La Piloto 2 Wednesday 9/12/18 #32

Club Diablo

Venancio’s worried about John knowing the location of the club, but Irina says he was never there. He’s guessing John was the one who called with the warning about police.

Irina accepts condolences from the two cranky Russians and tells them they’ll be leaving for LA soon.

She tells Venancio the club needs to flourish. It’s her father’s legacy. (A monument to toxic masculinity.) She’s in charge now and everything has to keep running as always, in her father’s name.

Venancio’s glad she’s the one taking over. Like he told her dad, Santamaría’s not trustworthy. He hopes Irina doesn’t trust him either.

Too late, she and Santamaría are “one.”


John’s got seven guys escorting him to his flight, but he’s distracted by the news report on Yolanda. He guesses he’s not the only one who got screwed. Oh well.

DEA Office

People are glad to have Tony back.

In the parking garage, Santamaría watches the news footage. Buitre joins him and says they’re all set with Morrison and the new helicopter and Irina should be at the club now. And hey, she bought that John’s the one who killed–

Santamaría tells Buitre he should NEVER speak a word about that again. They never know who might be listening.

He goes back to gloating at the news and telling Yolanda he’s not through with her yet. He’s been planning this for years and he thinks she’s going to like it.

The guy at the safe house finally calls to say someone arrived. None of them are Yoli, Dave, or John. He says he’ll be there soon. He sends Buitre to the back door of DEA headquarters.

Tony asks an agent to get the guy Dave brought in and take him to interrogation. Tony’s going to question him personally.


Arley’s in the back seat asleep. Yolanda tells Dave she’s not going to let Irina and Santamaría’s plans get to her. She has Arley now and they’re going to fight for him. Together. As a team.

So what did Solano say on the phone? She needs some paperwork or something? And why did she call Dave when she usually calls Yoli?

Dave’s just sitting there with this blank look on his face. Yoli assumes he’s angry at her for visiting John waaaaay back at the beginning of this mess.

Yoli wakes Arley up, but he doesn’t want to go into the orphanage. Yoli keeps telling him it’s just some paperwork and Dave finally cracks and tells her Child Services decided Arley can’t stay with them.

Solano has police backup waiting inside.

Outside, Arley is sobbing and clinging to Yoli. She sends him to the car so she can confront Dave about lying to her. She’s not letting anyone take Arley away from her. And now she remembers John telling her Dave was selfish and didn’t care about anything but himself and his job.

Dave barely makes an effort to keep Yoli from getting in the car and driving away with Arley.

Yoli doesn’t exactly know where to go now, but far away. She’s never going to let anyone separate her from Arley again.

Solano wants Dave to tell her where Arley is, but he can’t do that. He mutters about problems and Arley not being ready and when Arley’s ready he’ll bring him.


Tony sends everyone into the conference room so he can break into Dave’s office and plant evidence. It’s not like Dave’s been at the office much, but ok.

In the interrogation room, Tony gives the guard a gun as a present from his bosses and says they’re looking for him.

Dave gets to the office and wants to talk to the guard…when he hears Tony’s back, he tries to call Yolanda and has to leave her a message–the safe house isn’t safe anymore, Tony’s awake.

Dave tries calling Delgado next, but he’s not answering either.

Dave goes into the interrogation room. He and Tony argue about not trusting each other and Tony’s the boss here, etc.

Tony has decided this guy doesn’t work for the Kilichenkos. Dave confronts Tony about being the one who works for them. He starts backing out of the room and the guy at the table gets one shot in before Dave kills him. Tony locks himself in the room. Dave gets into a shootout with a couple of other guys in the hall, presumably not DEA guys, and backs out a door to another part of the office.


John’s on the plane, trying to get his guards to go clubbing before they take him back to prison. They ignore him. He complains that nobody even visits him in prison. He begs them to take off the cuffs. Oh, he gets it, the two of them are together. For how long? Come on, he’s not going to tell anyone. Well, can he get a soft drink at least?

Safe house

Santamaría tells his men to wait for a car to go inside and that’s their cue. He only cares if Yoli and the kid live, not anyone else.

Yoli’s not listening to Dave’s message. She tells Arley they just had a little argument is all. His dad loves him and she’s sure he’s just calling to apologize for taking him to the orphanage. She listens to Dave’s message and tells Arley to undo his seat belt and hide behind her seat.

