La Piloto 2 Thursday 9/13/18 #33


Monica goes to the barn to tell the prisoners they’re getting out. For real, this time. They need to just go, quietly, without any of their stuff, and head for the highway.

But that one guard with the beard has other plans.

He walks out to the camper and asks Camargo where the stash is.

By the time they drag Camargo back to the house, it looks like he’s dead. Beard guy tells Monica there’s no room for a rat in this organization. She tells him to go to hell.

Beard guy tells her they’ve prepared a “special goodbye” for her.

Monica doesn’t recommend it. She’s got a good relationship with the Kilichenkos and Santamaría. If they touch her, they’ll never be able to get far enough away. And the Kilichenkos will go after their moms and wives and kids.

Beard guy changes his mind. It’s the cage instead. She can stay there until her friends come to get her.

“And say hi to Muñeco when you see him in hell.”

Beard guy and his friends pile into the camper. And while Monica did suggest they do that, now it seems like a bad idea.


Yoli and Arley are still at the USFLY office. She checks the news, but they appear to be talking about something other than her. She tries to call Dave, but his cell phone is in an evidence bag in Waters’ office. He pops a bunch of what I assume are painkillers and texts Yoli, asking if everything is OK.

Yoli texts back that they got away from the safe house and everyone’s OK.

Waters asks where she is. And Yoli answers him. (*headdesk*) Waters tells her to stay there.

He calls Irina to say the plan to pin everything on Dave worked. And also Yoli’s at the USFLY lounge.


John gets handed over to the federales. The guy who’s handling his paperwork says he’ll explain John’s status in due time.

He needs to reconfigure John’s ankle monitor to track him in Mexico. John shoves his foot into the guy’s crotch to provoke him, but he’s just amused. John’s going to a federal maximum security prison.


Gilberto welcomes Andrea to the unemployed club. He’s been an official member for twenty years now.

She doesn’t know how she’s going to find work and they’re way behind on rent, so they’ll probably get kicked out soon. And she doesn’t think she can try the same trick again–getting a job at an airline with fake papers.

Someone starts banging on her door and it sounds like Olivia.

Oli and Wilmer give her and Gilberto the update on all the latest drama. The safe house, Child Services looking for Yoli.

Gilberto doesn’t get it–how did the Russians find the safe house? Wilmer says Tony’s the only one who could have told them, but he’s in a coma. Unless….


Tony’s at the holding cell taunting Dave when Matallana shows up. He brags that now Matallana’s going to learn the truth–Dave orchestrated an attack on this DEA office. He let the Kilichenkos’ assassins in.

And the proof is in a stack of cash and a note from “Irina” with the super seekrit Kilichenko symbol on it. It was in a false bottom of a drawer in Dave’s desk.

Dave tells Matallana it’s a lie. He doesn’t have a drawer with a false bottom. He’s a good investigator–Dave trusts him to get to the bottom of this.

But Matallana says the only he can see here who has a relationship with John Lucio and the Kilichenkos is Dave. Tony walks out and Matallana tells Dave he can count on him.


Arley’s asleep on a bench in the lounge. Yoli watches the news report about the attack on the DEA office. She tries calling Dave, but he’s not answering again.

Irina tells her guards they’re going into the USFLY office and if they see Yolanda they should shoot her. Irina’s not interested in taking her alive.

Regueros comes into the lounge. He can’t believe Yoli’s here, and with the kid. What part of “fired” does she not understand?

Yoli begs him for some time–they just need somewhere quiet for the night. She needs time to prove her innocence.

He says he’s not going to be the one to help her every time she asks, not after she lied to him.

He looks slightly guilty as he watches Yoli wake up Arley and start shuffling him out the door.

Irina comes in looking for Yoli and pretending to be a reporter. Because reporters always travel around with security.

Regueros tells her Yolanda doesn’t work here any more and she isn’t in the building. She just left a couple of minutes ago.

Yoli’s putting Arley in the back seat of the SUV when she hears Irina talking about her. She gets into the front seat, gets her gun ready, starts the car, and peels out of the garage. Irina’s guys try to follow, but they find the car parked haphazardly across multiple parking spaces with the doors open. There’s no sign of Yolanda or Arley.

