Corazón Que Miente: What ever happened to…?

Team Good
  • Mariela and Alonso
    • married
    • Alonso turned out to be Leonardo’s biological son
    • Alonso’s in charge of Quadrum
    • the hotel is being remodeled into a clinic
  • Lety and Santi
    • engaged
  • Cristian and Lisandro
    • engaged
  • Amalia and Noé
    • still going strong
  • Carla
    • dating her divorce lawyer
  • Carmen
    • caught the bouquet
    • possibly starting a relationship with Dr. Ovalle
  • Padre Daniel
    • returned to the priesthood
  • Antonio Miranda
    • Mariela’s biological father
  • Denise
    • Living with Antonio
  • Cirila
    • still looking after Carmen
  • Julio
    • Turned out to be Eduardo’s biological son
    • still working at the law office
  • Elena
    • happily divorced
  • Céfiro Hidalgo
    • still lawyering
  • Leonardo
    • took a bullet meant for Mariela
  • Florencia
    • shot by Rogelio at the law office
Team Evil
  •  Eduardo
    • in prison
  • Renata
    • was actually Mireya somebodyorother who killed the real Renata
    • lost both legs in a car accident while trying to escape the police
  • Demián
    • in prison
    • paralyzed after a fight with Rogelio
  • Rafaela
    • unemployable thanks to all the fraud at Quadrum
    • possibly turning to sex work to make a living
  •  Preciado
    • killed himself in prison
  • Rogelio
    • died in a prison fight he provoked
  • Fabricio
    • last seen trying to escape the police
Grey area
  • Marcia
    • still working at Quadrum (What? I like her, but she did blackmail Rafaela.)
  • Tia Marta
    • got a reduced sentence for cooperating with police

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