Falco 9/9/18 #8

This week’s case

Someone sets a dead woman in a boat decorated with marigolds and candles. The boat floats out into the mist over a lake.

Casa Falco

So much for his suicide attempt. Instead he’s got a raging hangover and has probably thrown up everything he’s eaten in the last week. He tries a shower, but he just keeps thinking about Juan Pablo.


Falco’s tailing Juan Pablo, watching him get his shoes shined in the park. He calls and tells Tenoch he overslept, but he’s on his way in to work.


The woman in the boat was 22 years old. She died of bacterial meningitis. Felipe has positively identified her as Clara Velasco.

As Salomon explains, Clara Velasco has officially been dead for 17 years. She was killed in 2000 by Miguel Medrano. He’s serving a sentence for six murders, but he never told them where to find Clara and they never found her body.

Falco wants to go interview Medrano. Tenoch seems pleasantly surprised when Salomon tells them to go for it.


While they wait for Medrano, Tenoch shows Falco some news footage that reviews what we already know about the case and adds that Medrano denied being the murderer for days before admitting he kidnapped and killed six girls.

Tenoch doesn’t know why he would claim to have murdered Clara if he didn’t. Falco thinks he was just trying to add to his reputation without doing the work. Tenoch thinks he might have been covering for the real kidnapper. But “both” is always an option.

A guard brings Medrano in. It’s a pretty short interview. He looks at a post-mortem photo of Clara and says she was prettier when she was younger. Falco gets up in his face and says he’s not the big deal he thinks he is–everyone outside has forgotten about him. So if he has something to say, he’d better say it.

Medrano asks what they’d say if he told them he only found out Clara was alive a couple of weeks ago. If they want more than that, they’ll have to negotiate.


Caro’s walking through a school building when we, at least, hear a male voice asking for a name. She walks into a classroom as “Ivan” tells a classmate that if she doesn’t want to go out with him on Friday, she’d better not be going out with anyone else.

Caro asks what’s going on and Ivan tells a crying girl she already heard him. He walks out, leaving Caro with the victim of his harassment.

Police Station

As Tenoch and Falco are walking in, Falco sees something on Tenoch’s phone screen about “92%.” Tenoch explains he’s signed up for “Matchie,” a dating app that matches you with other users based on your compatibility. He refuses to go out with anyone who scores less than 90%.

Sounds good to Falco. Math never fails in love. /s

Salomon brought in Clemente Bucio, who was in charge of Clara’s case in 2000.

Clemente tells the guys that they spent years looking for Clara. They had assumed the worst and were relieved when Medrano confessed.

Falco tells him Medrano always knew she was alive.

Juan Pablo comes over to shake hands with Clemente and apologize for not greeting him earlier–he was at a meeting.

Falco pounces on that, but Juan Pablo has a ready answer–the Colonia Juarez offices.

Falco tells Clemente they’ll clear this up quickly.

Clemente hopes so–it’s eating away at him (me carcome) to have this unresolved.

Clemente sticks around, watching video from the prison. Two weeks ago a guy claiming to be Medrano’s brother visited him.

They call Clara’s father in to give him the bizarre news and ask if he recognizes Medrano’s visitor. Mr. Velasco is understandably upset after having buried his daughter once and now finding out she wasn’t dead and having to bury her all over again.

As the guys are passing by Salomon’s office, she says they have a name for Medrano’s visitor–Ramón Payró, a nurse who was in prison for selling drugs. Tenoch will have to track down a family member.

She asks Clemente to join her in Juan Pablo’s office.

Falco mutters to Tenoch that he doesn’t wish that father’s pain on anyone. Tenoch agrees he wouldn’t want to wish anything they see here on anyone.

Falco watches Clemente, Salomon, and Juan Pablo in Juan Pablo’s office. He says living for years in someone else’s hands sucks. Salomon and Clemente leave the office and Juan Pablo shuts his office door and fiddles around behind the Aztec calendar on the wall behind him.

What’s a little B&E between friends?

Later that night, Falco sneaks into Juan Pablo’s office and finds a key behind the calendar. Tenoch is on his way downstairs, but hides when he sees Falco at Juan Pablo’s office door.

Falco picks the lock at Juan Pablo’s apartment and notices a small safe requiring a second key. In a cardboard box, he finds an audio recorder with his last session from Sonia on it. In a folder, there’s a statement from a “protected witness” who turns out to be the bank cop’s wife. Falco calls Tenoch to get instructions for taking a picture with his phone.

Juan Pablo comes home while Falco’s still shuffling papers around. Falco shuts the door to the safe and hides behind Juan Pablo’s desk as Juan Pablo wanders around his apartment. Falco puts the papers back and sneaks out.