They were hiding under a tarp in the bed of a nearby truck. They get back into the car, minus the suitcase in the trunk–that went with Irina.


So Yoli’s not answering her phone, Dave’s not answering his phone, and Dave’s not with Yolanda. They’ll just have to wait for one of them to check in.

Gilberto says they won’t be waiting here. They’re not welcome after the way they kicked him out and accused him of being a perv. Wilmer apologizes, but Gilberto won’t budge. Andrea drags Gilberto out of the room to talk.

Gilberto starts listing off all the reasons he wants nothing to do with Olivia and Wilmer, but in the end Andrea says she’s the one who pays rent around here and they’re staying.

Casa Irina 2

Buitre gives Santamaría a fairly accurate account of what happened at the safe house and the DEA office. He doesn’t know for sure whether Dave got arrested.


Listen, Tony doesn’t want to sound arrogant here (it’s just his default tone), but he always suspected Dave. He’s always been hiding something, never says where he’s going. He’s sure Dave has been messing up the Kilichenko investigation from the beginning. He wouldn’t let Tony work with him, he wouldn’t give Tony information. He’s positive Dave is responsible for everything that went wrong with Operation Armageddon.

Tony keeps listing all the things he thinks Dave did and Matallana listens like he believes all of it. He brings up Yoli pushing Tony down the stairs. Tony’s sure that’s because she and Dave knew he suspected them. Matallana says there’s an Amber alert out for kidnapping Arley. They’ll probably have her by morning. He’s headed back to his office.

Santamaría calls to ask about Dave and he doesn’t care that Tony has already reported to Irina. Well, they were able to blame Dave for everything and his life is headed down the drain.

Where to?

One of the guards notices the missing SUV and tells Irina they’ve been had. Irina decides they’ve made enough noise at the airport already and they should go.

Once again Yoli’s driving and she doesn’t know where she’s going. She’s waiting for Dave to call. Arley suggests she try calling his office. The good news is someone answers. The bad news is Dave’s in custody.

At Andrea’s, she’s brought blankets and pillows into the living room for Olivia and Wilmer. Wilmer thanks her while Olivia stands there like a brat and avoids even looking at Andrea.

Yoli calls. Olivia puts her on speaker and says they’re all at Andrea’s. Andrea says Yoli’s welcome to stay there, but Yoli thinks it’s better if they stay separated.

Oli wants to know about Dave. Yoli says they had a problem and she can’t get hold of him again. He sent a message saying Waters was awake and the safe house wasn’t safe, but that’s all. She called the DEA office and they said he’s been arrested. She begs Olivia to call and find out what’s happening.

Dave tries to talk to the guys posted outside the holding cell into letting him have his one guaranteed phone call.

Wilmer finds news of the shootout at the DEA office online, but nothing about Dave. Yoli says she can’t go there or they’ll take away…someone who’s important to her.

She’s decided to keep driving south and go into Mexico. Because either she takes Arley with her or they’ll take him from her.

So, Irina and Santamaría both had crappy days. But Irina’s got the license plate number on Yoli’s SUV and Tony’s awake again.

Matallana’s just coming in to say goodbye to Tony for the night when Tony’s cell phone beeps. He has the license plate number for Yoli’s car. He hands that off to Matallana.

Another DEA agent comes in with the video footage from the safe house’s security cameras. Tony wants them filed away, but Matallana wants to take a look at them first. He’s got a feeling about Frank Garza and he wants to check it out.


In her apartment, Rosalba’s having a nightmare about shooting Frank again. She gets up and takes some pills, but the water coming out of the faucet in the bathroom is blood. Or so she thinks.

Matallana’s working at Dave’s desk. He finds the part of the video where Rosalba shot Frank. He calls someone to put out a warrant for her.

Yoli calls to tell Roisalba she and Arley are on their way there.


The prosecutor from Miami shows up asking for Dave. She meets Matallana briefly before Tony comes over to say no one can talk to Dave ’cause he’s a rat and a traitor and she’d better not be thinking about trying to help him. Tony gloats about all the evidence they have. It’s her job to put Dave and Yoli in jail.

She ignores his ranting and says she wants to talk to Dave.

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