La Piloto 2 Thursday 9/6/18 #30

Safe House

Arley chows down on his epic sammich.

Dave tells Yoli he’s ordered a raid on COPTERS. Not that he thinks anyone’s there, but maybe they’ll find clues or something about Club Diablo.

Yoli agrees. And they’ve gotta get the women out of there–Andrea’s friend and the others.

Wilmer comes over to tell them there was an explosion at White Velvet a few hours ago. Yoli assumes John knows what happened. So Dave’s gonna free him, right?

Dave makes faces. Yoli says it’s not over–they still have to get the Kilichenkos and Santamaría.

Dave kisses Arley goodbye. Arley wants to know who John is. Yoli teases him for eaves dropping and says John is someone who was helping them find him and Arley will meet him soon.

Arley finishes his sandwich. He complains that the food they were giving him was awful and he didn’t want to eat it. But Julia told him he had to at least eat a little, so he did. He’s worried that Julia’s still locked up, but Yoli says she’s not–she’s in a clinic. She can find out where, if Arley wants to visit.

Yoli asks Arley if anybody hit him or did anything else he wants to tell them about. Arley says they pushed him and yelled and said they were going to kill him.

Wilmer says that’s all over and tonight they can have an epic computer game party.


Sure enough, in one of the horse stalls is a floor safe full of gold bars.


Did Olivia seriously just tell him everything?! Is the ghost of her dead godfather not hovering over her shoulder whispering “Don’t trust anyone!”

Bill just keeps on talking. It’s a call from Santamaría that interrupts his babbling and his attempt to kiss Olivia. Santamaría wants the address to the safe house NOW! Bill thinks if he offers Olivia a ride home, she’ll accept and he’ll get the address.

Bill complains about how all of Olivia’s “other” friends aren’t there for her. She realizes she hasn’t asked him how he’s doing.

Olivia tries to turn down a ride home, but Bill insists.

Wilmer makes it to Bill’s building in time to see Bill and Olivia heading out. There’s a lot of shouting and threatening, but in the end Olivia and Wilmer go back to the safe house with their DEA guard and Bill can’t follow them because he locked his keys in his car. Heh!

Wilmer and Olivia argue in the back seat of the SUV the entire way back. I feel bad for the DEA guy.

Casa Irina 2

Her driver comes back from COPTERS with a green backpack. It was the only thing he could grab before the cops showed up. They left a “gift” like she asked them to.

It’s a bomb. In her desk chair.

Irina dumps the contents of the backpack out on the bed. She curses John, seeing photos of him with Yoli. And after he said the relationship meant nothing to him!

Buitre makes it back from the club. He says John got the drop on him, a fire started, and he had to get out. Vasiliy’s dead. John…he doesn’t think John got out, but he can’t be sure.

Santamaría tells him he’s disappointed. He’ll let Buitre live, but only because he needs him.

Now it’s time for Irina to get the edited version of what happened.

Police Station

Matallana, asking questions. John, refusing to answer.

Dave finally shows up and tells Matallana he can leave–Dave’s in charge of the case now. Matallana complains about John running around free. John smirks as Dave says he has an ankle monitor and that was the deal between the prosecutor in Miami and the DEA. It’s nothing to do with the FBI.

Dave makes a call that Matallana jokes is the call that’s going to get rid of him. Matallana’s phone rings and he says “sure” a lot. He tells Dave this isn’t over. Something stinks and he’s going to find it.

“I ate onions at breakfast. Maybe it’s that.”

Dave goes back to the interrogation room and finds out what happened after the grenade. Santamaría had him stuffed in the back of an armored truck and driven to White Velvet. They wanted to kill Vasily and blame it on him, but the guy got sloppy and John took him out. He doubts Vasily got out alive.

Dave tells John that Arley’s safe now. John’s thrilled and he’s all set to help them take care of the Kilichenkos and Santamaría.

But Dave says they don’t need his help. And he can’t leave, because the prosecutor wants him back in Miami tonight. The prosecutor’s office held on to their right to back out of the deal, and so they did.

John accuses Dave of knowing this from the beginning. He’s angry that he didn’t even try to escape because he was trusting Dave and now he knows Dave doesn’t keep his word.

Dave gives him a mealymouthed “You’re a criminal. You have to pay for your crimes.”

Two cops come in to escort John out, but John wants to know one more thing…did Yolanda know? Dave says she did.

John gets taken to a holding cell where he asks for his one phone call and then sits down and cries. ‘Cause what the hell else is he gonna do.


Yoli and Arley Skype with Tía Rosalba. She complains that Arley looks too skinny, but Yoli insists he’s eating a lot, and they’re having pizza tonight. Yoli’s thinking of the two of them going to Mexico to visit. Arley remembers his jaguar whistle and goes looking for it.

Rosalba asks if she’s talked to Solano yet. She hopes this doesn’t slow down the process, but Yoli said she promised once Arley was back, it would go much faster.

Solano’s at the hospital when Yoli calls to let Arley talk to her. Arley unfortunately mentions the bad coronel and Yoli takes the phone back.

Solano’s got a lot of questions, but Yoli says she doesn’t have time right now. She promises she’ll take Arley by Solano’s office for some psychological evaluations…in a couple of days.

Solano says she’s keeping her word to speed up the process, as long as Yoli brings Arley to her office.

Olivia and Wilmer get back to the safe house and Yoli asks Olivia to go with them to visit the lady who was taking care of Arley.

The bad news

Santamaría brings Buitre into Irina’s room to tell her that John shot Vasily and got away and Buitre couldn’t get his body out before the police showed up.

Irina’s upset. She starts threatening to shoot Buitre, who should have been guarding her father with his life; and Santamaría, because he’s there. Santamaría tells her to calm down. They have to go after Dave and Yoli and John.

Santamaría complains that Irina’s tears aren’t going to bring her father back.

She wants the body. She has to say goodbye.

Santamaría says they can’t just show up at the morgue and ask. And it’s not like they were even available to identify the body. She cries some more. She wants to kill Yolanda.

Santamaría tries Bill, but he’s not answering. He sends Buitre out after him.

Is this really worth it?

Monica and Camargo have managed to get some VERY heavy boxes and bags full of gold out of the stall without anyone noticing. Monica’s plan is leave in the middle of the night, drive far, and split up the money. And also free the prisoners.

To distract the guards, Camargo lets the horses out of their stalls. I’ve gotta agree with that one white/grey horse who just stood there like, “I dunno, man, this kinda feels like a trap.” Plus he looked like he was having a little trouble moving.

While Camargo and the other guys chase down the horses, Monica drags all the gold to the camper.


Andrea reports for work and finds Wilmer in the lounge. He tells her Arley’s back with them again and a little skinny, but OK.

Regueros heard the good news and sits down with them. At least there’s some good news. ‘Cause the airline’s probably dead. They might want to start looking for new jobs. If they’ve got a saint to pray to, they’d better start praying.


Bill starts packing. He calls his mom and tells her to pack a bag and don’t answer the door for anyone. Hahaha…like he thought she’d do that. Now he tells her to stay put and not open the door to anyone but him.

He makes it out of his parking garage….

Irina suddenly perks up and decides she wants to let the whole world know who Yolanda is.

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