La Piloto 2 Monday 9/3/18 #27

High-speed chase

Well, so much for Muñeco. He’s mostly dead anyway. They throw him out of the helicopter and get away.

But Santamaría’s talking about landing, since they’ll be looking in the air. Monica makes a call for backup.

Irina watches a news report and takes a call from her dad. Santamaría and Monica aren’t answering, so they must still be working on their getaway. She finally has to tell him she’s hired John as a pilot. He complains about her not asking permission first. He wants her to get rid of John before he causes problems.


Olivia gets her face patched up and tells Wilmer John’s going to be no help to him. She doesn’t know how they all think John’s such an innocent dove. (I don’t think anybody’s saying that, but OK.)

Wilmer goes out to the hallway to retrieve Olivia’s and Yolanda’s cell phones. He checks Olivia’s voicemail and finds a desperate phone message from Bill. He deletes it.


An officer calls four people, including Rosalba, out of the room to be deported.

Rosalba gets stuck next that guy who tricked her into signing the paperwork on the plane. He tries to give her a lecture about it being better to stay where she’s legal. Rosalba’s not having it–she wasn’t in the country illegally and he tricked her into signing that paperwork.


Monica’s mercenaries come through. She and Santamaría tell everyone to hurry up and get into the two waiting range rovers. Monica thanks Santamaría for offing Muñeco. He says he didn’t like him anyway.

Monica’s taking it upon herself to get Santamaría and his people across the border.

John and Yoli are still chasing them, using John’s ankle monitor.

Irina watches Dave and Yoli getting into a SUV on the news. Santamaría finally calls Irina to say he’s on the way to the Yuma tunnel. Monica’s with them, but dear Muñeco didn’t make it…and by that he means Muñeco tripped on his own down the stairs getting off the plane. They tried to take him with them, but he was dead and they needed to lighten the load.

Vasily asks if that SOB Lucio is with them. John can hear him on speaker. He tells Vasily it’s nice to hear from him again. Vasily says it’s not. He hangs up on them and Santamaría’s like “Oh, so you don’t get along with my suegro?” I think John just scored some points there.

While they’re driving, Dave and Yoli have time to complain about Monica and oh yeah, by the way, what happened to Tía Rosalba?

Um…he didn’t get the passport.

Yoli calls Wilmer to give them an update. Muñeco got thrown out of the helicopter. How’s everything there? Can he check her cell phone for messages?

Oli plays the message from Rosalba on Yoli’s cell. They offer to go check the center when they get back to LA. And Andrea warns Yoli to prepare herself–she’s got a lot of missed calls from Solano.

Monica drops the guys off at the tunnel entrance and says there’s a house at the other side with cars. John does his semi-flirty thing and Monica warns him that Vasily doesn’t want him around.

John tries to lobby for staying with Monica, since Vasily’s not happy with him. Santamaría suggests he kill Vasily later. It would be good for all of them.

And the signal from John’s monitor disappears.

John claims he doesn’t do well in small enclosed spaces. Santamaría keeps prodding him to go faster and making fun of him for being this big bad narco.

Yoli brought flats. I love how she never runs in heels. She notices the ladder leaning against the tack and one of the federales they brought with them says he can’t go in there without permission.

John’s still complaining, but Santamaría can hear people following them. They’re about to head into an unlit section of tunnel.

New Leaf

Monica calls to tell Camargo the “bad” news about Muñeco.

Club Diablo

Muñeco’s dead, but the show must go on.

Blah blah blah, ring of death, fight. Venancio’s patting himself on the back about what a great success this is.

Felicidad runs for the dorm and the drugs and Venancio doesn’t like it. He doesn’t want her to be like the other girls. He “loves” her and he wants her to be healthy. He walks out with presumably all their supply.


At the tunnel exit, John’s ready to get moving, but Santamaría drops a grenade into the tunnel. John calls out a warning. When the dust settles, Santamaría and John are pointing weapons at each other. John swears he can explain, but Santamaría calls him a traitor and tells the guys to search him.

In the tunnel, Dave’s knocked out.

Santamaría wants to know who John’s working for. Or did he just take it upon himself to help Mejia? John says they all deserve a second chance. And it’s not like he ever kidnapped a little kid. Men don’t do that.

Santamaría’s disappointed in John. He thought after all this time in jail he’d hate Yolanda. And people call HIM obsessed!

One of the other guards reminds Santamaría that they need to hurry up and get moving because of John’s ankle bracelet. Santamaría decides they should take it off, even if it means taking off John’s foot.

Yoli gets Dave to wake up and they head up the ladder that leads out of the tunnel.

Santamaría found a rotary saw, but he changes his mind about using it. Inside the truck, the signal will die….

John gets shoved into the back of an armored truck. Irina calls and Santamaría tells her John’s a rat. He had an ankle monitor. And he stole a gun and a motorcycle and got away.

John’s cell is ringing with a call from Irina. Santamaría tells Buitre to ignore it.

Dave and Yoli emerge from the tunnel. I hate that all they have is one gun and Dave’s telling Yoli to stay behind him. I’m just saying…his head is delicate. Maybe she should be holding the gun.

The house is empty and Yoli’s sure it means John has been found out. She notices the parked jeep with the keys in it and they take off in that.

Dead!Oscar makes a guest appearance. Damn, John stinks. This is what he gets for not listening to Oscar. He hopes Yoli was worth it. Maybe she’ll think of John when she’s sleeping with Dave and feel sad. But hey, at least John and Oscar will be together again.

John says he’ll always love Oscar, but right now Oscar’s not being helpful.


Regueros calls Yoli’s phone and Andrea tries to make excuses. Uh, she thinks Yoli stayed in Tijuana. Regueros wants her to come to the office and explain what happened.

Wilmer agrees Andrea should handle Regueros and he and Olivia should go looking for Rosalba. And Oli knows she doesn’t need to say this, but she’ll say it anyway–she can’t let Regueros find out about Yoli’s past.


Santamaría has Buitre stop the range rover so they can have a little chat. Wouldn’t Buitre like to be the new head of security?

He’s not sure. But, what would Santamaría do?

Santamaría has aspirations. He’s looking for a higher position. General Director. Vasily’s job.

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