This next scene is awful. Caro’s trying to convince her boss that they have to do something about the relationship violence that’s going on. He says kids learn that behavior at home. There’s nothing they can do.

OK, but physical violence is against the rules. They could suspend him for the semester.

“But there wasn’t any physical violence. He didn’t touch her. He’s just lovesick.”

Carolina suggests having him take a gender studies class and giving him a short suspension.

He says he’ll talk to the discipline committee and let her know what they decide.

Police Station

Tenoch hears a woman screaming at another officer and goes over to see what’s going on. She explains that he brother was arrested and she wants to see him. All they told her was that he was “at the police station” and she tried the one at Insurgentes, but no one was there, so she came here.

Tenoch hands her a glass of water and explains he must be at the Cuauhtémoc station. If she gives him her number he can find out and call her.

Um…did he just try to get her number to ask her out?

Tenoch suggestively says that wouldn’t be very professional. And besides he likes women who are more…more…(whatever you’re gonna say don’t say it!)…serious?

“A more serious woman would have just accepted your insult and left.” She throws the glass of water in his face.

Falco got there just in time to see that and I think it made his millennium. He giggles all the way back to their desks and asks if Tenoch has found out anything about Payró.

He tracked down his mom, but she said she didn’t know where he was.

And did he tell her he was a cop?

Tenoch throws his hands up like “What else would I have told her?”

Falco wants to give it a try. He tells Payró’s mom he’s calling from a TV show, Dígalo Cantando, and her son won a video game console, but they can’t send it to him because they don’t have his address.

As Falco repeats the address she’s giving him, Tenoch writes it down. Falco messes with Tenoch’s hair. I guess his hair gel can’t handle a glass of water.

Casa Payró

Payró’s not answering his door, so Falco decides to practice his lock-picking skills once again. Hey, if they don’t find anything, they’ll save themselves the trouble of asking for a warrant.

They find something.

Payró’s dead of an apparent drug overdose and he’s got his very own murder board about the Clara Velasco disappearance. He also has a little bracelet that belonged to young Clara, and a picture of older Clara, when she was still alive.

Police Station

Juan Pablo and Clemente want to close Clara’s case. Falco knows there’s no way what they found would have been considered good enough evidence. It seemed less like a confession than a private investigation.

Tenoch chimes in–there was no sign of another person living in that apartment, so where was Clara?

Falco suggests maybe Payró was taking care of her while she had meningitis.

Salomon’s been listening to their arguments and reluctantly gives them 48 hours. She can hold Juan Pablo off for that long, but they need to be careful–she doesn’t want to piss him off.

The dudes hit the roof. They’re back where they started–Medrano knows something. But Falco doesn’t want to give him anything in exchange for the information.

And he’s had enough for today. He’s off to have dinner with his daughter.

Tenoch teases him that he’s wasting his time trying to find the Burger Boy. It closed years ago.

Yeah, well he’d rather keep looking than eat that macrobionic stuff.

“Macrobiotic!” Tenoch corrects.

Casa Caro

Falco’s waiting for Paula. Caro offers him a glass of wine, but he turns her down. He says she looks tired…

Paula comes in, asking if they can see her grandfather before they go to dinner. She’s taking him to a new place, Italian. And no it’s not macrobionic or macrobiotic it’s…normal. Caro hugs them both as they leave.

Police Station

Tenoch ponders the case. He calls Falco, who conveniently left his cell phone on his desk. Tenoch succumbs to the temptation and checks Falco’s phone–he looks disturbed when he sees the pictures of the witness statement.

Casa Falco

Falco comes home and finds Tenoch in his apartment. He brought Falco’s phone and he’s been checking out the murder board. Why is Falco investigating Juan Pablo? Aren’t they besties?

Tenoch admits he saw the witness statement on Falco’s phone. Wasn’t that the wife of the bank cop? What does he suspect is going on? Juan Pablo’s a good cop and a good person–does Falco really think Juan Pablo had something to do with the attack on him? Did he talk to Bravo?

What for? So Juan Pablo can think he’s crazy? Can’t he imagine what it’s like to wonder if his best friend was the one who sent him into a 23-year coma?

Tenoch asks if he has any evidence, but Falco says it’s all circumstantial. He broke into Bravo’s house, opened his safe, and found audio recordings of his sessions with Sofia. Every time he asks Bravo where he’s going to be, he lies. And the stuff on this wall all points to the same place. He tells Tenoch not to get involved. Things keep getting worse.

Tenoch just wants him to promise he won’t do anything until he has something concrete. He leaves and Falco hits the booze.

But wait! He’s throwing out the booze. Good job!

Los Falco

Falco’s at the park again, watching Bravo get his shoes shined. Caro calls.

