La Piloto 2 Friday 9/14/18 #34


Solano heads to the police station to give them the information for the Amber alert. She’s sure Yolanda’s trying to take Arley out of the country.

Wilmer couldn’t sleep. He and Andrea are talking in the kitchen about all the crap that’s been going on. Olivia comes over and brattily asks what they were talking about.

Wilmer’s phone beeps…and so does everyone else’s. It’s the Amber alert. With way more information that I’ve ever seen on one.

Yoli wakes Arley up and says they’re going to Mexico to visit Tia Rosalba. But first they’re going to a place where there are a lot of police. If any of them ask who she is, he should say she’s his mom and they’re going to Mexico to visit Tia Rosalba.

She sees the alert and says they’re not going to Mexico after all.


Irina sees the alert and says they should say something to Waters about it, which I don’t really get. She’s still upset about her dad’s death and wants Dave, Yoli, and John to pay. And she’s so glad to have Santamaría around. BTW, she’s sent her guys to collect her father’s ashes.

Now, how did I not guess this was going to involve guns and threats? And how can they even ask for Vasily Kilichenko’s body if it hasn’t been identified yet?

Change of plans

Yoli pulls off the road to think. Arley really needs to pee, so she tells him to just get out of the car and go for it. Then she takes a call from Wilmer, Oli, and Andrea and puts them on speaker. (So, technically, would this qualify as answering the phone in the bathroom?) Anyway…she didn’t make it to Mexico and she doesn’t want to go back.

And suddenly she remembers the tunnel and that seems like such a terrible idea it’s bound to happen. Now she has to just make it to Yuma.

Wilmer and Oli both try to tell her not to do it, but she thinks its her only option. I’m just wondering if she’s running on an endless tank of gas or what, because any stop is a potential time for her to get busted.


Tony watches the prosecutor go in to talk to Dave in holding. I know I know what her name is, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Anyway, Dave blames everything on Tony and she doesn’t really say anything about believing him or not, she just points out that there’s also the thing with Yolanda kidnapping Arley. She shows him the Amber alert.

Dave just keeps begging her to do something to get him out and he keeps babbling about how Yoli’s alone and it’s his fault and it was all Waters! She says John’s been handed over to the Mexican authorities and she’ll see what she can do for him, but Washington wants closure (on what part of this mess I’m not sure).

Matallana catches…Young?…in the hallway and asks if she’s convinced that Dave’s innocent. She admits she isn’t sure and there’s a lot of evidence against him, but in any case it’s not up to her. It’s up to the California DA.

Matallana tells Tony he doesn’t think Young’s going to try to get Dave out. And someone just saw Yoli’s car.

Where is everybody?

Tony calls Irina. She and Santamaría realize Yoli’s heading for the tunnel and they don’t have anyone in the house on the other side. Santamaría says he’ll call Monica.

But Monica’s in the cage and her phone is lying next to Camargo’s body. In the barn, the prisoners seem like they’re dying of heatstroke. That one mouthy guy tries banging on the door asking for water.

Santamaría can’t reach either Monica’s cell or the house phone. He doesn’t want Bill flying across the border. He figures they’ll have to use those mercenaries from the last time.

Bill gets up to take a call from Olivia. Andrea listens from outside her bathroom as Olivia says they had a bit of a crazy night. And yeah, they all got fired and now they’re at Andrea’s house. (Nice going, Oli.)

Santamaría tells him to get off the phone. They’re leaving now.

Monica’s slowly kicking the walls off the cage, but that just gives her less sun protection.

The mercs show up. They find Camargo’s dead body and Monica’s ringing phone. Someone calls the guy in charge to say there’s movement in the ring.

Yoli gets to the house in Yuma and when she’s satisfied it’s empty, she lets Arley out of the car.

Once the lead merc gets to the ring, he shoots the lock off the cage and acts like it’s no big deal, just “Hey Teniente, Santamaría sent us out here to get you–he needs you to do something.” At least he yells at someone to bring water for her.

Monica takes the phone and tells Santamaría the guards stole Muñeco’s stash and stuck her in the cage. (Which is pretty much how it happened.) He tells her to get to the tunnel–Yoli’s headed that way. I guess she’s taking the mercs with her.

Yoli finds the tunnel entrance at the house, but Arley is not liking this plan.

The cops show up. Yoli’s freaking Arley out, telling him if the cops catch them they’ll separate them. She convinces him to go into the tunnel, but she doesn’t shut the door behind her.

Monica’s trying to patch herself up at the house. The lead merc says they’re ready to go. Damn, dude, give her two seconds to do something about that sunburn.

Can we just get this over with?

