kind of creeps him out.

JP gets to the warehouse.

Emanuel doesn’t believe her.

Bela says she won’t take Chucho grow up without a dad like she did. He’s ruined her life and Emilia’s and she’s not going to let him ruin his son’s life.

Emanuel screams at her to shut up and Bela makes a run for it.

He’s looking for her in the warehouse when she says JP has all the evidence to put him away. She’s picked up a pipe as a weapon and she won’t put it down. OK, so fine, she puts it down and turns her back and really, someone needs to kill someone already. Emanuel’s all weird about wanting her to turn around and face him and that gives JP a chance to find them and shoot Emanuel.

Crap. Emi shows up. JP begs her not to touch the body. She blames Bela. Bela’s all eaten up with guilt. Emi swears she’ll use all her money to make sure Bela rots in jail.

JP keeps screaming at her to shut up and finally says he’s the one who killed Emanuel. He was about to shoot Bela. He killed their dad.

Emi’s already given up on jail. Now she says Bela has to die. JP warns her if she does anything to Bela she’ll deal with him.

The cops arrive. JP tells them to cover the exits and get an ambulance.

Emi finds the syringe Emanuel had stashed in his jacket pocket and stabs Bela in the neck with it. JP tells the police to grab Emilia. (Damn, family dinners are gonna be hella-awkward after this. It’s almost better if everyone dies.)

Days Later

JP gets promoted to director of the federal police. I had to go back and make sure it said “days” later and not “years.” ‘Cause he’s been a cop for about five minutes, so it seems a little ridiculous to make him the boss. OK, seriously, I’m not repeating his speech about what he’s learned in his “years” on the job, ’cause that’s a crock.

Pen helps Mike start walking again.

Andrea and Simón don’t hate each other anymore.

Alicia and Rodrigo meet their grandson/great-grandson.

JP and Simón give Emanuel’s ashes to Ofelia.

Emi’s in the holding cell in the basement of the fed building, it looks like. No money for a prison set?

JP’s still talking. Move it along, dude. And he’s seriously mentioning Bela in his speech? Oh, people took her entire life away, all she wanted was justice, people took that from her. He loves Bela and she’s fighting for her life. If she survives she’ll go from the hospital to facing murder charges.

JP knows she didn’t do it and there’s no way for her to prove her innocence, so he’s not taking the job. The institution doesn’t do right by the people it’s supposed to serve and he can’t take the job. They can fight over the job and the raise. He’s out. (For that you made people dress up?)

Bela’s conscious. She gets cuffed and two police officers wheel her out of her hospital room.

Someone brings Emi another tray of food. There’s a key hidden in her pickle. Which isn’t a euphemism.

Team Bela dresses up as paramedics and springs Bela from the hospital. JP says they’re a team.

Emanuel’s locked in a cage at Rodrigo’s garage.

Emi gets out. She hands off a suitcase full of casino chips and hops into a van.

JP tells Bela they’re going to the end of the earth.


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