La Piloto 2 Wednesday 9/5/18 #29


Irina calls Santamaría to tell him there’s been a problem with the kid. I bet Santamaría would totally commiserate with Monica right about now. He wants Irina to leave her house…but not go to White Velvet! Because…she and her dad shouldn’t be in the same place. He wants her to go to her other house and he’ll call her later.

Dave races for Irina’s house, giving orders that no one should go in until he arrives. “My son is in there.”

Actually Arley’s on a little nature walk at the moment.

Santamaría stops to trade cars with Buitre. Buitre needs to take Vasily to White Velvet and then follow the plan.


Camargo demands an explanation, so Monica tells him–the Kilichenkos want to take over the ranch now that Muñeco’s gone and he wanted more merchandise. Camargo says he’ll take care of Vasily, but Monica says he threatened to call the guards.

In that case…take the money and run?

Monica looks like she’s considering it.


So, Irina’s gone, but she left all the guards there to die? Yoli shows up with a gun I hope she has a license for. They’ve cleared most of the house, but haven’t checked the employee houses out back.

Meanwhile, Irina’s in her car, complaining about leaving her house to the cops. She leaves a message for her dad, asking him to check in with her.

Julia’s a little freaked out by Dave and Yoli showing up. She tells them Arley ran towards the trees and some guards with dogs are chasing after him.

And those guards apparently have no idea what’s going on back at the house. One of them thinks the dog picked up a scent along a cicloruta (bike path?) that runs through the forest.

Arley’s getting tired, but he can hear those dogs. He keeps putting one foot in front of the other.

Yoli and Dave can hear the dogs. Dave tunes in to the channel the guards are using and hears that they’re headed north-east. And Santamaría has arrived. He wants Arley captured. Which I guess is good news.

White Velvet

Buitre’s picking up bad habits. He stands there chatting with the guy who drove the armored truck and announces he’s the new head of security…before shooting him. I mean, seriously, enough with the talking. “Sorry, bud, you’re not part of the plan. And we’re laying people off. I always wanted to say that!” And then he shoots the guy twice more just to make sure.

Buitre drags all the dead guards available into the locker room and sits down to chat with Vasily.

John has finally had enough time to free his hands, but he’s out of energy.

All Buitre will tell Vasily is that it’s going to be over soon. Vasily offers him half a million in cash.

Buitre calls to tell Santamaría everything’s ready. And Vasily offered him a lot of money to let him go. Santamaría finds it amusing. Buitre didn’t take it, but he thought it was weird of Vasily to offer.

So the plan is, shoot everyone and make it look like they all shot each other. And then burn it all down. He reminds Buitre than as soon as John’s out of the van, his monitor will send out a signal and the cops will show up. He asks Buitre to tell Vasily he’s sorry he couldn’t be there to say goodbye in person.

John’s passed out in the back of the truck. Buitre drags him out and into the club.

Wilmer’s keeping his eye on the computer. Olivia’s on her way out of the house. She tells him to call if he needs anything.

John’s signal reappears.

Casa Irina 2

No one has shown up and no one’s answering her calls.

She tries Venancio, who’s burning paperwork. He tells her about the security alert at the club. He thinks it was fake, but he hasn’t heard from Vasily. Neither of them have been able to reach Vasily.

Also, the Russians want to go back home and he doesn’t have a pilot. Irina tells him to keep them entertained and she’ll come up with something.


Arley’s had enough. He drops. And the first people who find him are a couple of cyclists. They decide to walk back the way they came and take Arley with them.

Dave and Yoli tell the two Russians searching the woods to freeze. They don’t, of course. Santamaría joins them.

And Team Yoli are out of bullets…but they’ve got a helicopter. Santamaría and the other two go running in the direction the cyclists took Arley.

Wilmer calls to say John’s tracker is active again at White Velvet. Yoli’s confused–wasn’t he supposed to be with Santamaría? And Santamaría was just there. She and Dave start chasing Santamaría.

