La Piloto 2 Monday 9/10/18 #31


Julia’s glad to see Arley, and vice versa. She says he’s the one who took care of her and always cheered her up. She asks if he’s glad to be with his family again. She hasn’t been able to contact her daughter since those people took her.

Yolanda recognizes the name “Felicidad.” She promises Julia they’re going to get her out. She’s trying to explain about Amanda and the cell phone without saying “strip club.” Olivia does say “Russian mafia” though, and Julia’s horrified. (She didn’t realize Irina was Russian?)

Julia hopes it’s not too late to save them. Arley tells her everything’s going to be OK.

Yolanda excuses herself to take a call from John. John confronts her about knowing he’d be going back to jail as soon as they found Arley. You can tell John’s changed because he doesn’t say “I’ll make you pay,” he just says “I hope your conscience bothers you!” Yoli got to have a second chance and start over, but he won’t.

Club Diablo

Felicidad’s still shooting up, but she’s doing less so Venancio won’t notice. Her friend wonders if Venancio knows anything about what’s going on, and why Vasily hasn’t come back. Felicidad says she’ll try to find out.

Venancio Skypes with someone. He sounds panicky, talking about the club and everyone needing to be calm. Felicidad comes over in time for him to take a phone call from Irina. Venancio’s almost as sad as Irina is about Vasily’s death. She tells him John Lucio killed Vasily, but they haven’t caught him yet.

Santamaría says the organization has to keep running, like Vasily would have wanted. Irina agrees. She’ll be sending out…well, I’d say it’s a company wide memo, but for now everything needs to keep running.

Venancio’s worried about the impatient Russians at the club. Santamaría says he’ll take care of it.


Wilmer confirms what Regueros said about the stock prices. They’re losing about two million a day. It’s likely the airline will shut down.


Bill pulls up in front of his mama’s house and starts banging on the door.

Buitre lets him in. I’m actually surprised that Bill’s mom isn’t dead already. Buitre calls Santamaría and hands the phone to Bill. Bill starts whining about how Wilmer screwed everything up, but Santamaría doesn’t care.

Bill’s not in trouble this ONE time, because Santamaría needs him to fly some people out of Club Diablo.

Police Station

Dave checks up with Tony’s doctor, but he’s had no change. Yoli calls Dave and asks him to please do something to get John out. He can still help them with Santamaría and the Kilichenkos.

Yoli asks Dave to just get him parole or something. He helped them and they should help him. Dave’s harping on the whole “He’s gotta do his time,” thing to someone who, you know, didn’t do time.


All the info Irina released is on every television everywhere. Yolanda Olmos is really Yolanda Cadena, or as the Internet has dubbed her “La Piloto Narca.”

Dave calls the prosecutor in Miami. The guy who’s bringing John back should be there in the next hour.

Right…but see, Dave was hoping they could parole him? He’s been helping and…he’s changed. They should give him another chance. Or transfer him to Mexico maybe?

The prosecutor’s assistant calls her attention to the TV screen. She tells Dave they’re telling all about his wife. Oops, and there’s a mention of the Lucios.

Arley: “Mom, what’s a narca?”

Yoli tells him to say goodbye to Julia ’cause they’ve gotta go.

Dave goes back inside the station and realizes the photos they’re showing belonged to John. But no, he doesn’t think John released them.

Well, any time now someone’s going to start asking how they got John out of prison. Dave says if they take John to Mexico they can’t question him. She’ll see what she can do.

Yoli’s walking too slowly out of the hospital and where’s an elevator when you need one? Dave calls and tells her to stay calm, she’s not that person anymore….

Yoli thinks she’d better go see Regueros.


Santamaría has Tony’s doctor revive him with a shot of adrenaline to the heart. It might kill him? Well, they’ll just have to take the risk.

Tony’s awake and he says he’s the director of the DEA. Which Santamaría thinks demonstrates that Tony knows who he is. Personally, I think Tony could still be delusional.

Once the doctor signs Tony’s release paperwork, Santamaría shoots him.

Santamaría hasn’t even gotten Tony to the car and he’s already asking for the address of the safe house. Which Tony’s a little sketchy on. Beverly Woods? Hillsboro Street? Crystal Drive. Well, crap. Santamaría’s happy now.

In the car, Santamaría gets Tony caught up on recent events. Muñeco’s dead, so is Vasily. Tonight they’re getting rid of Dave.

Casa Irina 2

Bill’s annoyed when they don’t go to COPTERS. Buitre brings him into the house to see Irina. She tells him there have been changes. He’s being re-hired as the official pilot for the Kilichenkos. He’ll be taking orders directly from her. Her father was killed.

Bill’s happy to take her to the Club del Diablo, but he thought COPTERS got raided.

Did he really think a woman like Irina wouldn’t have her own personal helicopter stashed at her second mansion in LA?


She calls Dave. They’re taking the kid. Yoli doesn’t know yet. She wants the kid back already. She figures a guy like him who works for the government would understand the consequences if they don’t give him back.


Santamaría hands Tony a shot he says will help with his pain. He gets a call from the guy he sent to the safe house, but no one has gone in or out.

Santamaría’s sending him into the DEA building with an envelope. Tony doesn’t even look like he can get to the front door.


Yoli’s trying to lobby for talking to Regueros alone, but Oli says they’ve all got a story.

Well, he’s ready to talk, but he’s going to start with a scolding.

Yes, they ran drugs for John Lucio. (Why is he surprised?) And then they cooperated with law enforcement and have been in this country for years, legally.

Olivia backs her up. They’re in witness protection.

Yoli’s sorry for hiding her past. That’s where all her flight experience came from.

Regueros is upset–if she had told him, he would have supported her, but now all he can think is that she lied to him. She’s fired, along with the rest of them.

Dave gets to USFLY when they’re still talking to Regueros. He sends Delgado home and hangs out with Arley at Wilmer’s computer. He apologizes to Arley for not protecting him.

Yolanda begs Regueros to just fire her, but he’s pissed at the rest of them for lying. He doesn’t care why.

In the tech room, Yoli gives Dave the bad news. And Dave tells her they have to take Arley to see Solano. And they’d better get it over with now. Andrea says goodbye to everyone.


Dead!Oscar shows up again. John’s really not in the mood right now. He’s blaming himself for being so trusting. Oscar reminds John they’ve still got each other. John’s just gotta figure out how to get out of there.

Two guys in suits get to the holding cell and call for John.

Club Diablo

Venancio gives Irina his condolences on this irreparable loss. She tells him John betrayed them all to get back at her dad. But she’ll make him pay. Oh, Venancio’s in on whatever revenge she has planned.

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