Olivia’s complaining about getting fired. Wilmer thinks they should stay calm, but Olivia can’t. No one’s ever going to hire them again.

Yoli drives past the house and Santamaría follows, but he tells the others to stay behind.

Olivia’s on a roll. She’s glad they got rid of John at least and now he can rot in prison.

Yoli calls. Considering the kind of life they’ve been living, did Olivia really need details other than “Get out now!”?

They go looking for Delgado and find him about a second before the shooting starts. Delgado calls for backup. Wilmer tries to call 911. Delgado leaves Olivia and Wilmer in their room and goes to do who knows what.

Yoli’s driving like a maniac, trying to keep in front of Santamaría so he can’t sideswipe her. She tells Arley to hold on as she runs a red light.

Delgado, all by himself, is trying to defend the house. I guess the good thing about the setup of the entrance is they’ve gotta filter out of the stairwell slowly, which should give Delgado time to get a good shot on each of them one at a time.

But he runs and gets shot in the back. Damnit, I knew he was gonna die, but it still sucks.

Olivia and Wilmer have shoved the desk in front of the door and locked it. The guard shoots off the lock and starts trying to kick the door down. Oli and Wilmer start saying their goodbyes.

The cops show up. Oh…crap…it’s the FBI and it’s Matallana. Olivia thinks they can trust him.


The DEA vs. Kilichenko guards in black shootout continues at the office. Dave drags Chavez to safety, but she’s got a neck wound. Tony comes in trying to arrest Dave. I can’t believe those two other guys would drag him away from trying to keep Chavez alive until the ambulance gets there. OK, maybe she was never gonna make it, but that’s pretty crappy of them.

Oh, you’re still here?

Monica’s been packing stuff from Muñeco’s office. She’s meeting Camargo at the camper in half an hour after she releases the prisoners.

Casa Irina 2

Irina gets the cranky Russians and some other guys settled at her house and tells Bill he can go. He doesn’t need to check in with Santamaría–he’s busy attacking the safe house where Yoli and her friends are staying.

Bill listens at the door while Irina takes a call from Santamaría. He says the attack didn’t go well. Yoli escaped and he’s on his way back to the safe house. He thinks it’s just Wlimer and Olivia there. Irina and Santamaría both hope they’re dead.

Another guard comes down the hallway and tells Bill to get out.

Not so safe house

Oli feels bad about Delgado dying. Wilmer blames Santamaría. (Fair enough.)

Matallana comes over to ask a bunch of obvious questions. This is a safe house? This is where they’ve been staying? Olivia’s the one he met the other day with Yolanda? It’s the DEA’s safe house? One of them must have called the police?

So where’s Yolanda?

Oliva says she really doesn’t know. She called and warned them about the attack, but they don’t know where she is. Why?

“I’m the one who asks the questions here.”

Yoli brings Arley to the USFLY building and helps herself to some leftover lunch boxes. She tells the receptionist she just wanted to show Arley where she works. I guess the memo about her getting fired hasn’t gone out. She calls and gets an update from Olivia, who’s still at the house.

She’s upset to hear Delgado got killed. Now they realize they don’t know where Dave is. Matallana can’t wait to rip the phone out of Olivia’s hands to ask Yoli if Arley’s with her. ‘Cause if he is, she’d better take him back to the orphanage and avoid further legal problems.

Yoli says there’s an explanation for everything and he’ll have one soon.

Matallana’s surprised when Yoli hangs up on him. And still he asks Olivia where she is.

Hey, he heard her end of the conversation–she didn’t even have time to ask. And it’s unfair for them to be doing this to Yolanda when she’s Arley’s mom.

Matallana says he’s just passing on the information he was given. If Yoli doesn’t show up with the kid soon, Child Services is going to get involved and things are going to get a lot more complicated.

Well, Oli doesn’t know where she is and honestly, if she did, she wouldn’t tell him.

Matallana says they need to come with him, then stops to take a call. There was a shootout at the DEA.


Dave’s pacing a holding cell. He starts to get a headache.

Tony leads a team into Dave’s office and tells them to search everything. They’re not gonna let corrupt people ruin this agency anymore. He basically tells one guy where to find the evidence he planted.


John slept through the pilot’s announcement, but he can tell they’re not in Miami. His two guards still won’t speak to him.

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