White Velvet

Buitre drags John in, doesn’t bother tying him up, and starts splashing gasoline all over. Vasily mocks him for being willing to accept crumbs from Santamaría instead of the deal Vasily offered. He goes on a racist rant about “all you Latinos.”

Buitre tells him to shut it. This is the end of the line for him–no more empire, no more legacy. It’s time for him to go back to hell.

And he just keeps on talking, telling Vasily he’s a racist. And, sure, points for taking the opportunity to say it to his face, but he doesn’t notice John’s waking up.

Buitre brags about Latinos being better than Russians as John takes in the situation. He gets up quietly as Buitre says Santamaría wanted to be here, etc. Santamaría will keep [blanking] his daughter. Vasily yells at him and that gives John the opportunity to attack Buitre.

It’s all fun and games until the gun goes off and sets off the giant stack of empty gasoline containers. John makes a run for it and Vasily attacks Buitre. He’s holding his own, despite his hands still being tied up, but Buitre shoves him into the lockers. He sees Vasily lying there unconsicous and decides not to worry about him and just get out.

John gets out of the club and taken in by the police once they see his ankle bracelet.

Casa Irina 2

Santamaría finally calls Irina. He complains that the kid got away because Dave and Yoli showed up and they had a helicopter and what was he supposed to do?! He tells Irina to do her job and start searching hospitals. If Yoli finds the kid first there goes his plan.

And no, he hasn’t heard from her dad, but as soon as he does, he’ll let her know.

Creepy Bill

Olivia shows up at Bill’s apartment and seriously, even if she actually liked him how does he not creep her out?!

After breakfast, Bill starts trying to get information out of Olivia and she whines about her terrible life and her terrible marriage and she wants him to promise no one will hear about this.

At this point, the two of them can just run off and be on some other show.


Dave and Yoli meet a couple of cyclists who say they saw a couple with a little boy who looked like he’d fainted. They put him in their car and drove away. Dave gets on his walkie and tells someone to contact all the hospitals in Beverly Hills.

Wilmer calls Yoli. John’s signal is moving fast. Dave thinks the cops have him, but he’ll check.

Dave gets another call that a couple of cyclists brought a kid do the main hospital.

But Irina finds him too and calls Santamaría.

Arley’s still a little freaked out at the hospital. A doctor tries talking to him, asking his name, his mom’s name, her number? He doesn’t know her number.

Irina sees the news report about a fire at White Velvet. The reporter’s not mentioning anything about survivors.

Dave and Yoli get to the hospital. Ha! Got there first. Yoli’s freaking out. The doctor says he only has “superficial” wounds.

Solano gets a call and heads for the hospital.

Yep Arley’s just got the bump on the head, but the doctor wants to take x-rays to make sure.

Santamaría barges into the hospital demanding to know about the boy who was brought in. Yoli and Dave can hear him shouting and start heading out of the room.

Out in the hallway, Santamaría’s knocking out a security guard. Dave and Yoli are headed for the garage when they see him coming down the hall.

They make it to the parking garage and when Dave sees Santamaría he backs out of the parking spot and swipes Santamaría. He gets up, but he’s in no condition to chase anyone.

Police Station

John gets dumped off in the waiting area at the police station. Matallana hears him asking someone to call Dave and comes over to stick his nose where it’s not wanted. Matallana says he just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet the great John Lucio in person.

Well, OK, then–can he call Dave?

Matallana wants to have a talk first about what happened at the club. John insists Dave’s the one officially responsible for him, but Matallana tells the cops to take him into an interrogation room.

White Velvet

Irina and her driver go to White Velvet, but they can’t find out anything. The bodies are beyond recognition and there are cops all over.


Monica and Camargo are searching the stables for the caletas (stash).


Yoli and Dave bring Arley to the safe house. They tell him this is their house for a couple of days. He wants to go back to the old house, but Yoli distracts him by showing him the huge yard. She offers to make him a sandwich, but he needs to go to the bathroom first. Alone! ‘Cause he’s a big boy.

So, about John…Wilmer says his tracker signal is definitely coming from the police station.

And John’s still refusing to talk. Matallana says they’re going to pin the murders on him. John keeps telling him to call Dave.

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