Andrea confronts Oli about being on the phone with Bill. If she likes Bill so much, then why doesn’t she cut Wilmer loose already? Gilberto listens from the kitchen as Oli says she and Bill are “just friends” and it’s none of Andrea’s business. Oh, it is her business? Why? Because of Wilmer? (I’m really starting not to like Olivia.)

He’s my husband, blah blah blah, of course this isn’t a competition and Olivia won before Andrea even got there.

Olivia’s packing to leave. She doesn’t want to make Andrea uncomfortable. Andrea says she just wants honesty. Olivia just keeps snarking and leaves. Gilberto is happy she’s gone.

Andrea has no idea what she’s going to do now besides go pick up her final paycheck. Gilberto thinks she’s too covered up to do that. (Dude, shut up.)


Monica heads out of the house with the mercs. Yeah, yeah, her hands hurt, but the important thing is to intercept Yolanda. She needs one favor from him, though…

She has the mercs bring food and water to the prisoners, but she says them going free is out of her hands now, sorry.


Wilmer walks up to the front desk and asks for Dave…he just wants to know why Dave’s been detained.

The desk agent says Dave’s not allowed to have visitors and they’re already here to pick him up. (Who? Dudes in uniforms.)

Waters thinks he’s all that walking into Irina’s with his stupid suit and Dave’s dead cell phone. He brags about how no one else could have done this but him.

Santamaría tells him to shut it–it was his plan. He’s the one in charge. So he can chill or Morrison over there will tell him what’s going to happen to him and his family.

Tony says the DA’s office wants a scapegoat, the DEA has turned its back on Dave and he’s on his way to jail right now.

Dave stops to tell Wilmer that DA Young (the one from Miami) will call him and he should protect Yolanda. (Um….)

Olivia calls Wilmer from the stairs outside Andrea’s apartment. Wilmer said he only got to talk to Dave for a minute and he’s being handed over to the DA’s office. He seemed hopeful that everything would get cleared up, but Wilmer’s not as optimistic.

Olivia says she’s going to USFLY to pick up her last paycheck. She wants Wilmer to meet her there and oh, by the way, “they” aren’t staying at Andrea’s anymore because Olivia doesn’t want to see her again.

Waters announces he’s quitting ’cause now that he’s director of the DEA in California he won’t have time. Do they have his money?

Santamaría hands him what looks to me like not nearly enough to pay his hospital bill, much less pay for services rendered. And he still has another task–find out what happened with the body of his doctor. It was supposed to go to the morgue. He and Irina have a giggle at Tony’s expense once he’s gone.


And we’re walking and we’re walking…from the entrance the cops quite reasonably tell Yoli to come back. She’s illegally crossing the border with a minor.

Yoli has to stop and give Arley a pep talk about how she’s always going to take care of him.

And suddenly two guys with flashlights come around the corner. Yoli and Arley duck behind some crates that won’t be any cover at all when those guys get farther down the tunnel.


Ooh, Matallana beats Tony to the hospital. He wants to speak to Dr. Mateos.

But how’s he going to speak to him? Dr. Mateos is dead. (Duh, a séance.) They found the body in a drawer in the morgue and it looked like he’d been there for a while. Nobody knows what happened. Matallana asks to speak to the medical examiner.

When Tony shows up, Matallana’s already there with his bland smile and his noncommital tone. He was getting ready to close Tony’s case and he showed up here and found out Tony’s doctor had been murdered.

Tony: “I had no idea.”

Matallana’s face: “Seriously?”


John and his souvenir Hollywood baseball cap get dropped off at his new digs. The guard, Moloya jokes with John and puts himself at John’s service.

As John’s being walked in, a body’s being removed. This is maybe…the fifteenth death this month? Not to scare him, but they’ve got a bit of a gang problem here. This is why he needs to be on the side of the guards, so they’ll protect him.

John gets his mug shot and fingerprints taken. Moloya jokes with him again about giving John a luxury suite.

Tia Rosalba

Rosalba shows up at the inpatient facility to visit Margot.

RIP Don Vasily

One of the Russian guards comes in with a flashy urn. He almost sobs when he tells Irina it’s Don Vasily. Irina tells Don V’s urn that he taught her not to trust and how to get revenge and that’s what she’s going to do.

But now it’s time for the ceremony. Santamaría picks up her coat and purse, but Irina just ignores him. He says he’ll wait for her outside. He calls Monica, but they’re still fifteen minutes away.


Whoever that is with the flashlights, they’re moving really slow, but they know someone’s hiding in there. They call for them to come out with their hands up.

Yoli says they will, but she has a small child with her.

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