In the middle of their small talk, Ivan approaches her and Caro hangs up. Ivan tells her to stay out of his business. If he gets suspended again he’ll have to take an extra history class and if that happens he’ll be in trouble at home.

She says it’s out of her hands.

He threatens her with a knife and tells her to fix it. I almost don’t want to know if her boss considers that violence or not.

Falco watches Juan Pablo watching a young woman walking by. He goes up to her and asks if she recognizes a younger Juan Pablo in a photo. She says that’s her dad, but she hasn’t seen him in fifteen years.

Police Station

Falco starts taunting Tenoch as soon as he walks in. Doesn’t he look good today, with those dark circles under his eyes.

Tenoch’s glad he likes them, since he was instrumental in their development.

Tenoch gets serious–he talked to Medrano’s lawyer and he had acceptable conditions. He wants Falco to go talk to him.


Medrano apparently wanted a meal outside, at a table with a tablecloth and real silverware and a bottle of wine. I think there’s a cake in there somewhere.

Falco’s not eating. He tells Medrano he didn’t kill Clara, he just wanted another name on his list. And Payró knew it.

Medrano talked to Payró out of curiosity. The days in prison are so empty.

Falco wants to know when Payró met Clara. He threatens Medrano with solitary confinement.

Medrano says he and Payró were in the same perrera (kennel) but even among dogs there are different breeds. Payró was like a lapdog, taking orders from his boss, begging for mercy.

Falco snaps that he didn’t ask for his opinion of Payró, he just wants to know how Payró knew Medrano didn’t kill Clara.

“Do you have daughters?”

Falco tries to get himself under control. Medrano goes to look out the fence. In the street below, an elementary school is letting out. Medrano’s savoring this, the pedophilic creep. Falco gets up in his face, picks up his audio recorder, and leaves.


Falco, Tenoch, and Salomón all try to figure out what Medrano meant from the little he said. It’s the bit about the same perrera. Tenoch thought he meant prison. The statement about asking for mercy gets Salomón’s attention.

Mercy. Clemencia. Clemente? Salomón looks disturbed as she says Clemente is the one who arrested both Medrano and Payró. Tenoch and Falco are off to talk to him. Salomón has already found more information by the time they get to the garage. Clemente had a three-year-old daughter who died in 1998. His wife attempted suicide twice in 2000.

Falco gripes that one of their own kidnapped Clara. He’s driving the Falcomobile way too fast for Tenoch’s taste and fishtails when he parks at Clemente’s. The body was found in the park around the corner from the house, Falco confirms with Tenoch.

They kick the door of the house open and find Clemente’s wife, dead from a gunshot wound to the chest, holding a picture of a little girl. They quietly head upstairs.

Clemente’s running home movies and staring at the ceiling. He says he had to do it–his wife couldn’t live without her daughter and without him. Falco says his daughter died 18 years ago.

Not for them. She died a few days ago. She had a good life. She was happy.

He called Payró to treat her, but it was too late and he threatened to turn Clemente in.

Clemente puts a gun to his temple.

Falco tells him not to do it. Clara’s parents have a right to know what happened to their daughter. And Clemente’s going to have to confront his fate.

Clemente sobs that Clara was his daughter too. He remembers putting Clara’s body in the boat, looks over at the wall where the video’s being projected, and pulls the trigger.

Police Station

Tenoch joins Falco up on the roof. He’s been looking at the witness statement and he can’t figure out why she was made a protected witness. It was all so fast and Zepeda signed off on it.

Falco says Tenoch was supposed to stay out of it and Tenoch ignores him. He asks if Falco was able to speak to Sonia.

No. (Because she’s dead, I’m telling you!)

Tenoch leaves work and the girl whose brother got arrested is waiting for him outside. She apologizes for getting him wet and hands him a gift. She wrapped it in newspaper and the headline on the story is “Rabid Dogs Kill A Man.”

She got him syringes…actually she made him cookies and put them in a box for syringes. She walks off as Tenoch opens it and finds her name, Inés, and phone number written on the inside of the lid.

Casa Reyes

Falco wants Mrs. Reyes to give a statement. He doesn’t know why she lied about her husband shooting him. Whoever did shoot him killed her husband too and they’re still running around free. Her husband was a hero and that’s how Falco thinks he should be remembered.

She opens the door and tells Falco her husband was dead, she only had her daughter and she didn’t want to lose her.

Falco asks who threatened her.

There were two agents in charge of the case and one of them threatened her daughter. He said he’d make her disappear. Zepeda. And he said if she helped them it would all be over, so she did.

Falco remembers Zepeda’s signature on the paperwork. He remembers Zepeda 23 years ago with his bad combover, telling Falco and Bravo to get out of his investigation. And the dead body in the front seat of the car.

Los Espíritus play El viento over the closing credits.

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